How does a drone light show work?

How does a drone light
How does a drone light

If you are interested in large-scale events like national holidays or horse races, then in the news you must have seen a brand-new digital form of art that is developing quickly — a drone show. In this article, we are going to discuss how drone light shows work, but first things first — we want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions.

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What is a drone show?

Here we’re talking about a new type of aerial entertainment that employs a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or in other words, remotely-flown drones outfitted with LEDs to create an amazing exhibit of light and color in the sky. Although drones are impressive, they don’t operate on their own, and there’s always a human behind the scenes of the flight; this is where coding becomes essential. With the help of careful programming, the drones fly perfectly concurrently in a certain path to produce various forms and designs that are timed to music and other unique effects.

Speaking about the tech part of drone shows, we need to acknowledge that shows are driven by sophisticated software, GPS positioning, and cutting-edge drone technology. Drone shows are under the control of operators with engineering experience and designers, who are customizing the drone paths and bringing colors to the show. Drone performances are usually held at concerts, festivals, business gatherings, and other events of various levels, and specialists pilot them cautiously from the ground stations. Such entertainment is regarded as a modern and environmentally responsible replacement for conventional fireworks shows.

How do drone shows work?

Drone light shows have become a popular form of entertainment, captivating audiences around the world. However, these shows require significant effort and resources to organize, each step is really significant. Drones used in light shows, in contrast to drones designed for other purposes and applications, are built to be lightweight.

The success of a drone light show hinges on the planning and performing of the program. This takes skilled developers to generate and perfect the movements using designated 3D animation software on their computers, this process is usually not fast to complete. When the choreography is set, it needs to be tested rigorously to make sure the drones can properly take off and fly, perform the dance without colliding, and maintain a safe distance from one another.

Choosing the right location is a crucial part of organizing any drone light display that would be mesmerizing to the spectators. The site must provide unobstructed views for the audience watching the flight and be free of any potential obstacles that could cause damage to the drones themselves. The location should also be convenient in terms of working with the software. In order to make sure that all drones are in operating condition, batteries are fully charged, and the weather is proven to be favorable for flying, a thorough pre-flight inspection is managed with various tools. Every pixel of light should tell the story properly!

What happens next? When everything is ready, it’s time to launch the drones, and the software designates unique flight routes for each drone. To prevent several drones from using the same airspace at once, these pathways need to be carefully planned in advance. The drones are kept inside a certain area by safety mechanisms included in the programming software, and an emergency landing is possible if necessary.

After careful preparation and testing, the actual drone light show itself starts, and the drones finally begin performing the choreographed fly. If everything goes according to plan, they will carry out their moves and land safely when the show is over. In summary, drone light shows are a complex and intricate production that requires meticulous planning, testing, and execution to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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How much does a drone show cost?

Having figured out the way drone light shows work, we will be moving on to the prices now. Drone show costs vary greatly depending on several factors, each person can find an available one according to the budget.

A small drone show with a constrained number of drones and a condensed performance period might be a fantastic option for smaller occasions. Usually, these shows’ price achieves $50,000.

A less moderate drone display may be a good choice for bigger and longer events like important concerts, global conferences, and athletic occasions. These performances’ price is calculated between $100,000 and $500,000 or more. Such shows are often more intricate with complex choreography, 3D figures, special effects, and other improvements, which can make them a super show.

It’s crucial to remember that the estimated price can be different depending on variables, so it’s better to acquire estimates from many businesses and compare the possibilities provided. You should also keep in mind any additional costs for travel, setup, deconstruction, and any required licenses or insurance.

Note that it’s completely possible to organize a fully custom drone show, but in that case, according to the client’s aesthetic preferences and display needs, the cost may change.
At Lumasky Drone Show Company, we offer the best shows at the best price and top-notch software for flights. We have made thorough calculations, searched for various choices in the field, and developed quality-price-balanced costs for our services. Here is the table of costs for our performances:

PriceNumber of DronesPattern
$99,000200 classic dronesSimple recognizable logo and shape designs, best suited for small spaces.
$149,000300 classic dronesDynamic animations, moving shapes, figures, text.
$199,000300 premium dronesCreative or custom 3D animations.
$299,000500 premium dronesLarge detailed 3D animation.
Custom PricingMore than 500 dronesLarger visuals and animations using thousands of drones.

Interested? Check out our homepage for detailed information:

Or you can contact us via email: [email protected] 

Our team of specialists will guide you through the whole process of organizing a show. We are looking forward to letting your dreams come true and communicating with you! Privacy is guaranteed.

Will drones replace fireworks?

Are we on the verge of losing interest in fireworks shows?

