How To Clear Discord Chat History (Deleting DMs & Channels)

how to clear Discord chat
how to clear Discord chat

Don’t you know how to clear discord chat? Unfortunately, the company’s developers did not create an easy way to delete text messages from everyone. But in this article, we will share a lot of pieces of information and methods to clean the conversations.

However, when hundreds of users go wild in a channel or group conversation, it becomes so offensive and irritating for you. This situation makes it difficult to read and reply to the messages. So here, we will discuss all the ways to get rid of unwanted messages on the discord server.

Kind of messages on the Discord server

Discord has two different types of messages.

  1. Direct messages: These are the messages that are between two users.
  2. Channel messages: These messages are shared in groups on a channel.

Both types of messages have different rules and work on a different basis. So continue to read the next section and clear your mind about removing the unwanted direct messages & channel conversations that occupy ample space on your discord server.

How to Clear Chat in Discord – The Direct Text Chat Panel

how to clear chat in discord
how to clear chat in discord

Unfortunately, you can’t clear the direct messages on the Discord platform. But you can remove your messages and close a particular person’s message panel so it will vanish from your discord server history. But the messages will still appear on the Discord server and the other user’s chat panel. Here are the steps to remove the direct messages on Discord.

  • First, choose the user whose chat you want to clean.
  • Open the chat panel of that person.
  • Now tap on the direct message
  • Then tap on the conversation
  • The menu will pop up on your screen; now, click on the delete

That’s it. Remember that these messages are just removed only on your chat panel. The other person and discord server can see these chats.

How to Clear the Discord Channel Messages

how to clear a discord chat
how to clear a discord chat

You can also delete channel messages on the Discord server. Here we share the methods of clearing the conversation on Discord to assist you. however, there are three different ways that we will discuss individually. So lets jump to see the ways.

  • Clean the channel chat by using the Bot method.
  • To use the Manual method.
  • By cloning the channel.
  1. Use BOT to Clear the Channel Conversation

This method sounds so tricky, but it works very effectively. Many software allows you to delete the channel messages on Discord. But personally, I prefer the MEE6 BOT. At first, you have to install the MEE6 app on your device and connect both apps by authorizing them, and then follow the below steps to clear channel chat on the Discord.

  • When MEE6 gets authorized by Discord, tap on continue to get all the permissions.
  • Now it will ask for a captcha. Complete it.
  • Your discord app is now installed on the MEE6 website
  • Now you can delete a specific channel chat quickly.

NOTE: if you want to delete the pat 100 messages of the user so, click on 100clear. Here you can increase the numbers to (200 or 500) and delete the messages.

  1. Use the Manual Method for Cleaning the Chats

Another method that we can use is to clear the channel conversation manually. It is the easiest way to delete the messages from the discord channel or group.

  • Log in to the discord server on your device & open the chat panel.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon on the messages.
  • Then, Click on the delete message from the menu.
  • Now select the delete option to confirm it. That’s it.
  1. Cloning the Discord Channel to Clear the Old Chat

(Cloning the channel means creating a new copy of the channel)

If MEE6 does not work out, we have the last option for you to clone a channel. But you have to remember one thing here that does not copy the chat history of your channel. Do follow the steps to clone the channel.

  • Log in to Discord on your device.
  • Right-click the channel that you want to the clone.
  • Click on the cloned channel from the menu.
  • Tap on the Create channel option and delete the old channel.
  • Now open the new clone channel.

NOTE: You must keep in mind that you need a bot or software when you clone the channel. One more thing is that Discord will add all the users of your old channel and ask permission to add.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we remove any user from the discord server?

ANS. YES! If a user is constantly disturbing you and you don’t want to interact with the user so you can kick them out by opening their profile and clicking on the block option.

Q2. Can we use multiple bots on the Discord server?

ANS. A bot will help you to manage your server on Discord. You can add several Bots on your server to work for different types of activities. Each bot can perform a distinct task on your server.


Discord is a social media platform that allows users to communicate with people through calls and chats and share their media profiles with other users. In this blog, we have discussed the main problem of deleting the messages on the discord server. So follow this guide thoroughly and carefully and tell us in the comment section that if you face any problems to clear the chat in the Discord app, we will give you another guidance to solve your problem.