How to Cancel Spotify Premium (Ways to Cancel Subscription)

How to Cancel Spotify Premium
How to Cancel Spotify Premium

Are you Wondering to leave Spotify? There must be a reason to drop the subscription. If yes, you have come to the right place, so here, let’s learn how to cancel a Spotify Premium subscription. The steps to cancel the subscription are pretty easy and depend on where you have signed up.

However, Spotify is the largest music streaming service with millions of subscriptions and has become the go-to place for music. But, sometimes, people want to explore new streaming services or whatever the reason they have to cancel Spotify. Let’s walk through to cancelation of Spotify to save money and come to the free trial version.

Sharp Tips to Remember Before Cancel Spotify Subscription

If you are a user of Spotify premium and now want to end the subscription. So there are certain things you should know before canceling the subscription. If you cancel the premium, the playlist you made for offline use will be removed. Moreover, if you cancel the subscription and use the free version of Spotify, you can still listen to your playlist. If you completely delete your account, you will lose all your music playlists.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium From Web Browser & Apple ID

The premium version of Spotify is excellent and in high-quality audio without advertising. But, there is a time when you no longer need the premium and want to remove the subscription to Spotify. So here are some steps that might help in canceling the subscription.

how to cancel spotify premium on iphone
how to cancel spotify premium on iphone

·         Cancel Your Spotify Subscription Through Website Browser

If you have signed from the Spotify website directly, use a web browser to cancel your subscription. You can not do it from the mobile app. Now, follow the steps to cancel *premium Spotify.

  • Open the Spotify website, then log in to your account on a web browser.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines icon from the top corner and choose “Login.”
  • When you sign in to the Account, tap on the profile from the drop-down menu choose the “Account” option.
  • Then, move down to your Plan section and select “Change plan.”
  • After that, on the next page, scroll down to find Spotify Free and then click on the cancel *premium option.
  • Next, the message will appear that what you will lose if you cancel the subscription. Ignore the message and continue to cancel the premium.
  • Tap yes to Confirm the cancelation of premium Spotify. After that, you will roll over to the free Spotify.

·         Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription With Apple ID

If you have done the apple store subscription, you must cancel the premium through the Apple ID settings. So here are some steps to help you cancel Spotify on apple ID.

  • Open your iPad or iPhone and move to the settings option.
  • Then, click on the name and Apple ID from the top of the homepage setting.
  • Select the option of subscription on your apple id. From the list, tap on Spotify.
  • After that, choose “Cancel Subscription” on the Spotify page.

·         Cancel Your Spotify Account

If you want to delete your account from Spotify, Once you have cancel the premium subscription, However, if you delete the account, there is no other way to recover it. So here are the steps to delete the account from Spotify.

  • Open the page of Spotify Cancelation and choose the Account option.
  • Next, touch on the “Close my account” button and then click on “Contact to close.”
  • Next, fill out the fields and information form and tap on Start Chat.
  • After that, a representative from Spotify starts chatting with you, so explain why you want to remove your account from Spotify. Next, he will send you the confirmation code once it is done.


  1. Can we erase our Spotify account and create a new one?

Yes, you can delete your account on Spotify, but you will not be able to create a new one with the same username. So whenever you create a new account, make sure to use a new username. Moreover, you can use the same email address. Unfortunately, you will not be able to continue your previous playlists.

  1. Can we use free Spotify after canceling the subscription to premium Spotify?

You can still use the premium until the next billing date after cancel the premium Spotify subscription. After that, you can move to the free version of Spotify.

  1. Can we again restart a closed account?

When you have a paid subscription, there is a benefit that you can still access your playlists. But when you closed your account and canceled the subscription, you would not be able to restart your previous account.


The premium subscription allows you to stream and download music without ads and lets you create unlimited playlists to listen to music offline. Apart from the benefits, sometimes people cannot afford the subscription, so they want to cancel it. So the blog contains all the possible methods to cancel premium Spotify through the web and Apple ID in the easiest way. If you have any queries about the topic, feel free to comment below.