How to Ensure a Stable Connection for Online Gaming

Jaws of Extinction
Jaws of Extinction

Online gaming has become very popular recently. Many people spend their time playing games online or even at home through consoles such as Xbox One X. This, however, comes with some drawbacks, especially when it comes to connection stability.

A stable connection means uninterrupted access to the internet. If you have ever experienced laggy gameplay while streaming, you already know what We are talking about. Having a stable connection isn’t only good for gaming on Darco Reign of Element, Jaws of Extinction and a host of others– it also matters for other activities like browsing websites, watching movies, and social media feeds. The problem is that mobile networks don’t always deliver consistent speeds due to congestion, interference from other devices, and network overload.

Use Dedicated Hosting

Enhanced performance is one of the main reasons why gaming enthusiasts favor dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers boost loading times and eliminate delays. In addition, they lessen the likelihood of losing your progress in the game due to connectivity issues.

On the other hand, so-called peer-to-peer servers are the most popular choice for most games. In-game hosting, the game is responsible for searching for a good host, unlike the dedicated host.

Theoretically, it ought to function as well as dedicated hosting, but in practice, it doesn’t. Using this method, games are typically unplayable due to erratic behavior. This is because there is no requirement for “the best host.” Best tf2 server hosting consistently outperforms shared hosting when comparing the best game servers. Then why do those working on video games opt for other methods? They’re more affordable, of course.

Lessen the amount of data being sent and received by other apps and gadgets

As we’ve mentioned, if you have too many connected devices or programs running simultaneously, you’ll use up all of your available bandwidth.

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are all examples of common electronic gadgets. Software like virus detectors, instant messaging programs, and firewalls come to mind. But the initiatives will be less of a priority.

Your available bandwidth will soon be eaten up by all of the devices, software, and apps you have running simultaneously. You can detect and disconnect the devices, but the applications can operate in the background without you ever noticing.

Use A Router That Is Solely For Gaming

Another advice is to purchase a second router just for online gaming. If you do it this way, your gaming console will receive a dedicated, powerful WiFi connection rather than sharing with your other devices. As the signal is separated, its strength decreases. You can avoid this problem by upgrading to a better router that can direct internet traffic to your game machine.

Find A Great Position For Your Gaming Router

Your router’s location is also important. Put your gaming router close to your gaming system for optimal performance. By doing so, your router can reliably supply your gaming console with a robust WiFi signal.

The router should be kept off the ground and out of tight nooks or alcoves for best results. It should be in the same room as your gaming system, within easy reach without going through any doors or hallways.

If you have tried everything else and are still experiencing slow internet, using a different line of connection may be the best option.

Disable Firewalls

Network traffic is slowed down because of firewall filtering. Using several firewalls or virtual private networks (VPNs) adds still another layer of filtering and processing time.

Reduce delays by temporarily turning off extra security measures.

Implement Virus Protection Software

Malware of several kinds has been shown to slow down devices noticeably. Always scan your network using antivirus software to find and eliminate malware.


Online gaming has become very popular over the last decade. Millions of players around the globe enjoy playing games such as World Of Warcraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, etc.

However, some gamers complain about poor connectivity issues during gameplay and how to play with friends without issues. The article explained all you need to do to get a stable connection for your next gaming experience.