Drone light shows without any doubt have become increasingly popular in recent years and are advertised as an alternative to traditional fireworks. While they offer some advantages over fireworks, for instance being greener and safer for our planet and the viewers, industry experts say it’s highly unlikely drones will ultimately replace fireworks in the future.

The supporters of this idea fail to mention that a drone light show is currently more expensive to produce than a fireworks display. While the price has decreased significantly in recent years, a large drone quantity and sophisticated software are still needed to hold a mesmerizing, top-notch drone light show. But, fireworks shows may be produced with lower expenses.

Another reason is that in many countries, fireworks have an impressively long history and cultural significance. They are often associated with celebrations and are deeply ingrained in our cultural traditions. While drone light shows are considered a rather novel and thrilling technology, they lack the cultural significance of fireworks, and people don’t know so much about them.

However, as drone technology continues to advance and becomes more affordable and accessible, drone light shows may become more common and widespread and eventually even rival fireworks displays in popularity. It remains to be seen how this technology will evolve and what role it will play in our celebrations. In some industries, they even replaced delivery vehicles, so who knows?

Advantages of drone light shows

Drone light shows, as we think, have several advantages, including:

Safety: A risk of injury and property damage is certainly higher when using fireworks since they contain explosives and flammable materials. In contrast, drone light shows are much safer as they do not use any explosives or flammable materials, making them less likely to result in accidents or injuries.

Additionally, drone light performances do not emit sparks, flames, or hot debris, which can pose a risk of fire, particularly in dry or windy conditions. Such displays don’t cause loud explosions or loud noise, which can be a source of stress and anxiety for people, especially those with sensory sensitivities, pets, or wildlife. Besides, such aerial shows usually work under strict aero-safety regulations.

Furthermore, light shows use drones equipped with advanced safety features, for instance, obstacle avoidance sensors, GPS tracking, and fail-safes that can prevent collisions, uncontrolled flying, or even crashes. The pilots operating the drones are highly trained professionals who follow strict safety protocols and guidelines, ensuring that the entire operation is conducted in a safe and neat manner.

Flexibility: With fireworks, the show is typically pre-planned, you can’t change it once the show has started, it stays the same. Drone light performances, on the other hand, offer real-time flexibility and customization of flights, enabling more creativity and adaptability.

Colors and patterns are the things that can be easily programmed to automatically change on the move, allowing for dynamic and interactive performances. As well as that, drones might be coordinated to create complex elements and images, such as logos and flat and three-dimensional objects (a star or even a bow can be simulated!). Plenty of things to select from! Another option is to make drones fly at music accompaniment, adding an extra dimension of auditory perception and demonstrating the power of light and music collaboration.

Moreover, drone light shows are easily adaptable to many locations, climates, and occasions. You can hold a drone show even in winter, however, avoid very low temperatures. Or it is good to celebrate weddings, birthdays, shop or university openings, and even gender reveal parties. In fact, one drone swarm might work with different themes, such as holiday motifs, company logos, or patriotic displays, and there is an option to mix and blend the images. You can adapt the show to suit the venue’s size, shape, and layout, providing maximum visibility and impact.

Environmental friendliness: Fireworks displays emit toxins and pollutants into the air, which can affect the surrounding wildlife. In contrast, drone light shows are considered to be a more environmentally friendly green choice since they don’t lead to the release of harmful toxic chemicals.

Precision: Drone light shows are highly choreographed and can be precisely timed to music or other audio cues. This allows for a synchronized, unforgettable display that might be tweaked to the exact demands of the occasion.

Reusability: Drones, unlike old-school fireworks, can be used multiple times, offering us a more cost-effective option in the long run. Additionally, drones are not single-use in a way that they may be reused on different flights, making them a more versatile choice for event planners.

Examples of drone shows

Now let us illustrate the best drone performances by Lumasky Drone Show Company.

One of them is a drone show at Khaybar. The goal was to illustrate the history of Khaybar, an important trading and business place on the Arabian Peninsula. A fleet of 1,500 was igniting the night sky, accompanied by an orchestra, for one month and several weeks, demonstrating the professionalism of the Lumasky team. The cameras were recording such a magnificent performance, and there’s a video available!

Another example of great work is a performance for the BVLGARI Lighthouse in Dubai. The Lumasky team came up with the idea to depict the BVLGARI Lighthouse as a real-life-sized drone-only structure to grab the audience’s attention. Highlighting BVLGARI Lighthouse’s exquisite style, the Lumasky Drone Show Company held a magnificent drone show. Thanks to the advanced intel powering the drones’ navigation systems, the coordinated visual images of the drone show were made possible.

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