Hitman 3 Playtime: How Long it takes to Beat the Levels

Hitman 3 playtime
Hitman 3 playtime

How long would it take to beat the Hitman 3 story? Let’s discuss Hitman 3 playtime. Hitman 3 is the final entry in the Assassination Trilogy and takes players across the world. Potential assassins are speculating about the length of levels and how much they try to squeeze the juice out of them.

Hitman 3, the latest entry in the Stealth-action series, is the biggest release of January 20, 2021. And it is praised enough and has become the best entry yet. Keep in mind that Hitman is an open-ended game with many replayability. The reviewers recommend that players can beat the level quickly in just 8 hours or less, depending on how much they want to see or discover.

In addition, if you only go for the short missions & the main path, then you can beat hitman 3 in a short time. Although, 8 hours is not a hard & fast rule to complete the level. As the game has a high limit for replayability and everyone has a different playing style so completion time may vary for everyone.

As in earlier parts, Agent 47 travels to various locales & performs many assassinations. But in Hitman 3, there are six different locations, so it depends on how quickly you approach each location. According to the reviewer, a person can easily pass each level in a max 45 minutes. Hence you would not be able to see what the locations have to offer. But it remains, however, one way to finish the game. For Know more about games, You can check www.fettspielen.de.

How Much Time Take to Beat Hitman’s 3 Levels

Take to Beat Hitman's 3 Levels
Take to Beat Hitman’s 3 Levels

As per the different reviewers and Howlongtobeat.com, the average time for Hitman 3 to beat all the levels on the first playthrough is roughly 8 hours. Being the first & foremost stealth-driven game, most of your time in Hitman 3 is spent sneaking around lavish and dirty locations.

However, Hitman 3 offers replayability options and huge locations to explore. You can select to assassinate targets using various methods, increase your mastery on every stage, and much more. Additionally, you can even try to finish all of the Hitman 3 achievements, adding a whole lot more game time into the mix. Hence, the Hitman’s story does not take much time to beat all the levels.

However, some gamers complete all six locations in less than 8 hours, but if you are a gamer who wants to see all aspects of Hitman 3. You would probably spend at least 46 and half hours to obtain 100% completion. For users who wish to replay levels, see every aspect of the game & explore the locations, the length may increase to dozens of hours.

100% Completion Playtime of Hitman 3- As per the Source [Howlongtobeat.com], completionists would require at least 42 hours on average before finishing the game. There are a total of six main locations for players to gear in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Game Overview

Hitman 3 is an adventure game introduced by the IO interactive that can be played on PS5, PS4, Nintendo switch, windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is the third and final entry of the world of Assassination trilogy. The game gets so hyped with some critics calling it the best game in the series & one of the amazing Stealth games of all time. The game was praised for its design, mechanics, and 47’s abilities.

In the final trilogy, each level can be approached in numerous ways, and players have to decide how deep they want to go with the title. Moreover, Hitman 3 gives new features; while players first run through the level, new lanes will be opened up that can be broken once the level has been finished for the first time.

Another amazing feature coming to the hitman 3 is the Freelance mode. In this mode, players will take control of their Agent 47, complete with a custom-made safehouse. Hence, you can construct and customize the safehouse to your exact conditions and spend as much time as you wish there.

Essential Tips & Tricks to Play Hitman 3

Tips & Tricks to Play Hitman 3
Tips & Tricks to Play Hitman 3

If you are new to the game, then finding the way in the game can be quite challenging. So getting off the accurate kill in hitman 3 takes some time and effort. So for your ease, we have compiled some necessary tips that assist you in getting the most out of hitman 3.

1.      Take Many Tools as Possible

Travel around the massive sandbox maps in Hitman 3, and it won’t take long before one can get lots of tools and items. Items such as wrenches and screwdrivers make great accessible weapons for Agent 47 to use. The uses of these tools are far from target to an enemy.

Hence, you can use wrenches to damage machinery and cause mechanical faults in sprinkles and other objects linked with pipes to divert NPCs and targets or cause a distraction. The same goes for the other tools like crowbars and screwdrivers; they are extremely useful everyday items that will make agent 47’s job easier and smooth.

2.      Use Shortcuts

Final trilogy comes with a shortcut system. Each game level involves various shortcuts you can unlock. From creating new paths through the stage that continue from mission to mission. For instance, if you get the shortcut ladder or locked door, the shortcut will wait for you when you load into the level next time. In addition, shortcuts provide you with fast tracks to various locations, assassination opportunities, and costumes. Hence, unlocking them also helps you in completing mastery challenges.

The thing you understand about the shortcuts is that they are always locked. Whether they are ladders or doors, you would not be able to activate them just by searching them. The lockpick and crowbar will give you access to a shortcut, so ensure you have tools with you at all times.

3.      Use Coins

Coins in the Hitman 3 are the most valuable tool in Agent 47’s arsenal. You can toss your coins close to guards and other characters to divert them. If they didn’t notice who threw the coins, they would leave their places and investigate the sound. Hence, coins are a great source for getting people into private locations. So you can knock them out and take their clothes. So always keep coins in your pocket because they will help you out of a lot of difficult situations.

It’s also worth knowing that many objects will function like coins if you toss them close to characters. If they make a sound, people will go after that. But don’t let people know you drop objects; they react badly.

4.      Use Instinct Mode to Identify Targets in Hitman 3

Use instinct mode; it will allow you to see your targets through walls. So you know where to locate them and sense where other characters are if they are fairly near. And show you anything in the close by environment that you can interact with. Although agent 47’s targets are dangerous or main targets usually appear in red. While police office characters are in blue, armed NPCs like bodyguards will be represented in various colors like black.

It’s essential to note that while you can see opponents through walls. You would not be able to see interactable objects. So ensure you are moving around to various viewing angles to ensure you can detect everything. Hence, instinct is so good for helping in finding things such as keys; that can assist you in entering into the areas of a mission you wouldn’t otherwise reach. So try to use it often, as it will let you know about opportunities you will definitely miss.


Hitman 3 is the big hit of the Hitman series and gets almost all positive reviews from critics. With this release, players once again take control of Agent 47 to perform various assassinations across several locations. Hence, it is a highly praised stealth game structured in a way that will persuade many fans to explore its maps and perform killings multiple times. But users are confused about the Playtime, so we have mentioned the complete length time of Hitman 3.