Google WiFi Vs Nest WiFi (Choose the Best One)

google WiFi vs nest WiFi
google WiFi vs nest WiFi

The main difference between Google wifi vs Nest wifi is the speed of the routers. As Google introduces both the WiFi routers, Nest wifi’s speed is AC2200, contrasting with Google wifi’s AC2100. Both mesh routers acquire Wi-Fi 5, or 802.22ac, to distribute the fast Wi-Fi connection. The wifi routers’ style system is too consistent and provides quality speed. However, it is easy to set up the Google wifi and has strong coverage of wifi with fast speed. While the Google Nest is the most attractive, cost-effective, fastest, and easiest to set up, with additional features. Moreover, Google Wi-Fi comes in just one colour, while Nest Wi-Fi comes in three colours. The blog will contain further details and recommend you buy the best one.

What is Google Wifi and Nest Wifi?

People use the internet in their blankets through a mesh wifi router of google. So, you can connect a wifi device to the modem and then spread it to the others in your home. The first wireless router was launched by google in 2016 named google Wifi, enabling a professional and reliable way of extending internet coverage and gets so much popularity. So Google launched 2019 a new version of the router with advanced features known as Nest Wifi. The emergence of the nest wifi wireless router, which googles updated in 2022, gave it a lower price and retained the hardware performance. Both the routers are still being sold, and they only have the price difference.

 Difference Between Nest Wifi Vs Google Wifi

The major purpose of the routers is to provide the wifi connection and form a mesh network to cover the vast area. There are some differences between these two google wifi routers. So here, we will discuss the routers’ features and security performances.

nest wifi
nest wifi

1.      Features of the Routers: Nest wifi and google wifi

People depend more and more on internet access around the globe. Mesh routers play a massive role by giving access to the internet to every individual. Routers enable devices to connect to the internet by containing a variety of devices that support Wifi signals and hotspots that connect them to the same network. The two best mesh routers are Google WiFi and Nest WiFi. Google wifi comes with mesh networking and 802.11 ac connectivity. Moreover, the nest wifi uses the same 802.11 ac connectivity instead of the new advanced connectivity.

People are confused between the two highly rated routers. However, Nest Wifi is the latest router and has extra features that it does not have, such as speakers, microphones, and the complete integration of Google Assistant. Its voice command feature allows people to use voice commands to interact with other devices. It can also perform other functions like asking about the weather, controlling the connected devices and playing music. At the same time, google wifi does not contain this feature.

2.      Security of the Routers: Google Wifi vs Nest Wifi

Google launched WiFi routers with some inbuilt security measures to encrypt the network traffic and verify the firmware to protect the whole network. But there is a crucial difference between the routers. Google’s built-in wifi security does not offer extensive filtering and deep access control. While the Nest wifi has advanced features such as TPM (trusted platform module) based encryption and improved WPA 3.0 and the new feature of the Nest WiFi was added to the latest version of the Google WiFi Upgrade in 2020.

The Nest WiFi comes with the ability to pause the wifi, and you can also set the wifi to establish the routines of kids and disconnect the kid’s device. Parents can also strain some content and apply a safe search to block millions of inappropriate websites. Moreover, it is easy to manage the network settings and share the connection, and we can also check the speed of the wifi from any smartphone.

3.      Performance of the Routers: Google Wifi vs Nest Wifi

the most significant difference between both the routers is their performance and range. As the nest wifi provides the faster and most considerable coverage. While google wifi offers the largest of 464.4 Mbps, a first-class impressive and affordable wifi system. But, nest wifi comes up with the 653.2 Mbps and provides the enhanced range and the most extensive coverage of about 2,200 Square feet, whereas google wifi covers 1500 square feet.

4.      Design and Price of the Routers: Nest Wifi and Google Wifi

The routers vary in designs and price as the google wifi are only available in White, and their cylinders are small with a 4.1-inch diameter and a height of 2.7 inches. The design of the google wifi is sharp with a whole flat surface and give a cylindrical look. Whereas the design of the nest wifi gives an aesthetic and smooth look with rounder hardware. Moreover, the nest wifi comes in three colours: white, light pink, and mist. Similarly, both wifi routers also differ in their prices, as you can purchase the Google Wifi for 99 cents and a pack of 3 for just $199. In contrast, you can get the Nest wifi router for $169 and a pack of two for just $299.

Which Wifi Router is the Best to Buy?

The google routers google wifi vs nest wifi are highly capable mesh network systems with new advanced features. But, if you are still confused about which one to buy between the Nest and the google wifi. So, we suggest you buy the new version of the Nest wifi. It offers more features like powerful parental control, faster speed, better range, and the best performance. The best option is to include the google assistant and speaker to play music and much more. However, if you do not care about the speaker and the price matters greatly, go for the Google WiFi, as it also works smartly and is a friendly budget router.


When people shop for routers, they have to focus on speed, range, and an effective and efficient router system to cover their large home or office. Both Google routers meet the WiFi standard (IEEE 802.11 ac), but you must upgrade to the next WiFi router if you want a fast connection. As a result, the blog will provide you with a comprehensive comparison of Google WiFi vs Nest WiFi.Please let us know which router you prefer in the comments.