How to Change Sims Work Outfit

How to Change Sims Work Outfit

Are you getting bored of wearing the same Sims work outfit? Don’t be bother. As in the Sim’s Freeplay, you can put on different outfits or accessories to personalize your Sim’s work attire. So if you want to switch from your current Sims work outfit to your chosen profession, stay connected with us. This article will explain how to Change Sims Work Outfit aesthetically, and the work outfit helps define the Sim’s style and personality while on the job.

Many players do not like Sim’s outfit. Meanwhile, they want to change it. However, Sim 4 has well-thought-out features except for these work clothing customization options. So how would you change your Sim work outfit? Here’s the instruction you need to follow to change the Sim’s work attire directly within the game’s options.

Effective Hack to Change Sims Work Outfit

A Sim’s work outfit may include uniforms, suits, lab coats, or specialized attire related to their profession, but changing the Sims Work Outfit might be cheesy for you. As we mentioned, there’s no such option offered by Sims. Although using the cheat code, also called “Change Career Outfit,” can help you add your creative touch to your Sim’s professional appearance.

So let’s start by enabling the cheats in your game that will allow you to get the work look associated with your profession.

  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + C keys altogether.
Press Ctrl + Shift + C keys
  • You’ll now see a window at the upper-left side of your screen. Navigate over your search bar.
Navigate search bar
  • Type the following line accurately.
    Testing cheats [true] or testingCheats [on]
Testing cheats
  • Hit the Enter button, and you need to put your cheat codes. If this doesn’t work, try again entering the “testingCheats [true]” line without the brackets.

Once you activate the cheat console in your ultimate gameplay, you can enable the “Change Career Outfit” code. Take the following steps:

  • Bring up your cheat code console.
cheat code console
  • Type in the following line:
Sims Cheat
  • Press Enter, and the CAS (Create a Sim) mode should be launched.
Create a Sim
  • Create the perfect desirable outfit you want by using your clothing collection.
Create Work Outfit

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about losing Sim’s Career. Because when you shape the lives of virtual individuals with a new work outfit, it will remain the same as before and perform the duty likewise. Even the social interactions will be untouched and unaffected.

Final Words

Overall, the work outfit in the Sims adds realism and immersion to the game by reflecting the Sim’s chosen career and providing a visual representation of their professional life. However, you should know it is important to enabling the Cheat code before changing the Sims Work Outfit into a more attractive look.

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