How To Cancel Philo: A Quick and Easy Guide

How to Cancel Philo

Philo isn’t your typical supplier of cable-free streaming. It combines live TV with on-demand programming while concentrating on particular kinds of programming. Since it was formally announced in 2017, the three main categories have been lifestyle, entertainment, and knowledge. And the best part about Philo is that it consistently maintains exceptionally affordable prices, especially when compared to services like Hulu + Live TV.

Despite this, you could feel that Philo isn’t your type of book. It’s possible that you tried it out and didn’t like it, or that you looked at it for a while and decided it was time for something different. Knowing how to cancel your Philo subscription at that point will be helpful. Simply select your preferred choice from the list below to discontinue the service, as our tutorial goes through everything in great detail.

How-To On Cancelling Philo In A Web Browser


Make sure you have subscribed using the Philo platform before continuing. When it’s time to end the service, take these actions:

  1. Visit the official Philo website. Any browser is acceptable, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Mobile users can do the task as well.
  2. Log in to your account. Scroll to the bottom of the general settings page after logging in.
  3. Simply select Cancel My Subscription. It’s simple to see the button. When Philo asks you to confirm your choice, select Cancel Subscription once more.

On the screen, there ought to be a notification stating you’ve terminated the service. Philo further sends out an informative email. You can use the platform as long as your current membership is active. That covers all features, such as offline viewing and Philo DVR, only once.

How To Terminate Philo on Roku

How To Terminate Philo on Roku

Roku Pay is a method of Philo subscription. The operating system used by the Roku Ultra and other players created by this company only supports this payment option.

Here’s how to stop receiving Philo once you’ve subscribed:

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote while holding it.
  • Hit * on the remote after selecting the Philo app.
  • You will access the default app settings. To view subscription information, select Manage Subscription.
  • Select Cancel Subscription, then affirm your choice.

From your Roku account, you may view a list of all the services you have access to. You’ve successfully unsubscribed if Philo isn’t around anymore.

How To Stop Philo on Amazon Fire

How To Stop Philo on Amazon Fire

On Amazon, Philo is accessible as an app. Its devices allow you to register and subscribe if you don’t already have an account. Another crucial point is that Amazon Fire doesn’t require financial information to activate the free trial of Philo. The only thing left to do is wait for it to expire.

But once the current offer or trial expires, Philo will charge you if your payment information has been uploaded to your Amazon account. Here’s how to opt-out before it occurs:

  • Visit the Amazon page for app subscriptions. Choose Membership & Subscriptions instead from your Amazon profile.
  • Open the drop-down menu and select Philo from the list.
  • Select to turn off auto-renewal, then click again to confirm.

How To Stop Philo on Apple Devices

How To Stop Philo on Apple Device

You must cancel the service from your Apple account if you downloaded Philo via the Apple app store and paid for a membership there.

Here’s how to accomplish it on an iPhone or an iPad:

  1. Access the device’s settings.
  2. Select your name, Apple ID, and then subscriptions.
  3. To cancel your Philo subscription, select it.

You might come across a red expiration warning or be unable to locate a cancel option. That indicates you’ve already canceled Philo, so don’t worry.

Now, you may also cancel Philo using a Mac computer. Here’s how:

  1. The App Store is accessed.
  2. Open your profile after logging into your account.
  3. Subscriptions can be seen after selecting Account Settings.
  4. Choose Philo from the Manage menu.
  5. Select Edit subscription, then click Cancel.

On Windows PCs, a similar procedure can be carried out, but iTunes must first be downloaded. Select Account from the top menu once you are in the program to view your profile. Next, select View My Account from the Manage option and remove Philo’s subscription. Click On Origin: Philo Button.

How To Stop Philo on Android Phones

The following instructions only apply if you subscribed using your Google account after downloading the Philo app from the Google Play Store:

  1. Open the Philo application and select Settings.
  2. Update my account, find.
  3. Find Cancel My Subscription at the page’s bottom.
  4. To cancel, click and then confirm.

How To Stop Philo at Best Buy

Another website where you can subscribe to Philo is Best Buy. Here’s how to cancel if you chose to sign up for the service:

  • Visit Best Buy’s website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click Cancel Subscription when you find it.
  • You will have to state your intention to terminate the account and give a justification for doing so.

How To Stop Using Philo on A PC

1. Launch a web browser and go to the Philo website.

2. Select the user symbol, which should be a smiley face in the top right corner.

Select the user

Select the profile symbol with the smiley face. The Business Insider’s Ryan Ariano

3. On the Philo user landing page, select the “Account” tab.

Select the Account tab

You can view your billing information by clicking “Account.” the Business Insider’s Ryan Ariano

4. Scroll down to the page’s bottom and click “Cancel my account.”

Click Cancel my account

5. Scroll down to the page’s bottom and click “Cancel my account.” Business Insider/Ryan Ariano

6. A pop-up will appear and ask you why you’re canceling. After choosing a choice and clicking “Cancel my account” at the bottom, the account is terminated.

Have a Free Trial, Philo?

Yes, Philo offers a free trial period of seven days. It’s a great offer that provides you time to evaluate the service. Most platforms require financial information to activate the trial. It implies that if you don’t cancel before the trial period is out, the service will begin billing you every month. To get the most recent pricing information, read our Philo cost guide.

Does Philo’s Subscription Require to Sign a Contract?

No contract is required to join Philo. However, your monthly membership has an auto-renewal option. The service uses that payment method to bill you for the subsequent monthly cycle once your current subscription expires. If you want to prevent being charged unnecessarily, you must cancel before this occurs.

Do They Allow Subscription Restarts?

You can go and join Philo whenever you like. You may always reactivate the service, even if you’ve stopped using it. But keep in mind that this is a one-time offer for the free trial. When you restart your membership, it won’t be included thus you’ll need to pay for a monthly subscription right away.


Q.1: How do I terminate my account with Philo?

Ans: If you signed up for a subscription directly with Philo, you can cancel by going to your online account page and selecting Cancel my subscription near the bottom of the page.

Q.2: Does Philo charge a fee?

Ans: The monthly subscription fee for Philo is $25. You can add premium channels like STARZ ($9 per month) or MGM+ ($6 per month) for an additional fee.

Q.3: How do I stop receiving Philo add-ons?

Ans: By visiting your Account page online and selecting Remove next to the channel package, you can cancel your add-on subscription. Subscribers can use any of the TV Everywhere applications from our network partners in addition to watching content on Philo.


It’s not difficult to cancel Philo. The registration process just takes a few minutes, even though you must select the appropriate option based on the device being utilized. The inconvenience is minor, and the speed is outstanding because you don’t need to call customer service.

 As long as your existing subscription is active, Philo will let you keep utilizing the service. Alternatives like Stremium, DirecTV Stream, or Sling TV are available in the interim.