How to Add Music to Instagram Post, Story, or Reels


With over 95 million postings every day, Instagram has cemented its place in the minds of today’s youth. But it’s still worth noticing what makes your post thrill and engage your readers. Not all posts attract their attention or generate a high level of engagement. So, if you want to develop a unique and inventive Instagram post appearance, include an enticing tune to keep you from getting lost in the immersive Instagram content. Thanks to the exciting video sharing feature, you can now learn how to add music to Instagram posts or Story from the enormous music library. Songs from other online music streaming apps, such as Spotify, can also be uploaded.

Today, were presenting simple methods for including music in your favorite Instagram posts or stories. You can now create a soundtrack to commemorate your memorable events and express your emotions. Listen to a wide range of music from the diverse music library. Let’s get started with your Instagram app, whether you’re using Android or iPhone or if you’re using your personalized music.

How To Add Music to Your Instagram Post

how do i add music to my instagram post
how do i add music to my instagram post

Adding musical tunes into your Instagram post or Story always follows a similar mechanism regardless of getting upgraded frequently. Moreover, Instagram offers an extensive music library to choose your favorite music. It’s accessible from the app itself.

Step: 1 – Launch Instagram & Activate Story Mode

  • To get into your Instagram story posting activity, you have to launch your “Instagram app” first.
  • Then swipe to the right or tap your “Profile Picture” on the upper-left side of the screen to activate “Story” mode.

Step: 2 – Add on Your Photos/Capture A Live Feed

  • Then, add your photo or video story by capturing your live feed or grab it from your mobile storage.

Step: 3 – Add Your Favorite Music to The Captured Video

  • Next, click the “smiley face sticker icon” visible at the top of the Insta Then select the “Music” sticker from there.
  • You can opt for it by searching in the search bar at the top bar. It will help you to select the accurate music tune directly.
  • Instagram will then open up a comprehensive list of different musical tunes within categories.
  • You can select the one you like. Tap on a song to add up to your Story or Post.

Step: 4 – Adjust Your Music track to Fit Your Instagram Video

  • Once you have added up your music tune, it’s time to adjust the slider bar. It lets you select which part of the song you want to include in your post or Story. It can play for 15 seconds merely.
  • You can rename your song by tapping on the song thumbnail. It will change the album icon.

Step: 5 – Finish Up Editing And Upload Your Video

  • As soon as you’ve edited your Story or post sticker, finally, you can tap “Done.”
  • Press holds the “Lyrics Icon” any where across the screen to place by smooth sliding.
  • Finally, tap “Your Story” at the bottom left corner to post your Instagram Story.

Add Your Music to Your Exciting Instagram Story Post

how do you add music to instagram post
how do you add music to instagram post

Adding music to your Instagram Post or Story takes on the following simple steps.

Step:1 – Start Browsing Your Uploaded Video or Capture it

  • Use your Instagram camera to shoot your live video or upload the photos from your storage gallery. Launch Instagram App first, then tap the “Your Story” circular icon present at the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Next, tap the “Browse” icon to select your video from the camera or access it by swiping upward. Afterward, choose your video file from your camera roll.

Step: 2 –Press Shutter To Capture Your Video

  • Press hold “Shutter Button” to continuously capture your video until you finish it up if you want to shoot your Story from the Instagram
  • Once you have uploaded or captured your desired video, it’s time to add some music to it.
  • You can disable video embedded sound by navigating through the “sound icon” on the top menu. Then tap on the smiley-faced “Media” It will let you add your animated GIFs or emojis to your Insta Stories.

Step: 3 – Adjust Your Music to Your Instagram Video Post

Since Instagram stories ranges within 15-sec video, therefore, you have to adjust your musical track manually, or it will automatically adjust to fit your video.

  • Go to the available options, then tap the “Music” Then select the music track that you want to embed in your video. Search for top trending soundtracks.
  • You can search for a specific genre, mood, or titled music track from the music library. You can tab your “Play” button to experience its preview before embedding it in your video.

Resizing can be another option to change your video by dragging and pinching like any other media file. Switching the “Timeline Bar” can help transform your soundtrack to a different stanza.

  • Tap on “Sticker” to alter a precise portion of your musical track by scrolling to what you want to include.
  • Two pink timeline marks auto-adjust the part of the Instagram
  • Once you’ve chosen your music track, it will be available as a sticker on your Story. You can customize its display appearance and how it will look in your Story.

Step:4–Finish Editing Your Music on Instagram Post Before It Publish.

If you want to add your music to Instagram Post, it’s easy to access the app in a single attempt. You can opt for lyrics displayed on your Instagram Stories with different fonts via the “A” text editing icon. You can then tap “Done” to finish your music title editing and upload your Instagram story to your profile.

Sharing the well-thought and creative content always enhances the user’s experience thanks to professionally edited music to your Insta stories. Selection of a beautiful Instagram story or post template helps you better customize your videos with the target audience’s style. Let’s get started on adding up the music to your Insta Reels.

Embed Trendy Music to Your Instagram Reels Post

how to add music to an instagram post
how to add music to an instagram post

Thinking on an Instagram Reels fore most thing that gets into my mind is the new trend of running without music, making it an exciting direction. Many creative artists rely on flawless and innovative reels to reveal a musical sensation. It makes the reel more appealing and therefore bags in more viewership.

Step:1 – Add on Reel option

  • Launch your Insta profile, then tap on the “Add on (+)” icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then select “Reel” from the list options.
  • Next, add the video via camera roll or capture it using the live feed camera feature.

Step: 2 – Select the Music icon

  • Secondly, select the “Audio Music” icon from the right side of the screen once a video is ready to incorporate. Alternately, use the recommended list for Trending Musical Track, as it can let you get much more visibility.
  • Another option can also be through a search bar that navigates Instagram Music Library. You can even preview your video music; use the “Play” button next to every song to let you review it before using it in the reel upload.

Step: 3 – Adjust the Length of the Soundtrack

  • Thirdly, adjust your music by slider adjustment that you want to include audio into your Instagram video exactly.
  • Then tap “Done” in the top-right corner to apply your editing and music adjustment in your ready public Instagram reel spots.

Step: 4 – Review Your Recorded Music To Video

  • Now it’s time to review your added music video. Tap “Next” to watch your music embedded video. Then click “Music Icon” at the top screen, then select “Voiceover” if you want to add voiceover to your video.
  • Finally, tap on the “Red Button” to start recording your audio, then tap “Done” to the finish-up recording process.

Step: 5 – Customize the Style of Your Clip By Adjusting the Volume or Adding Captions.

  • You can adjust the volume level of your original audio, camera audio, and voice over at the bottom of the screen. Move the volume slider up or downward to volume adjustment, then click done visible top-right corner of the screen. Then click “Next” at the bottom-right button.
  • Finally, you can choose your video cover or interesting captions with some appropriate hashtags then you are ready to take your Instagram reels to live.


Hopefully, it will assist you in getting through the valuable information when dealing with the issue of adding music to your Instagram videos or live feed. Please leave your comments or questions in the comment box. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.