Top 7 Tiktok Features (Method to Fast Forward & Rewind the Video)

How to fast forward on Tiktok

Nowadays, everybody has technological gadgets that are used to see social media platforms that show the world’s vibrancy. People are addicted to social platforms and use mobile applications more than desktops. That’s why technology goes on deep with developing more apps and software. Tiktok is one of them, which has millions of users, and everyone is making a video to become famous or gain followers through this platform.

According to the economist cover page of 2022, Tik tok will soon eat the eggs of giants such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. other than that, during covid-19, people were free from all interaction, so they learned to make Tik tok video and their editing features to enhance the features of the video whatever they desired. If you still did not learn it, you are landed at the right place where we will describe the fast forward and rewind the Tik tok video and its cool features.

How Can I Fast Forward my Tiktok Video Manually

When we talk about automatics, it’s high time that everything is digitally advanced. If we come to the tech industry, experts denote modern technology with the term “automatic,” which means this technology solves its problems independently. In the same way, Tik Tok updates into the fast forward and rewind option to make it easier for users to fix it on their app, but some people liketo fix it manually on their phones. So, we get here just for you what steps you need to take to fast-forward or rewind the Tiktok videos on your mobile device.


  • First, you must open your mobile screen and search for Tik Tok.
  • Once the Tiktok users find out about the app, now you will hit click on the app menu and open it.


  • You are now on the app, where you will see the Tik tok playing at the screen’s right sidebar.
  • Multiple options swipe up and show there to click at the arrow button.


  • After doing the previous process, click on the download the video option.
  • The Tik tok will be downloaded successfully to your phone after clicking on it.


  • After downloading the video, check it out in your mobile gallery.
  • Once you find it, open it on your mobile for fast-forwarding editing the video.
  • Whether you are using an iPhone or Android, both have the fast forward and rewind white bar at the bottom.

Note: At the bottom of the video, you will see a white dot moving circle that you will use to do the fast forward & rewind the Tiktok video.

  • You are now free to do it on your own.

Can You Rewind or Fast Forward the Tiktok Video in App?

Many people ask if they can fast forward their video on the Tik Tok app because everyone was in a hurry trying to find a solution and go towards the ease side. When Tik Tok realized customer per demand, they upgraded their app with the fast forward feature or rewind videos. This feature can easily forward or rewind your video within the app, and if you want to know how to do that? Go through these simple steps.

  • Open the Tik tok app and look around at the downside of a video.
  • Here you will find a small dot line option at the bottom of the screen that is moving according to the white line.
  • Tap that option and hold
  • Now you can drag the dot (white) with your finger to rewind and fast forward the Tik tok videos in-app.

Note: The Process of fast-forwarding and rewinding videos on Tik tok is similar to each other.

TOP 7: Let’s Dive into The Key Features of Making Tiktok Video

Key Features of Making Tiktok Video
Key Features of Making Tiktok Video

Our world is influenced mainly by high-end digital technologies created to stabilize the online presence both as an individual and an enterprise. The keep-going growth of social media platforms has made you an opportunity as a creator and followers at the same time by posting and liking video content on multiple accounts.

There are top 5 features on Tik Tok you can play with for making your videos, and other features of it will be updated soon as per visitors’ request! Knowing these features helps you to make your videos outstanding. And further, it makes you the professional Tik tok editor that celebrities love to hire those experts. Let’s get started with some cool features of Tik tok.

  1. Tik Tok Filters

Tiktok filters have a beautiful effect, and you can easily set the skin tone with a bunch of other beauty filters in your video. So, you can also add some extra animation to your videos to make them look good.

  1. 2x Speed-up Your Video

This app now lets you speed up your videos, and you will be able to speed up your actions on a video that can make you crazy. In addition, you may adjust the speed by 3x or 0.5x, which totally depends on your desired preferences.

  1. Duet Videos

This feature allows you to create videos with a random person or a celebrity by lip sync and sharing screen side-by-side on a particular video. It will also increase your friend circle by participating in different challenges to get more reach, followers, and money; that sounds cool for us.

  1. React to other’s videos via Emoji

The fantastic thing about this feature is to give reactions to other videos. Now you can react to other people’s Tiktok, and you need to do nothing except react to others’ funny, romantic, trendy, and challenging videos.

  1. Use Volume Hashtags

Use high-volume hashtags according to your video content because it will increase your followers. Also, it helps you to find trends on Tik tok of 2022. If you follow the trend, your followers will automatically increase and love it.

  1. Streaming Live Video

This is another new feature for streamers if they are on the hype of Tiktok because the feature will work for them to come into the live screen. It has been so prominent since 2019, but it gets highlighted when people come to know that it may also become an earning source for them. Tik Tok also applies it to their application, where streamers stream lives and get rewarded in many ways, such as receiving gifts from fans, earning digital coins, and increasing followers.

  1. Scan Barcode to Subscribe

With the help of this feature, you don’t need to search for people to follow. You just need to scan their barcode with your application barcode reader, which automatically subscribes to the other user’s account.

How Can I Stop Random People from Seeing My Short Videos?

Many people on Tiktok want to become famous but choosing the entertainment industry is a little bit awkward. Because the people have outclassed open minds with social classes. Entertainment people are always in the media limelight. That’s why they want to hide from public social platforms. In this way,

TikTok app comes up with a strong privacy option where you can privatize your videos and allow only those you want that only they can see your video shorts. It’s the game of just 3 steps, so without further a due, going straight right away.

  • You need to tap on the three-dot button, and a popup option appears.
  • Once you find the required option setting and privacy.
  • Hit a click on this option and come up with these two options (A private account with a switch button and a second one to Suggest your account to others)
  • Click the switch button by moving it to the right side, which appears green. Now your account turns into a private account where no one won’t see your Tik tok shorts.

Turning on the privacy option will not affect your followers, and if you allow the Users by giving them permission are only allowed to watch your videos; others can’t see them.

How To Get Rid of Inappropriate Notifications on Tiktok App?

One of the most embarrassing things you are also struggling with is an inappropriate notification coming from another’s account. When that notification pops up on your screen every single time, it’s logical to exhaust your mind. Because the algorithm of Tik tok or another social media platform works according to your search and interests. The system itself detects your interest and gives you the results in the form of videos. Besides that, whenever you find a video that is unrelated to your claim. That genre will never be displayed again in the second term because you’ll dislike them.

If people recommend you to watch the Tik tok video, it might be inappropriate because it will show on your following category. So, get rid of those videos by learning the solution below:

You must tap at your Tik tok profile, then go to settings, where you will find the option of Digital wellbeing. Now click on the restriction mode option to turn it on. In the next step, you’ll need a password to enable this feature, so the Tik tok will never show you that sort of feed again after entering the password.

All In One

We tried hard to make you understand how to fast-forward the longer videos manually and, in the app. I hope you’ll find the helpful information in this guide. And also teach you some extra features of TikTok, which will help you to build your carrier on Tik Tok at its full strength. Let us know in the comment box how many followers of yours are on the Tik tok account.

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