How To Fill Out Moneygram Money Order [2024]

How To Fill Out Moneygram Money Order
How To Fill Out Moneygram Money Order

Maybe you’re wondering what you would do if you had the opportunity to send money without a bank account. Moneygram money order gives you this chance in hand, and it’s similar to a bank cheque but slightly different because it’s a prepaid cheque, which means it doesn’t let your cheque bounce.

MoneyGram is an American-based peer-to-peer (P2P) cross-border payment system with multiple branches all over the country and the second-largest money transfer service globally. We’ll explore here in this article every aspect of Moneygram and present a guide on how to fill out Moneygram money orders securely.

Key Takeaway

  • Money orders are easy to buy and cash.
  • Don’t make spelling mistakes but ensure all the blanks are filled appropriately.
  • It can take up to 30 days for a refund.
  • Avoid using your personal debit or credit cards.

What is a Money Order?

money order is similar to regular personal checks. For example, it is a piece of a document provided to you in the face of your money. The benefit of filling the money order is that you don’t need any bank account required for cheques, but it provides prepaid cheques that eliminate cheque-bouncing risks.

Most teenagers use money orders, though it gives these youngsters an alternative to bank cheques. On the other hand, using money orders carelessly might be dangerous. If your money order cheque got lost or stolen, then recovery of that money can be difficult.

Why Should I Need to Fill Moneygram Money Order?

Moneygram is an essential source that allows you to send or receive money without any hurdles and provides you cheque facility. So there is no need for you to have a checking account.

MoneyGram is a reliable, safe, secure payment system trusted by many, and money orders now have 200k spots in the USA where you can receive or send money. Just like its extensive growth and ongoing popularity, you should also have to avail this opportunity.

How to Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order in 5 Quick Steps

Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order in 5 Steps

Buying and filling the MoneyGram money order is not a complicated task, and the desired part of MoneyGram is to eliminate the risk of cheque bouncing. You just need to go to the MoneyGram official website, hit a tap at find location, and purchase money orders from any MoneyGram location branch. You can fill out your money order after going through these 5 simple steps, so stick around.

1.     Write a Recipient’s Name

Write your recipient’s name in the section where it says pay to the order on the money order receipt. A recipient could be a person or company – filling out the receipt name secures your payments. Suppose in a situation where the money order is lost. Nobody can redeem that payment except the one whose name is on the receipt.

2.     Put your Address Details

An Address filling requires your state, city, zip code, etc. Therefore, I can guide you when you write your address on the money order; it helps the recipient know your location. However, when he feels any difficulty redeeming a cheque, he can contact you in that case.

3.     Let’s Fill in the Account Number Details for the MoneyGram money order

When paying bills with money orders, you’ll need to put your account number on the money order to ensure that all the transactions from your bills are credited to your account. There is a Payment for / Account Number section on your money order. If you didn’t find that section, write your account number on the upper or bottom of a cheque.

4.     Sign the Money Order Cheque

Most people do not know where to sign their MoneyGram money orders, which is fine, although I was in a similar situation when I started. So, I am showing you a form where there is a purchaser section; you’ll see “purchaser’s signature” on a cheque. Go ahead and write in your signature here.

5.     Pay The System Fee & Store Your Receipt at Save Place

To fill the MoneyGram money order, some require a processing fee, and others don’t. Please save your receipt in a secure place in case you face any problems regarding payment issues. You have at least the tracking number to track your payment so you can inform the system to cancel it.

I hope you undoubtedly find your problem solutions, and we will try to describe them quickly and faster without wasting your time. The following questions regarding Moneygram can be found below the article.

Requirements to Fill the Moneygram Money Order

  • Each money order has a maximum limit of $1000 though buying multiple simultaneously technically increases your sending limit.
  • There are many places in the USA where you can get your MoneyGram money order, including postal service offices, banks, some grocery stores, Western Union branches, and Moneygram branches.
  • MoneyGram does not require extra documents. If we see another side, it requires documents when you use the money order to pay a bill. Users must fill out the address, payment amount, and account number blanks and continue the payment process.
  • Always use the black gel ink pen and write willingly when filling the documents form money order to avoid any mistakes.
  • Possess the receipt of the money order you purchase until you have approval that the receiver has received the payment.
  • Don’t try to correct any mistakes on your money order; changing the details will disallow cashing. In this circumstance, users must cancel and refund the money order and then use a new money order instead.

