How to Enter Creative Mode in Ark

How to Enter Creative Mode in Ark

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game you can access through various platforms. If you play this game but find nothing interesting, you must enable the “Creative Mode” feature to do whatever you want. This means having control over every aspect of the game, and what can be more interesting than this? As a beginner, we brought you a guide to learn How to Enter Creative Mode in Ark. So let’s delve into this topic.

There’s always some struggle every player of the game face. However, in the ARK world, if you activate the Creative Mode, you may easily overcome stressful situations.

Creative Mode is a set of permissions a player can get in this game. And if you run the game on Creative Mode, you’ll gain access to more than one benefit.

Entering Creative Mode in ARK will unleash phenomenal features, like flying, end-of-weight restrictions, moving objects with the Admin Blink Rifle, instantly crafting any item directly in your inventory, unlocking any engram, and even removing crafting requirements.

Creative Mode Special Features

Below we mentioned a bunch of unique abilities provided to the user in Creative Mode that they barely find while playing this game.

  • Remove the weight restrictions.
  • Removes Crafting Requirements
  • Immediate crafting of items
  • Automatic Flying
  • Grants Uncountable stars and god mode.
  • It allows adding up the Admin Blink Rifle to your inventory.
  • You’re not vulnerable to the Hurtme, Destroy, Kill, or admin Blink Rifle.
  • You can move objects.
  • You can become a creature. Click on these creatures with Admin Blink Rifle to become them.

These advantageous features are designed to make building and creating an item in ARK easier.

Quick Steps to Enter Creative Mode

Quick Steps to Enter Creative Mode

If you want to hands with all the perks of this creative Mode, you must have administrative permissions on the server. So let’s get started!

  • Launch the ARK and start the server. You must activate cheats and give yourself Creative Mode in the gameplay.
  • Open the admin console. The way to perform this will vary depending on what device you use to play ARK. Let’s suppose PC players can press TAB.
  • Type “enable cheat server password” without quotes. The server password should be changed to the password for the server you’re using. Very few admin commands will work without using this command in the session.
  • Press the Enter button.
  • Now the server should accept commands.
  • Type “ Cheat GiveCreativeMode” or “GCM” without quotes, and press Enter to give yourself creative Mode. “Cheat GCM” without quotes also replaces the full command.
  • If you want to give it to another player, you must target them or know their player ID.
  • If you’re with the player and can target them, use the cheat code“ GiveCreativeModeToTarget” and press Enter.
  • If you’re using the player ID, use “cheat GiveCreativeModeToPlayer <1238291>” without quotes. But don’t forget to change the placeholder number with the player ID of the player you want to provide access to Creative Mode.

Alert: enabling creative Mode can allow the player to build structures while facing lag or server issues if they’re not secure or trustworthy. They can destruct anything created on the server so faster. So make sure not to give someone this status if they’re not using a trusted server.

Once the creative Mode is activated, it will be enabled until you log off the server. All the engrams unlocked with Creative Mode will also be removed once the player disconnects.


Indeed, activating the Creative Mode offers you a wide collection of wonderful gameplay options. Such as playing a game by breaking off all the limits and restrictions preventing crafting, and you have to wait for many items to craft. Additionally, players can move heavy objects and avoid encountering dinosaur attacks, which is only possible in creative Mode in ARK Survival Evolved. Accessing all engrams is what makes this feature valuable and useful feature.