Beta Update – Google One VPN for Windows and Mac is Rolling out

google one vpn

Google One is one of the 5 top VPN providers we recommend you check out, although it is only available for smartphones and tablets. Earlier this year, Google promised its VPN service would eventually be available on desktops. Since its announcement last week, the VPN service has been fully operational for Windows and Mac users.

The Google One VPN client can be downloaded and set up on Windows computers and Macs by visiting Google One subscribers should see it if they have 2TB of storage. Using the lower right corner button, click the View details button and then download the VPN client. Once the VPN client has been installed, follow the directions on the screen. As soon as the VPN is active, you can access it through the taskbar notification. Quit VPN terminates the application.

The above steps are followed by a few more, such as adding VPN configurations, enabling a system extension, and approving the auto-starting of the VPN client. In the menu bar area of the app, click the icon to access the settings as long as the VPN is running.

The Google One VPN desktop service is available in the same regions as the Google One VPN mobile service. We hope to add more countries and regions to this list soon. If you run into problems using Google One VPN on Windows or Mac, Google also provides comprehensive support documentation.

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