How Climate Change Affects Your Devices

How Climate Change Affects Your Devices

The world we live in is changing at a constant pace. We cannot stop but notice the changes the planet goes through. Scientists say that we are experiencing the sixth extinction of flora and fauna due to severe climate changes. Even though many people still think that climate change is a hoax, the effects are visible to the naked eye. There are many climate change essay examples you can read.  The weather is becoming warmer and warmer, with intense heat waves and droughts during summer. 

There are severe weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. But at the same time, technology is developing at a fast rate. It offers new and new solutions that ease our lives and make them enjoyable and pleasant. However, what is the impact of technology on nature, animals, and plants? How is climate change affecting your devices? 

Impact of Technology on Climate Change 

It has long been talked about the impact of technology on the planet. However, manufacturers, producers, and sellers alike are mostly shunning the subject. And it begins right at the start of the process. Materials are extracted and mined from the soil as they make the essential components of smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on. Cobalt, lithium, and gold are among the raw materials needed for gadgets. These activities are destroying the soil and its biodiversity, but also the local flora and fauna. 

Apart from this, the assembly of all the components, it is about distribution, transportation, and delivery across the world of these devices too. Even though it might not seem much, global producers are contributing to the yearly carbon-dioxide emissions considerably. Over 550 tons of CO2 were emitted in 2020 solely by the information and communication technology sector. Which is an incredibly high number. The carbon footprint of every device is impressively high, as through the whole process, they are contributing to climate change and environmental pollution. The need for an environment phone, a device that is eco-friendly sourced and produced is dire. 

The impact of technology and gadgets on the environment is a hot topic that is debated within colleges and universities too. Students are often asked to write an argumentative essay on climate change or climate change essays that approach topics related to this theme. As a student, you can find climate change essay examples online you can inspire from. These are some of the best papers you can start your writing with. You can also find references within these samples so you can read more on the climate change topic. Essays are of many types: argumentative, persuasive, expository, or descriptive, so they each have a distinct template. 

However, the impact of devices on the environment is not over when the manufacturers have delivered them to you. During the whole time you use them, you contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. For example, devices need to be charged, so you are using electricity. Apart from this, their disposal is always a problem. As manufacturers and producers are creating new models every few years, they are creating the need for people to have the latest device. Changing your smartphone every two years might make some feel trendy and in tune with fashion, but this is affecting the environment tremendously. It adds to the huge e-waste already generated.

How Does Climate Change Affect Your Devices? 

Have you ever wondered how much energy does a cell phone use? Of course, it depends on how much you use it daily. Smartphones use significantly less energy than other devices, such as washing machines or other electronics and appliances. The energy crisis is just around the door, as the war in Ukraine has put a toll on Europe, but it affects the whole world. 

However, electricity or power production is one of the main contributors to climate change. It accounts for 25% of the total annual greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the electricity produced comes from sources that are not eco-friendly at all. For example, burning coal or fossil fuel is the main method of producing power and they pollute the air considerably. These greenhouse gasses that are emitted by the process of producing electricity are trapping the heat between the atmosphere and the Earth, which is contributing to global warming. 

Even though people might not feel the effects of climate change on their devices yet, awareness of this topic should be raised. Specific attention should be on the way devices are used. Sending and receiving e-mails, for example, adds more than 130 kg of CO2 to the individual carbon footprint. 

Final Thoughts 

Starting a couple of years ago with the school strikes for climate change of Greta Thunberg, awareness has been raised on climate change matters. However, making habits and behavior changes takes time. The effects of climate change are easily visible and even though most might not feel it, they will make availability of food and other resources scarce on Earth. 

It is therefore needed to understand the effects of technology, gadgets, and other appliances on the planet. We can change the way we use and dispose of electronics and gadgets so that we can lower our individual carbon footprint.

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