How To Change Time On iPhone (Manually & Automatically)

How to change time on iPhone
How to change time on iPhone

Does your iPhone demonstrate the wrong time? And also, you are missing alarms, which makes you in trouble. So, if you don’t know how to change the time on your iPhone or iPad? There are some methods that you can try to alter or change the time. In this walk-through, we will describe the reasons for changing the time. Moreover, if you get into trouble and find some glitches, make some adjustments to the Time or Time zone so we can instruct you on the fixes and adjust these issues.

Why Can’t I Change the Time on My iPhone?

Do you hunger to set the time on your iPhone? You don’t know how to do that. You have tried and not achieved the goal for some reason. In the following guide, we will explain why you cannot change the timing of your iPhone in automatic and manual mode.

  • The iPhone device can’t function properly when it is hanging or stuck. It is possible that changing the time will not adjust on auto or manual mode.
  • Another reason is that the time zone on your iPhone is not adequately organized because you set it incorrectly.
  • When you turn on the automatic option of time and want to alter it manually, it is impossible because the time zone is already in automatic mode.

Do you know why your iOS device can’t change or adjust the time? Don’t worry. Let it go because the following section will describe the steps for changing the time on your iPhone.

How to Change Time on iPhone: Two Quick Methods

how to change snooze time on iphone
how to change snooze time on iphone

If your iPhone showed the wrong time, it does not mean you can’t adjust it. You can change it according to your country’s preferences. However, Apple store designed their products to display the time on their device. However, iOS devices automatically change or adjust the time whenever you travel or change your destination. So there are two ways the iPhone device allows users to adjust the time if they want, so follow the guide to know how you can do it.

Adjust the Time Setting on iPhone – Automatically

If your iPhone displays the time not appropriately by the default, you can adjust or alter it by yourself. Do follow these steps to change your iPhone’s time settings on automatic mode.

  • Open your iPhone and go to the Settings menu list.
  • Then click on the privacy option.
  • Now turn on the location service by sliding the toggled of it.
  • See the service settings and ensure that the settings time zone is turned on.
  • Now go to the back on a settings page.
  • On the settings page, tap on the general and click on the date and time option.
  • Here in that option, turn on the set automatically option.
  • Make sure that your phone is now displaying the time correctly.

Change the Time Settings on iPhone – Manually

The iPhone designs allow you to make changes and adjust the time manually. The time region will change when you have traveled a lot. So it is probably possible that the time on your iPhone show incorrectly.

Sometimes you also want to move forward for five to ten minutes to stay punctual or for your satisfaction. The following information will tell you how to set the time on your iPhone manually.

  • Open your phone device and tick on the Settings option.
  • Now go to the general settings. In that menu, open the Date and Time.
  • In the date and time menu, turn off the set automatically toggled.
  • Set the time manually. Just click on time and change it, which is already shown on your screen.
  • Now the time is established that you change your phone device automatically.

NOTE: When you adjust the time on a manual mode, you must adjust the time if you moved or if your time zone changed.

3 Troubleshooting Fixes: What Should We Do When the “SET AUTOMATICALLY” Option is Disable?

You can’t change the manual time until you turn off the set automatically option on your iPhone. So try these below tricks to fix, and you should be able to set the time on a manual mode.

  1. Turn off the Screen Time

The screen time option on the iPhone is made to help restrict device usage. So if you have a password on the screen time app, firstly remove the passcode on the screen time, then you can turn off the screen time. So after removing the password, now disable the screen time. To disable or turn off the screen time, do follow the guide.

  • Open your phone, then open the Settings app.
  • Now click on the turn-off in the screen time option.
  • Then again, click on turn-off screen time to confirm it.

Now set the time manually after turning off the screen time.

  1. Turn off the location Services

When you have saved time on automatic mode and now want to set it manually. Sometimes you just turn off the set automatically option, and unfortunately, it is not applied. Here you have another trick to do that is just disabled the location service. Below the steps will guide you on how to turn off the location.

  • Open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Now click on the privacy and select the location service option.
  • In the location service list, select the system service.
  • Now turned off the set time zone toggled.
  • Then check and adjust the time settings manually.
  1. Restart your iPhone to Disabled the Set Automatically Option

If you have turned off the location, which will not work out. The set automatic option is still not disabled, so restarting your phone can fix that. Here are the steps to restart your iPhone to set the time to change it in manual mode.

  • Go to the settings app and tap on the shutdown.
  • Slide to the right side of the power icon to turn off your iPhone.
  • Now, wait for a minute, then restart your device.

You can now make changes in time by manually restarting your iPhone device.


In conclusion, using the Settings app, you can change the screen time on your iPhone’s display. But it would be best if you remembered to make any adjustments before changing the time depending on the time zone. So read this article to update your time automatically and manually. Let us know if you have any other options to change the time on your iPhone.