How to Charge Airpods Pro With A MagSafe Wireless Charger

how to charge AirPods Pro
how to charge AirPods Pro

When you binge-watch your favorite Netflix series, you do not want to hear that your Airpods battery is low. However, Apple AirPods had grown up to be the most popular wireless earbuds on the market. When you purchased the Air Pods Pro, you may wonder how to charge Airpods Pro. The battery life of Airpods Pro is a concern for many peoples as it offers wireless and wired charging with quick charging. So, in this blog, we will learn all the methods of charging Airpods Pro.

Legitimately, Apple has turned the wireless headphones game on its head by introducing the Airpods & Airpods Pro with advanced noise cancellation features. Moreover, Airpods pro has numerous unique features that make it a better choice with Active Noise Cancellation for the best listening experience and exchangeable Silicone tips to fit the ears comfortably. You can also check your AirPods Pro and their charging case battery in your iPhone.

Specifications Of Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods are the favorite for people and have so many advanced features as it is very light in weight at just 5.4 each. It comes with a Noise cancellation feature that extinguishes outside noise with the help of 3 microphones that are attached to each earbud. Airpods Pro also contains the transparency mode that allows an external sound filter. It means if users want to interact with the individuals, the silicone tips help us fit the buds in ears at ease. Moreover, they come with a dynamic amplifier joined with an Adaptive EQ feature to increase the music reproduction.

How Can We Charge Airpods Pro

There are different ways to charge the AirPods. You can charge them wirelessly by placing the AirPods in their Case on the Charging pad. You can also use a USB-C or a USB to lighten the Cable to charge AirPods by inserting the Cable in the AirPods *pro charging port. If your AirPods case lid is open, the light will show you the charging status. When the light turns out green, it means the AirPods are fully charged. To charge AirPods, you have to put them in their Case because the charging Case has a full charge and provides charging to the AirPods. So whenever you are not using the earbuds, put them in a case.

how to charge airpods pro case
how to charge airpods pro case

1.      Charge Airpods Pro Case by Inserting them In Case

You first have to place the AirPods back in their Case as the Case is deliberate to lock the AirPods in a particular way. Airpods always come with a charging case that stores and looks after the AirPods and charges the batteries. Moreover, AirPods pro has the speaker tips face out. It will be evident by showing the light blink when your AirPods are inserted in a case accurately.

  • Charge the Case with a cable-connect the AirPods case to a power outlet by means of lightning to a USB cable and a power adapter. Charge your Case with a wire by plugging the lightning cable into the AirPods *pro into the lightning port on the Case and plugging the other side of the Cable into the USB port. You can check the charging status by opening the Case and observing whether or not the indicator light is entirely green.
  • Charge Airpod Case Wirelessly. AirPods Pro can be charged wirelessly using any wireless charging pad. Furthermore, put the Case with the status light face up on the center of the MagSafe charger. When the Case is associated correctly with the charger, the light turns on for a few seconds and then turns off while charging.

How to Use A Wireless Charger

When you buy the  AirPods pro, you will also get the charge Case with it. So you require Qi-standard wireless charger. The news is that most of the wireless chargers use the Qi standard, so you have to choose the model you want. However, Apple gave us its own MagSafe charger that matches the Airpods case. So connect it. You have to plug it into the Case with a wireless charging pad. And put your AirPods Case directly on it with the light indicator face is apparent. You have to tell when will the Case starts charging as the light come on stay on.

How to Ensure Battery Level of Airpods Pro?

You can also check the battery level of your AirPods Pro on MacBook, Android, and iOS.

·         Check the Status of battery On iPhone or iPad

To check the battery status on iOS devices, open the charge case lid of Airpods pro with your AirPods inside and hold the Case closely to the iOS devices. Stay a few seconds to make sure the charge status of the AirPods is within a charging case.

·         Check the Status of the battery on the Mac

First, open the case lid of your AirPods pro charging case and take out your earbuds. Then touch the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar of the Mac. Afterward, float the pointer on the AirPods pro, including the charging Case, in the menu to check the battery status.


Apple had turned the game when it first introduced the wireless AirPods, making people curious to buy the Airpods instantly. After that, Apple introduced the AirPods pro, including a MagSafe well-linked wireless Charging case. It increases its worth to make you aware of the different ways to charge Airpods Pro. So the blog contains all the possible ways to charge the AirPods, so if you have any queries, comment to us.