How to Air Roll in Sideswipe? Tips for Sideswipe

how to air roll in rl sideswipe
how to air roll in rl sideswipe

How to air roll in sideswipe? Rocket League Sideswipe has seen an influx of players with the start of season three. Many are getting their hands on this fairly new mobile game, and even though some players have experience playing Rocket League with a controller, the two games do not exactly translate controls one-to-one.

One mechanic that’s especially different in both titles is the air roll. In Rocket League, the air roll is utilized to effectively maneuver the player’s car through the air to hit the ball in different ways and adjust for landing. Similarly, in Sideswipe, players require gameplay mechanics like the air roll to open up movement and recovery options. Here, we’ll wrap how to air roll in the mobile rendition of the popular car soccer game to set up some awesome plays.

Rocket League is slowly but surely taking over the world. This is because it expands the player base’s capabilities of sharing their love for car soccer and the ability to challenge any rocketeer to a 1v1 on the fly.

It also goes beyond saying that whilst the main PC title is more complicated, 2D Rocket League also has its own fair share of hidden tips and tricks. The population is starting to discover this phenomenon.

The number one trick on our list would be to air roll, and the natural responses would be “what the heck is air rolling?” and “how did you reach inside my house?”

Well, fret not, fellow rocketeer as here’s everything you need to know about air rolling in Psyonix’s latest project, Rocket League Sideswipe.

What is air rolling in Rocket League?

Rocket League battle cars are essentially an extension of the players’ bodies, meaning that you can control speed, height, and direction from every possible angle. Air rolling means that you manage how the car twists on its horizontal axis whilst airborne.

Air rolling will let rocketeers to take even more control when soaring across the pitch. This makes boost management much easier when cruising from one end of the pitch to another for a defensive stance, dribbling attempt, or ceiling pinch.

how to air roll in rl sideswipe
how to air roll in rl sideswipe

How to Air Roll in Rocket League Sideswipe

While Rocket League has a few different options when it comes to players’ controllers, Sideswipe is a bit more limited, with only the small touchscreen housing all controls. This screen has a simple layout. There’s a joystick, a jump button, and an optional “boost jump” key that can be found in the settings.

To air roll in the game, players have to double-tap and have the joystick in a particular direction. This will begin to turn the car clockwise, and will not stop until players release the joystick. It’s particularly different from Rocket League, where players can bind air roll to a key of their choosing. In addition, there are keys to automatically roll the air to the left or right.

Using the air roll in Sideswipe unlocks up more gameplay options for players. However, the mix of all of the intense mechanics is needed to truly master the game and stand a chance against the best.

Other Tips for Sideswipe

Mastering the air roll is a far shout from mastering the full game. There are plenty of tools to enhance the player’s air mobility.

Similar to Rocket League, Rocket League Sideswipe has flip resets. Players can horizontally flip the car by having a direction and pressing jump while in midair, but they can only do this once before landing. That being said, the game counts landing on the ceiling or walls as landing, so players can maneuver themselves to reload their flip fast.

Players can also speed up their launches from ground to air by utilizing the previously mentioned boost jump. Not only does this beat the lag of jumping and then expanding, but sends the player’s car flying farther. With greater speed and less response time, mastering flips and air-rolls to better control the car is a must.


Q: Do pros use air rolls left and right?
A: As far as I know, the vast majority of pro players use normal air rolls. However, this doesn’t necessarily indicate normal air roll is superior. Air roll left and air roll right wasn’t added to the game until months after, and numerous highly skilled players are unwilling to re-learn all that muscle memory.

Q: How do you air roll in RL?
A: Once you’re passing over the pitch, double-tap the joystick. This rolls your vehicle. If you want to keep the good times rolling, hold onto the analog stick upon landing. This allows you to perform an air roll immediately after taking off again.

Q: How do you reset the side swipe?
A: How can you flip reset in Rocket League Sideswipe?

  • Knock the ball in the air or move toward it behind another player knocks it in the air.
  • As you accelerate toward the car, stop before you touch it.
  • Move your vehicle so you can touch the ball with all four wheels to execute a flip reset.

Q: Does Jstn use air roll left?
A: Recently I have noticed a couple of pros, such as Jstn and breezi, using air roll left a lot. It seems like they might utilize it just as much, if not more, than regular air rolls. They also don’t use the air roll properly.