How to Fix Corrupted Data on PS4 Console

how to fix corrupted data on ps4

How to fix corrupted data on PS4? Corrupted data sounds terrible, and it’s the most irritating issue you can experience with your PS4. Most of the users don’t know how to fix the corrupted data; they may think something is wrong with PS4, but this is not always the console itself, but it is mostly because of the game data& runs into problems sometimes.

However, PS4 is the best popular high-end video game console that lets you get your hands on advanced games. And there is so much to love about PS4. But sometimes, you encounter errors coded as CE-34875-7or NP-32062-3. It shows that the data related to a specific game is corrupted. These errors occur at times when you try to install a game or while you are in the middle of completing the mission, or maybe there is some kind of game or system glitch. But don’t worry.

Read on further to find out the troubleshooting guide to try to get things up and fix these errors. So let’s move ahead without wasting any time.

What is a “Corrupted Data& Database” Error?

The error you most likely encounter will be displayed like this CE-34875-7 or NP-32062-3. It points out the data of a particular game being corrupted, not some type of important data on your PS4 itself.

But when your database is corrupted, you will see an error popup on your screen. It will say that your PS4 data is corrupted & your device needs to reboot. You would not be able to access the games &gaming data you have saved. The problem can occur for many reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

Reasons: Why PS4 Data/ Database Corruption Occurs

There are several causes for your device to experience corrupted data faults. But it may not be easy to know the actual cause behind it.

Database Corruption Occurs
Database Corruption Occurs
  • The most common reason due to this error occurs malfunctioning in your PS4 software. It can happen for no reason, and you can do nothing to prevent this. Although, daily evaluating things is the best way to ensure that data consumptions are handled before they become too extreme to tackle.
  • However, the issue can also occur during the installation of a game; and sometimes happens while you are playing a game, and it starts creating audio glitches and drop frame rates; then the game crashes, and you will encounter the same popup.
  • Sometimes, it appeared due to the lack of new updates. Therefore, make sure you are updating your device often.
  • Lastly, the worst-case corruption can involve your ps4 hard drive failure.

So, these are the most common reasons responsible for corrupted data on ps4. Let’s move ahead to discuss the few fixes to correct the error. 

Best Possible Workarounds to Fix PS4 Corrupted Data Error

However, fixing corrupted data on your playstation4 depends on the error your console will report. So it would be best to try to fix it by yourself. Below I have mentioned the basic solutions to fix errors that will not lose crucial progress and game data.

Fix PS4 Corrupted Data Error
Fix PS4 Corrupted Data Error

Fix 1: Delete the Game & Install it Again

If you experience a corrupted data issue with a specific game, so you must delete it. The error may cause by the installation process of the game being suspended or due to the poor internet connection, the device’s storage capacity, incompatible games, etc. So to solve the error, delete the game, and reinstall it from your library, PS store, or disc.

Fix 2: Restart Your Ps4

You can try out the easiest option; just restart your PS4. For many users, this fix works and restores the database. If only some of the files were corrupted. Your console allows you to restart the system when data is corrupted. Tap ok and allow your PS to reboot its system & restore itself. Now, wait until the ps4 starts. If you don’t see an error or database corruption popup,it means the method works. 

Fix 3: Delete the Corrupted Data

The common cause; of why you get the error message is some file related to your game gets corrupted. So deleting them is the most suitable way to fix the problem.

  • Open the setting, then move to System storage management > saved data > Media player.
  • In the media player folder, you will see a “Corrupt data” saved file that shows up.
  • Hit the “Options” button and remove the saved corrupt data file.

Hence, if the corrupted data you delete includes the file of a video game, then you should try to install the game again.

Fix 4: Remove the Installed PS4 Files & Reinstall Them

Sometimes, the game data can be corrupted during installation, which stops the game from properly installing the system. So, you have to remove the original files and install them again. Apply the below instruction to delete the installed files.

  • Open PS4 settings, and move to the notifications.
  • Then, tap on Downloads; you will see all your installed game files here.
  • Now, check the game experiencing the error and delete its files.

Then, install the game again, and check whether the issue got resolved or not.

Fix 5: Restore Your Licenses

However, it is rare, but it’s possible that your Playstation account may clash with your PS4 game account. Don’t worry; apply the below steps to restore PS4 software licenses.

  • Open settings and choose Account Management.
  • Then, Tap on Restore Licenses

Now, check your game again and see if the issue got resolved or not. If not, then go for the next fix.

Fix 6: Use Rebuild Data to Fix Corrupted Data

Rebuild is a built-in feature of PS4, and it can fix entire issues of PS4 and fix corrupted data by defragmenting the console. So, try to perform Rebuild database by following the below guide if you experience the corrupted data error.

