How to Get Mending in Minecraft (3 Best Ways to get Mending)

how to get mending in Minecraft
how to get mending in Minecraft

Minecraft offers various magical elements for players to build up their tools and cover them with different enchantments. One of the best enchantments in Minecraft is Mending, as it restores the strength of objects you naturally collect while playing the game. In this way, Mending plays a role.

However, it is not easy to obtain Mending in the game. If you repair a tool in Minecraft without enchantment, it gets expensive. There are so many enchantments in a game, and every enchantment has different specialties, but among them, Mending is rare to find and has great strength. As a result, people frequently inquire about how to get mending in Mine-craft through crafting and other ways. So let’s walk through how to obtain the Mending in various ways.

Overview Of the Minecraft Video Game

Minecraft is a successful video game series game that has gained popularity quickly. The game’s primary goal is to build, explore, and survive in a game for the win. The Survival and Creative modes are the game’s two main modes. In survival mode, players find their building provisions food, work together with the mobs and move creatures like zombies. In a creative mode, players need to supply themselves and not have to eat to survive in a Minecraft world. Moreover, players create and break apart several types of blocks in 3-dimensional worlds in the game.

What is Enchantment & Mending in Minecraft?

how to get mending books in minecraft
how to get mending books in minecraft

Basically, enchantments are magical spells that you can put on your weapons, tools, and armor to increase their strength. The enchantments can be acquired through trading and looting, and they need XP to enchant the tools.

In the Mine-craft game, Mending is the favorite enchantment to keep the tools in a good way during the game. As it is the most essential and powerful enchantment in the entire game. It increases the life of a tool that the players use during the game. The enchantment used the XP (experience) to mend the prepared tools, armor, and weapons. Any time you gain XP (experience) by means of killing mobs or crafting certain items in the game. Even though the player has several things to repair, only one can be fixed and chosen randomly. So the Mending will use that weapon to restore its life.

How We Can Get Mending in Minecraft Game

Minecraft’s wondrous and powerful enchantment is mending, and getting it is not easy. This enchantment gives the strength and capacity to survive in wild mobs through several ways to acquire the Mending in a game, through trading, looting, or fishing. To obtain the mend, we have to explore the various dungeons, temples, and different city locations.

how to get a mending book in minecraft
how to get a mending book in minecraft

·         Obtain Mending Enchantment With a Librarian Villager

The best way to get the Mending in Minecraft is through librarian villagers, as librarians are the most helpful villagers in the whole game. They will give you all kinds of enchantment books that also include Mending. When you interact with a librarian for the first time, they will provide you with the trade list that may or may not consist of Mending. The scam is to trap the Librarian in an intimate space with a lock on the lectern block. However, the lectern block will break and then be placed again, so the villagers will lose the Librarian and get it back again. The process will be repeated several times until the players obtain the Mending.

After many attempts, as soon as the Librarian gives you the mended book trade, After that, the player will lock the librarian villagers to that specific trade. Once he gets locked in a particular space, he can always trade for the ending enchantments. The trade will complete by giving them emeralds. You can also lower the cost of mending a book by converting the Librarian into a zombie and then curing him frequently.

·         Obtain A Mending Through Fishing in Minecraft

You can also get the Mending to enchant via fishing, but it is a slow process and tremendously easy. The fishing process is relatively easy, and time is taken as well. You can just use the fishing rods and something to combine them. Although, fishing can be a boring task to get done, especially when you do not get the item you first need. It is essential to remember that you need a fish in an open atmosphere along with air or water blocks. It will increase the chance of finding a treasure.

·         Obtain A Mending Enchantment By Looting Chests

It is also the method to obtain a mending enchant, but it is the least reliable method to acquire the mending books. Finding a way to mend through looting a chest is not easy. You have to explore several dungeons and places for the chests. These places have a higher chance of carrying the enchantment books, but we cannot say that they also contain the Mending enchants. Moreover, visiting the desert temples will increase the chance that you will get the Mending to enchant, as the temple must contain the four chests beneath the bottom floor. Hence, the end cities have more chances of getting tonnes of weapons and enchanted gear.


  1. Can we get mending in Minecraft from enchantment Bedrock?

First, we have to come across a mending book, but we cannot enchant mending through the enchanting table. So, the game players need to find, buy, and loot the enchanted books to get mending in Mine-craft.

  1. Can players of Level 1 villagers get Mending?

To get the mending enchanting book, you have to appear on level 2 or 4 to trade the emeralds with the librarian villagers by breaking the lectern block.


The blog mentions all the possible methods to get the mending enchantment in the game. However, Mending is a necessary enchantment in Mine-craft that is used to restore the strength and power of your tools after they have been damaged by killing mobs. So trading with villagers is the most dependable way to find mend. Do let us know about your experience of finding Mending in Minecraft.