How to Do Blog Commenting For Better SEO Ranking

Blog Commenting For Better SEO Ranking
Blog Commenting For Better SEO Ranking

Blog commenting is one of the simple tools which helps in the growth of the industry and awareness of the brand. This helps in gaining attrition for our site, as it is a process which involves lots of strategies. This process needs comprehensive research and should be done to provide value to your content.

Most people don’t have proper knowledge about it, so they cannot get succeeded in the process. However, if we have a strong strategy related to blogging commenting, then several leads can be attracted, and the brand can be built greatly on online platforms.

What Is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is the method used for making links for our websites. While building links helps in making relationships with other users in the industry. You can build backlinks through blog commenting and can grow your website. This also helps in exchanging ideas related to a specific topic. This strategic process is highly helpful in making a bond between the readers and the bloggers.

When I used to perform blog commenting in the correct way, it helped me a lot in my blogging community and in developing my website. This benefitted me in several ways, such as developing online relationships, creating relevant leads and many more. In addition, this also helped in imparting the skills of industry experts. 

How Do Blog Comments Help SEO?

 Blog commenting is considered a simple process that helps improve the content’s growth. When you do the blog commenting in the right manner, then there are chances of development of the overall blog post community. Also, blog comments help SEO in several ways, which need to understand to get the positive benefits from blog commenting.

Brand Awareness

When I started blog commenting in SEO, it helped my brand awareness. This can be possible when we consistently comment on the blogs of the industry. Having consistency in the process would help a lot in recognizing the niche. So your brand can come to notice, and many people come to know about it with continuous awareness.


Ideation refers to the exchange of valuable thoughts and opinions with other people. Blog commenting helps in this process very positively. This will further help in the overall SEO process and its key points. So you will get the option of sharing your valuable ideas by using the right strategic process.


When you leave a relevant comment on any industry article, then the readers can get encouraged to learn more. This makes the readers get attracted towards your website and articles. They want to know more about you and your content.


As you can create backlinks through social bookmarking sites, so there you get an option of making connections with different writers and readers. This would help in making overall online bonding more strong and ultimately helps in developing overall SEO website content. This also offers the feature of inviting a guest blog to the website.

How Do Blog Comment On Other Websites?

You can do blog commenting on other websites also, but that can be possible by having proper strategies and following some important things. There are various ways available through which you can make comments on other websites. Some of the main ways are listed here that can help you in knowing about this.

Find The Blogs To Comment On.

The first thing to do is find the blogs for commenting; only then can you do further things. You can make use of search engines such as Google and then find blogs. There you get the list of blogs for commenting. Also, several filters are available to help find the relevant and latest blogs.

Get Notifications By Subscribing.

On finding and commenting on the blogs, you can get the website as per your niche. When you find the one, subscribe to the website to get important notifications about new content. Then, whenever any new article or content is posted on the website, you will get notified and can post your valuable comment. This method is one of the interesting and successful methods of blog commenting on other websites.

Posting Your Comment

Only posting a comment or message is not enough, but that comment should be valuable enough. When you leave a valuable comment on the article, you can improve your relationship with the blog author. You can also try to use links and keywords to make it SEO friendly.

Blog commenting offers us various positive benefits which can help in developing SEO content. You can create backlinks from blog commenting, which helps in developing overall website reach. Thus you can make your website grow at a faster pace, and it allows you to get the most out of your content.