How to Clean iPhone Screen with Simple Tips

How to Clean iPhone Screen with Simple Tips

If you find some dirtiness on your iPhone and it’s not looking as cool as you want it to be, then you probably be at the right place because this article gives you insights about How to clean your iPhone Screen.

Researchers revealed a shocking statement that our Smartphones usually carries tons of bacteria that even toilet seat can’t have it. So you, being an addict of using phones, should adopt the habit of cleaning the iPhone regularly, which is a healthy move.

And do you know the iPhone screen can resist water and oils? So luckily you don’t need to clean frequently. However, occasional cleaning will give your screen a crystal look and improve the phone’s function.

But how could you do this job when you’re a beginner and don’t know what’s safe things to do? Let’s move below to disinfect your iPhone screen at home.

Simple Tips for Cleaning iPhone Screen

Before cleaning it up, unplug the cables attached to your phone and Switch off the iPhone.

1. Remove the Phone Case first

Case first

If a case and protector cover the phone, it might be as filthy as your phone’s screen. So the first step in deep cleaning is to remove the phone from its case and screen protector.

2. Wipe it Down


Now you’ll need a clean, lint-free, and dye-free cloth (a white T-shirt is fine) to wipe down the surface of your iPhone. The cloth you use must be dry, and if your iPhone is waterproof, adding the liquid to your iPhone’s surface will result in you pushing anything you float off the surface into deep crevices, mikes, speakers, and charging ports.

However, if your phone is slippery and delicate without a case, a light hand cleaning with water only would be good. You need to gently dampen the microfiber cloth in a water stroke along the display surface in a short motion.

3. Disinfect with a Cleaner


If you strongly need to disinfect the phone, making the solution of 50% water and 50% isophly alcohol is beneficial. Use it to moisten the cloth lightly. Meanwhile, some people believe a bathroom cleaner can do a great job, and they might be right, but doing so directly affects your coating.

So while using this solution, try not to let your device get extra wet, and of course, don’t rub around the headphones jack, which is more likely a point for moisture buildup dust. 

Why does Apple not allow cleaning iPhone screen with Clorox wipes or alcohol wipes?

For many years, Apple has asked people not to use Clorox wipes or alcohol wipes on their iPhones, as it says it can put the layer of oleophobic coating that seems like fingerprint resistance.

Instead, Apple recommends users try cleaning with clean water and mild soap to disinfect the screen sensitively.

Things you Shouldn’t Do

  1. Do not use sprays, including bleach or hydrogen peroxide, etc.
  2. Do not drop or spray cleaning products into iPhone openings.
  3. Do not use compressed air on iPhone.
  4. Do not use paper towels, napkins, or tissues.
  5. Make sure your iPhone isn’t plugged in.

Do That Often

When you return home, wash your hands properly. Otherwise, you must clean your iPhone regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to soak the cloth in the right cleaners. Because if you use cleaners with harsh chemicals in frequent washing, that may damage the device you’re trying to microbes free. Moreover, you’ve got many affordable glass screen protectors that you can use to protect your iPhone screen.

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