How To Customize PS5 Home Screen Setting

How To Customize PS5 Home Screen
How To Customize PS5 Home Screen

How to customize PS5 home screen: I am bored of having the default home screen display, so let’s change it from the PS5 home screen setting to view the aesthetic gaming display. It can be a great way to customize your console. You can change the theme, turn off the music and sound effects, and more!

Sony PlayStation 5 always amazes people with its surprising quality of customization. As you know, new features have slowly begun, but thanks to the latest PS5 update, PS5 owners innovate the PlayStation 5 by announcing more features for fine-tuning their gaming experience on the system. Much like PlayStation 4, you can expect these features over time, but now you can look at what features are available for tune-finning on the latest Sony console.  

How to Customize the Control Center on PS5

Using the PS5’s Control Center allows you to customize the features you use most. This includes sorting games by platform, purchase date, and more. This makes your gaming experience easier to navigate.

  1. Press the PlayStation button to display the control center.
  2. Now you will see the number of icons. Highlight any of them and press the options button.
  3. Choose the icon you want to move in a round position.
  4. Move the icon where you want to place it and press X to set it in place (hiding an icon is easy; just move it to the hidden controls area on the screen).
  5. Repeat step 3 to 4 until you are done modifying the control center, and press the options button to return to the original screen.
  6. To unhide an icon, choose the icon in the hidden controls area and move the icon to the displayed controls area.

Note: few by default icons cannot be changed.

You can customize the DualSense controller’s controls and add input languages. These languages will be added to the virtual keyboard, and you can search for different languages. The options button on your controller gives you a list of icons to choose from when you highlight a shortcut on the screen. Your menu includes the following: home, switchers, notifications, game base, sound, Mic, and more.

How to Change the PS5 Theme

Whether you’re a veteran or a new user, you may want to customize the home screen theme on PS5. But is it possible? The answer is no. You’ll have to wait for an update that will allow you to do this. And this update will probably be coming shortly.

The Home Screen on PS5 changes to a different background when you play a new game, and you’ll also notice a custom background image when you hover over a game icon. In addition, when you play a game that prompts a new soundtrack to play over the home screen, the music will play from the game’s soundtrack.

How to Turn Off the Music and its Menu

How to Turn Off the Music
How to Turn Off the Music

Whether you’re playing a game or watching a video, the PlayStation 5’s home screen plays soothing background music. You can turn off the music and sound effects on the home screen of the PlayStation 5 in Settings.

  • Go to the PlayStation 5 dashboard and select settings.
  • Press the triangle to get into the settings menu.
  • Now, scroll down the sound section and open it. Here you will see three options: Microphone, Audio output, and volume.
  • Tap audio output and scroll down its menu until you see the general section of the page.
  • At the top of the general section, find an option for home screen music that can be toggled with a switch.
  • Flip the option, and the PlayStation 5 menu music will be gone.
  • You can also enable the console’s menu and a sound effect from that same menu if you navigate on PS5 completely silent.

On the other hand, the other option is to use a DUALSENSE CONTROLLER TO MUTE THE AUDIO output on the PlayStation 5. To do this, you must pair the DualSense controller with your PlayStation 5 system. The mute controller button is located underneath the PS button, and it will allow you to adjust the vibration intensity and volume of the controller’s sound. You can also mute all console microphones.

How to Add More Games to Customize the PS5 Home Screen

Whether you’re planning to purchase a PlayStation 5 or are already using it, you can easily customize the home screen set to add more games. This guide will show you how to do so.

The home screen settings on the PlayStation 5 are fairly basic. They’re designed to allow users to browse through a few items quickly. However, it’s also possible to customize the display area and change the audio settings.

The PlayStation 5 home screen is designed to change the background image automatically. It also includes cathartic background music and subtle audio prompts. You can also browse through up to ten items at a time. This will change according to what you’re currently browsing.

How to Add Quick Filter Games

How to Add Quick Filter Games
How to Add Quick Filter Games

The PlayStation 5 Home Screen has a built-in system for filtering games by platform, genre, or purchase source. This makes it possible to find the games you’re looking for without searching the entire library.

You might quickly find your library to be somewhat unwieldy between the PS5’s SSD, an external hard drive, and the optional M2 SSD. Using your Game Library, you can quickly find the games you purchased by sorting them alphabetically, by purchase date, by platform, and by their purchase source.

You can arrange the cards of the games you’re playing the most on your PS5 to find them more quickly. PlayStation 5 doesn’t yet offer the option to sort games into folders, which was present on PS4.

How to Turn off Pop-Up Notification

How to Turn off Pop-Up Notification
How to Turn off Pop-Up Notification

Are pop-ups ruining your gameplay recording or distracting you while playing your favorite game? If you’d like to disable those notifications, you can go to Settings, select Notifications, and then select which alerts you want to disable. The pop-ups can be disabled during broadcasts, made to appear for a short period, or rendered without corner icons.


  • Press the PS5 button on your controller to go control center.
  • Select notification (list of notifications will appear)
  • Highlight the notification you want to delete and click on the square button to delete it.

Note: If you want to delete all notifications, click to select all and delete all notifications.

How to Customize the Explore Feed

How to Customize the Explore Feed
How to Customize the Explore Feed

Through the Explore hub on the PS5, you can watch trailers, news, and live streams based on the games you own and follow. You can opt not to see content related to specific games by going to your library. And clicking on the three dots icon under them. If you select Unfollow, all content related to it will be automatically hidden on your PS5.

You can take this step further by going to Settings, Saved Date, and Game / App Settings. The Spoiler Warnings feature can be accessed here. You should always double-check your PS5 games to ensure this option is turned on, even if it is usually on by default.