  • First, switch off the console & unplug all its cables for a few seconds.
  • Then, hold the power button for a few seconds until the second beep sound appears.
  • Now, connect your playstation4 controller to the console via USB cable, and then hit the PS button on the controller to get into the safe mode of PS4.
  • You can see multiple options on the screen, tap Rebuild Database and wait until the process is done.

However, Rebuild will remove the error and help improve the slow bad times & bad performance. Also, you would not lose any saved data by performing this.

Major Issues Related to Corrupted Database

If the ways mentioned above didn’t resolve the corrupted data error or the files keep emerging. Then it means an issue occurred due to hard drive failure. So to prevent this, you may have to clean all your data from scratch. Here are some methods you should apply.

Initialize PS4

If the Rebuild didn’t work for you, then try this process. It will let your ps4 to restore to its default settings, which may help defeat the issues. Just enter the safe mode (as mentioned above) and choose Initialization to start the process.

  • Select the Initialize PS4 in safe mode or open the settings.
  • Now select Initialization >InitializePS4 and tap on Quick.

Note: keep in mind that this will erase all your data, so I recommend you make a backup of existing data on your console.

Are You Still Experiencing Database Errors?

If you still encounter the issue after applying the above methods. Then, I’m sure the problem may not be in the system. It may be possible that the game disc is broken, and you might have to get a new one. Here are two scenarios to fix the corrupted data/ database on PS4.

Experiencing Database Errors
Experiencing Database Errors

·         Hard Drive Ran out of Storage

Sometimes, the built-in hard drive of the console is not large enough. So, in that case, you are going to face issues with updates, installing new apps, and saving games. Sometimes the console won’t be able to address this by itself, and the files will get corrupted in the process. If your HDD is run out of space, you should free up some space or upgrade to a larger disk.

·         Corrupted or Damaged HardDrive

A corrupted hard drive can sometimes create a PS4 database corruption error. Also, if your internal HDD is not storing data properly due to the existence of bad sectors, you may experience database errors. You can try formatting your hard drive, but it’s time-consuming.

Replacing the hard drive will be your last option; if resetting PS4 and other mentioned methods that don’t work. Replacing the hard drive with the other PS4-compatible HDD might function. If you earlier replace it with a new one, then place the old drive back and reinstall the OS.

Easy Tricks to Recover Lost PS4 Data

I know it’s heartbreaking if you have lost the data you have been progressing with for so long and even spent money for a better game experience. Suddenly all of it just went in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, your data is lost while fixing the issues. So I recommend you use the below ways to avoid data loss on PS4.

·         Restore Your Loss Data From the Cloud

If you have a Playstation subscription & you have manually uploaded all your saved game data to the internet or ps4 support for automatic cloud syncing. Then you can easily restore your data from the cloud by following the below instructions.

  • Launch settings from the PS home menu.
  • Choose the App Saved data management entry.
  • After that, tap on Saved data in Online storage.
  • Now, proceed t install to system storage to see your cloud data.
  • Here, you have to choose the data you wish to get back to your ps4 from the cloud and tap on Download.
  • You are done…! soon you will get your lost data.

·         Recover Lost Data with a Recovery Tool

If you lost your ps4 data while backup to the external device or mistaken deletion. Don’t worry; you can use third-party software such as EaseUS, Tenorshare 4DDiG, recover it, and other recovery tools for help. The third-party software helps resolve all removable flash drives’ data loss issues.

·         Upgrade PS4 to huge HDD

I strongly advise you to back up or clone your drive to a bigger HDD. As ps4 hard drive space can rapidly run out of space once you start downloading games, HDD videos, and demos. So it would be best to upgrade to a larger HDD to avoid data loss.


Is it Secure to rebuild the database on PS4?

However, rebuilding the database to ps4 is a safe process; you can do it frequently to avoid issues. It’s quite a low-risk operation that doesn’t affect the data. You can apply the rebuild database to avoid existing problems.

How to prevent Ps4 database corruption errors?

The corruption error on PS4 is quite annoying, so it’s better to rebuild the ps4 database often, even if the database is not corrupted. You can buy an SSD for ps4, as it will protect you from multiple issues, such as corrupted data or database for a long time. Try to back up ps4 hard drive every time to avoid data loss. Moreover, you can also externally download the game on extended storage to keep your game secure even if the data gets corrupted.

Wrapping Up

Corrupted data is a common issue but annoying that many ps4 users face at some point. I have mentioned multiple fixes for your convenience. You could try the next if one didn’t work for your console. Hopefully, you will resolve your ps4 corrupted data file issue by following the above solutions. I suggest you recover your data, as some methods will erase all your data while fixing the issue. But, in any case, if you lose your data, no fret. You can easily recover it by using any third-party software.

If the error still persists, the issue is probably on the developer’s end & the game will likely get a patch for this error to be fixed. So for this, go to the PS network support for further assistance. Hope this solution guide helped you fix the Corrupted data on ps4. Comment below for queries.

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