How To Copy and Paste on Chromebook in (5+Ways)

how to copy and paste on Chromebook
how to copy and paste on Chromebook

Figuring out how to copy and paste on Chromebook?

Well, some of the users of Chromebook have difficulty copying and pasting on the Chromebook.


The operating system of the Chromebook is said to be a bit perplexing for news users. Due to the constant use of traditional copy and paste methods such as CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

However, Google strenuously makes sure that its operating system is user-friendly. Digital shortcuts, however, are the most used features in any operating system. So, in this guide, we will spell out the steps on how to copy and paste on Chromebook. Follow on.

Copy and Paste Shortcuts

Similarly in different operating systems like Windows and Macs, the copy and paste keyboard combinations are the same. Which helps you easily copy and paste the texts wherever you want.

The steps of copy and paste are simple:

  • Select the text
  • On your keyboard press down the keyword CTRL along with C
  • The text is now copied time for the paste
  • Go to the place where you want to paste it and type CTRL+V together

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook?

how to copy and paste on a chromebook
how to copy and paste on a chromebook

Instead of using the typical keyboard combination of copy and paste on Chromebook, the ChromeOS contextual menu. This is also an easy step to copy and paste your texts. You have to simply:

  • Select the text you want to copy and paste
  • Use your two fingers to tap the touchpad
  • It will open the contextual menu
  • Select Copy from there
  • Now go to the destination you want to paste
  • Do the double-tap
  • Paste’

How to Copy a Document on Chromebook with Its Text Entirety?

Say, if you want to copy the entire text on the page or from the document. How you are going to do it Chromebook?

It is simple too.

  • Select the entire text with CTRL+A altogether
  • Then Copy the Paste either with CTRL+C and CTRL+V
  • Or you can do it through the contextual menu

How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook an Image?

We have delved out the details related to the texts. Now how to copy and paste an Image on the Chromebook? Like texts, images can also be copied and pasted easily on any document or place.

  • Put the cursor on the copy/paste image
  • With your fingers tap the trackpad
  • Which will open the contextual menu
  • Select the option of Copy
  • Head to the place you want to copy/paste the image
  • Type CTRL+V to paste the image there

Copy and Paste Video

Now the copy and paste of a video on Chromebook from some other source, say, a website, is a bit tricky but not impossible.

There are some middle ways in it. Like, sharing videos with your friends by copying and pasting the URL. It will directly connect them to the video.

There are two methods to do it.

  • Visit the address bar
  • On the URL, use the CTRL+C by double-clicking on it
  • Now use the CTRL+V to paste it

The Second Method?

  • Move your cursor on the video
  • With your fingers tap the touchpad
  • Now select the URL of the video

What If you require to Get the Specific Part of The Video?

  • Again, tap the touchpad
  • Select the URL of the video from the time you want to copy
  • Paste that into the message

Now, what is Chromebook Clipboard, anyway?

The Chromebook clipboard is a bit unorthodox when compared to the traditional copy and paste process. The difference between them can be gauged from the fact that in a typical copy and paste routine, it can happen one text at a time, but on the other hand, when using clipboard manager, you can have 5 items at a time. Which can be range from text to image files.

Now the question here is how to find the Chromebook clipboard?

It is easy as cake. Go to the search key. It will first seem like a magnifying glass. Thus, you go there and press the search key with V.

It will open the clipboard where you can see your recently copied items. If you want to select an item in the clipboard. Go to the item and enter. Or if you want to remove an item or delete it, simply press the x.

  • Search + v
  • To scroll up and down use the tab or arrow keys
  • Push Enter when to select any item
  • You can delete any copied item by pressing x

Cop and Paste: Shortcuts

Copy and paste are one of the easiest and used features of the Chromebook. So below are the shortcuts to easily help you do this task with more ease. In this way, below are some shorts to quickly perform the copy/paste instructions:

  • CTRL C + CTRL V for the use of keyboard shortcut
  • Tap the touchpad and select copy, do the same to paste for the touchpad shortcut
  • With a mouse, press right-click to copy and paste
  • On the touchscreen do the double-tap on the text to select copy and paste after
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V use for pasting without formatting
  • To access the clipboard manager, do search + v
  • Copy the address of the image for copying an image
  • Select the URL of the video or copy the embed code, double-tap it to copy a video