How to Clean Mac Book Screen (Tips to Clean it)

how to clean mac book screen
how to clean mac book screen

MacBooks are essential as they are the most beautiful and fantastic Apple products. So you are always wondering about keeping the Macbook clean. However, when you open the MacBook, you will see the traces of keys on it. So, in this blog, we will show you how to clean the screen of your Mac book and the cautions you need to know.

If you see any dirt or smudge on your Macbook, it’s good to clean it properly. You first have to shut down your Macbook. Then, moisten the cloth that came with the iMac, or if you do not have the fabric, take any soft cloth and wipe your screen with it. Ensure that the fabric you are using will not be sharp or rough material. As apple instructs not to use any other cleaner that contains Acetone or other cleaners used in a household for various purposes.

Things to Know Before Cleaning the Mac Book

As the Macbook is quality and expensive product, you have to keep it clean. Before starting the cleaning, you must know several things. So here we are explaining to you some essential tips that might help you.

  • Do not use any stiff or rough fabric to clean the screen of the Mac Book. The stiff cloth will easily scratch the display and leave dents and malicious marks. So Apple recommends using a soft fabric. If the screen contains some marks that do not remove, use the right amount of liquid solvent and wipe it again.
  • If you are just removing the dust from the MacBook, use the dry fabric. Do not apply the pressure while cleaning and move the cloth circular.
  • Ensure that the MacBook is shut down and unplugged when you start cleaning. Shut down Mac is because the Mac screen produces rays and heat. This heat, along with the mist cloth, will cause damage to the screen.
  • Moreover, you do not have to spray directly on the display of the Macbook as it will drip down into the ports into the system and short circuit it.
  • Make sure to cover the keyboard to avoid moisture from entering the keys.
  • Do not use any Aerosol sprays and other alcoholic solvents.

How to Clean Mac book Screen Accurately

Macbooks are the best devices and are expensive too. So it would be best if you needed to clean it frequently. When you clean the Mac book, make sure to exercise caution while cleaning it. Here are some ways through which you can easily clean your MacBook.

how to clean mac book pro screen
how to clean mac book pro screen
  • First of all, shut down your Mac and ensure that it is unplugged with every power and accessory.
  • Then, moisten a soft cloth with water and wipe your screen. Do not spray directly on display, as direct spray may damage the screen if it seeps into the screen.
  • If some do not remove, you can put the 70% isopropyl alcohol solution into the cloth and wipe the dirt. Apple suggested using the Clorox Disinfecting wipes available on Amazon for $9.98.
  • Next, dry out the moisture before plug-in or powering the Mac book.

It is essential to note that avoiding getting water in the ports seriously damages the monitor.

·          Clean the other Parts of the Mac book

If you are done cleaning the Mac book screen now, it’s time to clean the rest of the parts of the Macbook. So here is a guide to clean the MacBook’s other features.

  • Ensure that the Macbook is appropriately shut down and unplugged.
  • Then, use a soft, lint-free fabric to clean the immediate dust from the Macbook.
  • Next, if you feel it is a more thorough cleaning, then wet the cloth with water and do not get the water in the opening as it damages it.
  • If the water does not remove the marks and you want to sanitize it, then use 70% isopropyl solution wipes and apply them on nonporous surfaces like a keyboard. Ensure to keep the moisture absent from the opening once.

How to Prevent MacBook Screen From Damage

When you buy a brand new MacBook to keep everything flawless and put off every smudge away from the MacBook, it is best to attach the screen protector to your display. MacBooks’ screen protectors are not that expensive and will protect your screen from damage, scratches, and all kinds of smudges. You can also remove the protector and place another one on top of it. So, it will help you clean the screen of the mac book.

If you accidentally damaged your MacBook screen, then do not worry. You have options to protect it. First, check the Apple website if there is any replacement policy. However, the damaged screen of the Macbook does not come under the warranty of Apple. So, it will cost you $500 or more, depending on the model. Moreover, if your MacBook display is stained, then don’t worry. It does not damage the hardware, as the only thing hurt is the anti-reflective coating layer on the screen of the MacBook.


Every device needs to be clean as it increases its life. If you do not clean the devices, you will soon lose them. At the same time, the MacBook is the most amazing as it needs a deep cleaning if it gets a smudge or dirt on it. In short, the best ways are described above to clean the Mac Book screen, so use these methods to clean the MacBook and read the cautions correctly.