How to become a vampire in Skyrim – The Complete Guidelines

how to become a vampire lord in skyrim
how to become a vampire lord in skyrim

It takes a lot of hard work. However, there are many options to play Skyrim with different abilities, weapons, skills, and other factors. You can easily count other elements in the journey of becoming a vampire in Skyrim. If you are looking for some ideas on becoming a vampire, these are powerful creatures with unique abilities. You can take note of worthy steps of how to become a vampire in Skyrim following simple guidelines.

The desire to become a Vampire

Becoming a Vampire is the primary thought in the Skyrim world with undead beings that hate sunlight and feed on blood. Vampires in Skyrim are superhuman with extreme paranormal abilities. Anyone can become a vampire in the Skyrim game as they are widespread throughout the world. These vampires with unique physical appearance have glowing red eyes, pointed teeth, and a whitish complexion.

With Dawnguard DLC expansion, the role of vampires in Skyrim will make gradual progress in the upcoming sections.

how to become a vampire in skyrim xbox 360
how to become a vampire in skyrim xbox 360

Become a Vampire: Sanguinare Vampiris virus

If you intend to become a vampire in Skyrim, you need to contract the SanguinareVampiris virus. This strange virus takes three days to infect and slowly turn the host into a vampire. There are high chances of getting infected with the spell of Vampiric drain if a vampire uses it on you. The vampire weapon can also infect while to become a vampire in Skyrim as well. The maximum 10 % chance is to become a vampire as no guaranteed transmission with the spell or weapon used to spell in the process.

You can easily remove your disease before you get into a complete vampire. Taking a potion of cure disease and lycanthropy from the shrine’s blessing can remove all active effects of SanguinareVampiris. However, it will get hard to eliminate its effects as long as you become a vampire. So it would help if you decided quickly before.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Becoming a Vampire in Skyrim

Let’s consider some merits and demerits while making up your mind to cure the virus or let it progress to complete vampire status. Each stage to become a vampire comes with buffs and debuffs effects, for you need to have complete attention during such time. Starving will lead to the next level of Vampirism, and Feeding will restore you to stage one.

You will have 25% Frost resistance while 50% fire weakness at the next level of becoming a Vampire. You will get liability by 30 points by close contact with sunlight. Seduction abilities will boost up your immunity by calming down the target once a day.

You will get 100% frost resistance at the third level, while 100% weakness to heat will be your disadvantage with 60 point sunlight weakness. However, Embrace of Shadow is your next level strength that lets you get invisible with night vision once a day for three minutes. Another hostile enemy you will have at this stage is NPCs attacking you on sight to become a Vampire in Skyrim. You can become a Vampire Lord when your level increases with the Downguard DLC. Additionally, you can get immunity against your hostile NPCs enemies for four consecutive stages of Vampirism.

In Skyrim, the implication is that you will become a vampire.

There are some side effects of becoming a vampire, irrespective of the stage you get in. It includes the sunlight weakness, stunting stamina, health, and Magicka by night, and removing their abilities during sunlight. You will have 100% immunity against diseases and poison as Vampire. Night stalker’s footstep ability makes it 25% harder to detect while sneaking. Vampires own the champion of the night ability as well to boost power illusion spells by 25%.  Another advantage while getting the restoration skill perk of Necromage Perk is a 25% boost of all buffs, debuffs, and enchantments.

Feeding information in Vanilla game.

Let look at the necessary information about Feeding while having the Vanilla game and how it works in the next section

You get to the next level to become a vampire as you don’t feed for 24 hours until stage 4. Feeding gets you back at the first stage in Vampirism. You can feed on sleeping humanoid characters without dawn guard. While during dawn guard, you can feed on conscious people with the help of a Vampire seduction spell on the person. It is unavailable at the first stage to become a vampire and is limited to using it once a day. Moreover, it impacts the people at a particular stage, so you better not try it on anyone more robust than you.

Heal to not become a vampire in Skyrim.

You can heal yourself from the effects of becoming a vampire if you get tired of vampirism.

“Rising at Dawn,” a side quest in Skyrim, can help you cure Vampirism as many times as you need. First, you need to ask about rumors spread around to a bartender to activate the Rising at Dawn quest. Then you can get the name of Fallion, found in Morthal, in Hjaalmarch Hold. He is the person who performs to reverse Vampirism. To find a Fallion, you need a filled black soul gem. After filling it up, you need to search him at the stone circle to cure your vampirism infections.

In addition, you can heal from Vampirism by turning into a werewolf. Aela, the Huntress, can be of your help to transform you as a member of the Companion questline.

In Skyrim, there is a way to become a Vampire Lord.

The vampire class can increase considerably with the emergence of Downguard DLC. If you opt to become a Vampire Lord, you will become more powerful with new abilities and a reformed appearance.”Bloodline quest” can help you become a Vampire Lord. You can then choose to be either the Downguard or join the clan of VampireVolkihar.

You can become a Vampire Lord with Serana Support before she gets cured despite choosing a Downguard position. Choosing the Volkihar clan is a definite route to become a vampire lord in Skyrim. A Vampire Lord has various perks and benefits compared to a regular vampire. You can access the detriments of ordinary vampires during the four stages of Vampirism. Moreover, you can get access to a unique skill tree with eleven perks. All you need to do is just feed on people to unlock these perks.

You can cure into a traditional vampire with a similar method if you have become a Lord Vampire. So, if you change your mind about being a vampire lord, don’t worry.