How to Change the Name of Airpods on Multiple Devices

how to change the name of airpods
how to change the name of airpods

Do you want to know how to change the airpods name? No worries. We will discuss how to rename airpods on different Apple devices. We all know how essential airpods are for us, as people use them to listen to songs and attend meetings and calls. However, Apple airpods come with a default name, but with so many connected devices, it isn’t easy to track your airpods. So, in such cases, you can rename the airpods that help you recognize your device instantly.

When you purchase new airpods, you can connect them with your iPhone & iPad, but if you are confused about how to rename airpods, you can instantly get familiar with them. Read on further to find out how to rename Airpods.

How to Set the Name of your Airpods using an iOS Device

Airpods using an iOS Device
Airpods using an iOS Device

You can follow the below steps to rename your Airpods on an iOS device.

  • Pick your Airpods out of the case.
  • Open the setting app on your iPhone or iPad, and select the Bluetooth
  • Select the blue “i” icon button to find your airpods in the list of devices.
  • Choose the current name for the airpods at the top.
  • Enter your preferred name for the buds.
  • Tap done.

Now, Your Airpods will show in the list of devices with a new name.

How to Change AirpodsName on Android &Windows Devices

Android &Windows Devices
Android &Windows Devices

Moreover, using Airpods with non-iOS devices comes such as the absence of features, customized double taps, and automatic ear detection. However, not all features are lost; you can still enjoy some of the Airpod’s groundbreaking features. Here we will discuss renaming airpods on Android & iOS.

Changing Name on Android

Android is the largest and most significant smartphone working system on the market. In Dec. 2020, a reaching noted that 5% of Airpods users (all over 2 million) do not use iPhones.  For this, users just have renamed their devices with their preferred names. The process is similar toa comparable iOS device; now, you read it step by step.

  • Click on the setting and then tap on Bluetooth.
  • Tap on the gear option to get more options besides the connected Airpods.
  • Click the pen icon to edit the airpods name & enter the preferred name.

Changing Name on Windows

Connecting your Airpods to your Windows 10 Pc is possible as long as your device has Bluetooth, but it is pretty different than renaming on Android and iOS. Your Pc can also customize your connected Airpods and rename them if necessary.Now you have tofollow these options.

  1. Go to the Control Panel,then tap on Hardware and sound.
  2. Then, click on the device and printers.
  3. Now Right, click the airpods you wish to rename & then tap on the properties.
  4. Tap the Bluetoothoption and editthe name.

What to Do if the Airpods Name Has Returning Back?

A common problem some people experience when renaming the Airpods is the name returningto its default. Those usually happen after the Airpods are put back in the case or shifted to another device.Though we don’t know the particular reason behind this, we tested some solutions on how to rename Airpods effectively and originated up with the ultimate fix;

First, you can try (resetting the Airpods) Doing a reset erases all existing information, including the chance that causes the problems. A reset will solve the issue of the connection between  Airpods and the device.

Here are the quick instructions to reset your Airpods;

  1. Go to the Bluetooth device.
  2. Click the “I” button.
  3. Click onforget this device.
  4. Next, hold down the Airpods setup button until it turns white.

If all otherwise fails, try renaming your airpods and adding a blank space after typing the new name; we tried this, and it occasionally works. This speedy fix is not public information by apple, but it’s worth renaming airpods.


Q1. Is it possible to change someone’s airpods name?
A: yes, you can do it by tapping on the settings options on your iOS device, then choosing Bluetooth

  • Tap on Bluetooth, and click on the airpods listing.
  • Click on the airpods listing. Tap the current name of your airpods at the top.
  • Choose the name and enter your preferred name for the buds.
  • Now enterthe new name, and it is done.

Q2. Can you change the Bluetooth device on iPhone or iPad?
A: Launch settings and open the Bluetooth. You can see an info icon next to the device name (with the letter i). Next, click on the icon for the linked device you wish to rename. Now, choose the name.


Keeping different cool names for your airpods is a fun thing and also helps in identifying the device. Hence, you can easily rename your Airpods with the simple steps mentioned above. Now you know how to change airpods names, so give your airpods a cool name by following the above guide.