How to Feature Channels on YouTube Social Streaming Platform

How to Feature Channels on Youtube
How to Feature Channels on Youtube

Are you worried about how to feature channels on Youtube? Here’s the ultimate guide from which you’ll learn everything steps by step. Currently, Youtube has more than 38 million active channels. However, Feature other channels are the most effective ways of promoting the content associated with your business.

Youtube is the best platform for advertising and sharing content in the form of videos, which helps create the brand identity of your business. However, every other Channel is not featured because the success of feature channels on YouTubeApp lies in the significant part of SEO.

Building your Channel on Youtube from scratch is easy to get done with, but if you want to build an SEO-friendly youtube channel, it is somehow difficult. Add featured channels in your own youtube Channel catches the desired target audience. 

It is a step-by-step process that is not time-consuming and helps you to feature other Channels on Youtube. Viewers can get access to Channel and expand it to the vast majority of active users. Find the solution below to increase your Channel’s visibility on youtube easily. 

Youtube algorithm recommends a featured channel, and Google finds its content creation worthy enough to push forward in the top-rated channels. From the viewer’s point of view, it is one that youtube thinks should be on top of the list.  

Featured Channels build a connection in the viewer’s eye and the youtube studio algorithm between your Channel and featured channels. If you add friends’ channels, you appreciate them.

The content creation should be aligned with their likings which can eventually increase subscribers and viewers. It shows that you endorse someone authentically and have recommended businesses. Scheduling is also a must when featuring other channels, and youtube counts it in the algorithm.

Before featuring other’s channels, you should grow your own Channel first. Moreover, joining the youtube partner program will help monetize from youtube studio. It helps to get small ad revenue from views. 

Feature other Channels on youtube studio helps you improve your business’s visibility, brand awareness, subscribers, and views and can increase your friend’s channel subscribers.

When your Channel on youtube becomes noticed immeasurable times, it makes the user happy and will be recommended to your target audience. It will appear on the viewer’s homepage that they searched for the last time. For instance, if you search for beauty tips, you’ll get similar videos on your homepage and related content next time. 

How To Feature Youtube Channels [Quick Steps]

How To Feature Youtube Channels
How To Feature Youtube Channels

The word feature is used to promote the content. Featuring on youtube requires a few things to be focused on. For instance, high-quality videos that met the youtube community’s standards, SEO-optimized titles, tags, and descriptions. It helps to enhance the traffic on youtube studio. The steps involved are few and easy to understand. 

  • Firstly, open youtube on your computer or mobile and login into your account. Alongside, navigate the youtube studio. 
  • Go to the sidebar on the left and move down to Customization. Also, click on the profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Click my Channel, then click customize Channel on the top right of the channel page. 
  • Moving forward, find the sections where you have to click the additional sections and will find the option to add featured channels. 
  • Then, you will be able to add a title in the section, add featured channels and paste the URL of the Channel or its username of it. When you are done with it, adjust the order and if you want to change the order, click the up and down arrows in the upper right corner of the section. 
  • You can easily change the placement of the channels in the section. You must move the mouse cursor on the Channel’s name and drag and drop it where you want.  
  • Lastly, click the done button on the bottom left of the section on the screen. 

Tips to Keep In Mind When Featuring the YouTube Channel

Featuring the YouTube Channel
Featuring the YouTube Channel

Keep a few things in mind when increasing the visibility of other channels on your youtube channel.

  1. The Channel you are featuring must be updated with time and handled by an active user. If Quality content is scheduled on it, it will improve the Channel’s brand awareness. 
  2. The youtube Channel’s theme must match your Channel’s theme. 
  3. The target audience also matches at some point with the youtube channel because it also affects driving the traffic on the Channel.  
  4. Always try new channels for featuring because it gives you the experience of different channels, their performance, and whether their performance aligns with your Channel. 

Conclusion on Feature Channels on YouTube

The ultimate guide above explains the step-by-step guide to adding featured channels. It is easy to feature other channels on the YouTubeApp studio Channel you would like to promote.

The vast majority of people are making their youtube channels and entering the competitive market of ads. Through visualization, they are promoting their content and marketing their products. It requires attention to focus on the quality of content you are generating and the descriptions and tags you are incorporating.  

Nowadays, featuring channels on Youtube is common, and most people find it easy which help to evaluate the process that can be done within minutes. Adding other streaming channels to the featured channels is simple and the easiest process mentioned above in detail. With this, you can make friends’ Channels featured.