Where Can I Cash a Moneygram Money Order?

Where Can I Cash a MoneyGram Money Order

If someone pays you with a money order from MoneyGram, you want to adapt it into funds. In this situation, converting it to cash offers a user the quickest access. That is why you must take the money order to get to a location that cashes it. Including

  • Moneygram Outlets
  • Banks
  • CVS
  • Post offices
  • Walmart
  • Western Union
  • 7 Eleven
  • Money Mart
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • Publix

Tracking MoneyGram Money Order

It is an easy process to track your order on MoneyGram. Users just have to call the MoneyGram customer care center at 1-800-926-9400 to track the money order status. Ensure you have the reference number to give to the customer service receptionist.

However, users can check the money order status online; to do that, hover over the Moneygram official site and type and enter the serial number and exact amount of the order. Then tap on the check status tab to see where your order till now.

Additionally, users have another option to track the money order. Just visit a MoneyGram outlet near you where they will give you a form; fill out the form then you can check the status of your transfer money order on MoneyGram.

Unbelievable Pros & Cons of Money Order

Just like we discussed the scenario about money orders and their benefits. On the other hand, we must also discuss the disadvantages. Because of its simplicity, money orders acquired more space in the world of payment exchanges. In that scenario, we should also be aware of its pros and cons, so let’s dive in without further due.


  • It’s easily available in your surrounding markets.
  • You don’t need a bank account to send and receive payments through cheques; simply fill up the MoneyGram money order.
  • The person to whom you send the payment can receive a payment.


  • Your limit per cheque is just $1000.
  • If you cancel your transaction, it will take up to 30 days to return your payment.
  • If you didn’t add the receiver’s name on the cheque, then consequences must be faced. Someone can withdraw that money by putting his name on the cheque.

How Can I Correct & Edit My Info on Money Orders?

Most money orders don’t allow you to change details because changing information can be the reason your payments might get stuck and could become a problem for both the receiver and sender. The most acceptable option is to cancel the money order and get your refund, then start to fill the new money order by adding the correct details.

How to Refund Moneygram Money Order Online?

The MoneyGram service allows its users to cash back or refund the payment order; to do that, users must fill out the form online. Keep the identification and any data you have about the money order to initiate the procedure. It would be best for users to have a receipt from their original money order purchase.

If the refund process is successful, the issuer should return funds to you within almost 2 months. However, the sooner you refund your money order, the better it will be. Because if the money order gets cashed or deposited, you will find difficulties getting the refund.

Is It Possible to Protect Yourself from Money Order Scams?

People complained about money orders in the past decades because of low security if stolen. But now, it has modified and added online security and anti-fraud features like ultraviolet ray scanners to detect the authentication of money orders. And pass it through different indicators to check its genuineness, whether the money order is fake or real. The 3 big giants (Western Union, US Portal, and MoneyGram) are the safest play but do check these features in them. If you have trouble finding them, then call them to fix your problem.

Final Words

Most people think in the current modern era, why would anyone want to send and receive payment through money order instead when you have the digital payment system? People assume that money orders and their online accounts are like a vintage payment system.

But don’t know nowadays, money orders also have an online presence either do money order online or through a cheque. The most trusted and acceptable source to send and receive payments. A Paper cheque receipt never expires nor gets hacked because it’s in a physical form. If stolen, replace them with another cheque.

So that is all for how to fill out MoneyGram money order. if you have any queries related to this post let us know in the comment box.


What is the limit for the MoneyGram money order?

The MoneyGram service’s boundary is about $1000 per money order.

Do MoneyGram money orders decrease?

No money orders have an expiration date, but if a user doesn’t use the money order within 1 to 3 years of the purchase date, a non-refundable charge will be deducted according to the terms and conditions on MoneyGram.

What are the charges to send money from the US?

The charges depend on where, in what way, and how much you are sending. If you pay with a bank account, the charges are typically low. The charges are higher if you pay with a debit or credit card.

Can a blank money order be cashed?

Suppose you find a blank money order with a specific value amount on it. It can be filled out and then cashed.