Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Introducing with Nearly 20% Larger Size than Watch 4, Rumors Spreading

Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Introducing with Nearly 20% Larger
Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Introducing with Nearly 20% Larger

Since its launch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Series has been considered the best OS wristwatch. And now the rumors about the company’s next move related to the next generation are coming. Although previous guesses hint at larger battery sizes of the Galaxy Watch 6, what upgrades we should expect are shown in the leaks.

Moreover, the latest Galaxy Watch series is expected to comprise 4 models this year, higher than the Galaxy Watch 5 series due to its classical design, which might have a rotating bezel. That’ll be slightly bigger than the standard smartwatch offered by Samsung.

The company reports that the Chinese regulatory authority has uncovered the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic listings in two sizes, like Watch Classic 6 would be 44mm and 46 mm for the classic model. Each model offers battery sizes with the typical capacity given below.

  1. Galaxy Watch 6 40mm: 300mAh
  2. Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 42mm: 300mAh
  3. Galaxy Watch 6 44mm: 425mAh
  4. Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 46mm: 425mAh

If we measure the difference between Galaxy Watch 5, no wonder it’s an upgrade of roughly 5% on each version. However, it’s the latest upgrade with around 20% for those keeping up themselves from Galaxy Watch 4 to Watch 6, which will affect the battery life.

It might be a failure from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which had an almost 590mh battery. Still, it is unsure whether or not Samsung would offer the same battery capacity in the Galaxy Watch 6 pro.

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