How to Add Music to Snapchat Story? It’s Easier than You Think

how to add music to snapchat story
how to add music to snapchat story

With the advent of snapchat updates, its users are now glad of the features that let directly add up music to snapchat stories or messages. Now, how to add Music to Snapchat story is one of the prevalent features for creating the musical flair to snaps and messages with imaginative design.

How Can You Add Music to Snapchat Stories

how to add music on snapchat story
how to add music on snapchat story
  1. Open Snapchat, then tap on your Android or iOS mobile camera.
  2. Click the Musical Note Sticker on the right-hand of the screen. Then select the track you intend to add that displays in the next Music Popup Menu.
  3. You will get the bar at the bottom as you play the soundtrack. It lets you select the portion of the song you want to play. Tap on the “Play” icon to preview and add your desirable music. If you don’t want any musical track, you can tap “Cross (X)” to cancel your selected soundtrack.
  4. Scroll through the musical track to crop the portion you want to incorporate.
  5. Tap “Tick ()”to confirm the edited audio track and insert it in your snap story. On your snap screen, you can then notice the song detail in a musical sticker. You can drag your sticker where you want out of the frame if you don’t want it in a snap.
  6. Adding a soundtrack to the images can extend up to 10 secs, whereas 60 secs for the specific snap video. You can then play it for such a duration.
  7. Once you have included music in your stories, post your snap-in Snapchat with a musical attachment.

In Snapchat, You Can Edit or Remove the Music.

  • You can tap the music icon again if you remove or replace a song already added to the Snapchat story. It will then display the option of “remove sound” at the screen bottom. Or drag the unwanted music to the trash bin at the screen’s bottom.
  • You can even adjust the size of the music sticker by increasing or decreasing its size.
  • Personalizing your Snapchat story with interesting filters can bring are fresher look to your accounts or message to friends.
how to add music to your snapchat story
how to add music to your snapchat story

Add Musical Track in Snapchat Pictures

Adding Music to Snapchat pictures is tricky because Snapchat has no built-in feature to get Music from Spotify or Apple Music. However, you can fix it using your Snapchat picture for music track inclusion.

Here you can find a step-by-step guide to adding your music to your Snapchat!!!

  1. Open up Spotify or Apple Music Library to select the song you want to add to your snap or story.
  2. Next, launch Snapchat, then play the song using Control Centre on iOS or Notification Center on Android.
  3. It is time to record your video using music in its background. As you add up music to your snap, it will give your photo a personalized emote.
how to add your own music to snapchat story
how to add your own music to snapchat story

How Can You Add Your Recorded Soundtrack to Snapchat Story

If you want to create and add your personalized soundtrack on Snapchat, here is the easy-to-follow procedure.

  1. Add the noise-free, crystal-clear voice output for better sound quality. Tap the music icon, look for the category “My Sound,” then tap “Create Sound.” It will open up the option to record your created music track.
  2. You can try public your audio track for open visibility on Snapchat. Other users can freely listen to your music. Rename your audio track, then save it in the “My Sounds” category.
  3. You can finally use it with customized length by trimming the portion you want to embed via the Preview To do that, drag the part of the audio you want to include in your Snap stories.
  4. Adding GIFs can enhance the attraction of customization to the level your users will feel more engaged. Incorporating stickers and filters indeed augment poise and creativity in your Snapchat.

Snapchat offers restrictions on built-in libraries or recording sound clips on its app. It is important to note that you won’t be able to play your recorded song in case of blocking for potential copyright infringement. Importing musical tracks is impossible from the mobile file manager into the app.

Add Music to Your Snapchat Memories

Snapchat allows you to insert music into previously recorded or current Snaps. If the snap is still visible on your screen, tap the music icon. Here are the steps for adding music to your memorable pictures.

  1. Click on the “Memories” icon on the left hand of the recording button. Then choose the snap you want to modify by navigating the three-dot icon on the top right of the snap screen.
  2. Then select “Edit Snap” from the option. It will let you add music if you choose your snap.
  3. You can now tap on the “Speaker Icon” visible at the bottom left. Once you turn it on, it will initiate adding music to your memorable moments. You can turn off the preset sound in your snap memories if it conflicts with your recently added music track.
  4. Finally, tap “Done” in the top-left of the snap screen, then confirm the changes you have edited to the snap using the “Save” button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    How can you add music to the Snapchat story once you have recorded it?

After you’ve recorded your music, you can surely add it to the Snapchat collection. You may quickly preview your Snapchat story before posting it by tapping the music icon on the right side of the screen. Select the music icon. Then, you can add the music you like using the built-in app library.

2.    How can you locate your Music on Snapchat?

Snapchat offers a search feature to help you find music in its collection. Because there was no ability to upload music straight from the library in the previous version, the user seemed forced to use background music to play music tracks from compatible apps while recording them on Snapchat.

3.    How can you insert background music into Snapchat videos?

Background music integration might be helpful if it is already available in popular music tunes. Since there is no uploading option in the Snapchat app, adding background music is challenging if you have added your personalized music. You must enter its title or artist name into the search field.

4.    Why can’t I add my favorite music or videos to the Snapchat app?

If you cannot play your favorite music or video on Snapchat, this might be due to a hardware malfunction. You may quickly address it by installing the latest update for your phone’s sound feature. Navigate to the app store on your Android or iOS smartphone and tap the Update option.


Thanks to the growing featured soundtrack library in the Snapchat app, you can enjoy the music rhythm you like the most. Thus, make your library more polished and electrifying with some melodious additions or record emotive music for your Snapchat app personalized.