How to Change Group Chat Name on iPhone

How to Change Group Chat Name on iPhone
How to Change Group Chat Name on iPhone

Suppose you have a range of group chats on your iPhone. It is pretty tough to treasure the exact one among a bout of names and numbers. In this situation, do you know what the solution is? You can change the name of the group chat on your iPhone.

NOTE: Keep in mind that it only works when every group member uses the iMessage app.

Here is how you can vary the group text title on iPhone.

How to Change Name of Group Chat on iPhone?

iMessage group conversation can be confusing sometimes because there is no separate option to make a group chat, like in most messaging systems. Consequently, it is difficult to discover how to twitch or leave.

In this situation, you can change the group chat name on your iOS. However, unlike utmost other services, iMessage does not instantly prompt you to name the group when creating a group chat. As a substitute, you will use every group member’s name and contact details as the chat’s name.

Moreover, you do not like that name because another group member changed it. Regardless changing the group chat name on iPhone is pretty simple and only requires a few taps.

TIP: You can correspondingly change the group image by uploading a photo or using a Memoji/Emoji.

Below we have share steps you can follow to change the title of a group chat on your iPhone.

  • The first thing you have to do is open your message application on your iPhone.
Step 1 - Open message app on your iPhone
  • Then tap to open the group to which you want to modify the name.
  • After that, tap on the group icon you will see at the top. But if you have an iPhone 14 or earlier version, you will need to tap on the info option to change the group chat name.
Step 2 & 3 - Tap message group icon on message iPhone app
  • Here tap on the change your name and photo option.
Step 4 – tap Change name & Photo
  • Subsequently, you will see a text bar where the previous name will be stated on your screen.
Step 5 – See the Text Bar & Remove Previous Name
  • Here erase that title and then type the new one you want to save.
Step 6 – type new group title & previous title
  • Now tap on the Done button. That’s it.
Step 7 – Tap Done when you changed group name.

NOTE: If you want to make your group chat title innovative on your iPhone, you can add emojis to the group title when you change the name.