How to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

How to get pokeballs in pokemon go
How to get pokeballs in pokemon go

How to get pokeballs in pokemon go? Every item in Pokemon GO can help players catch and raise their various Pokemon, but perhaps none is more helpful than the Pokeball. Pokeballs and their upgraded versions are essential for anyone trying to get more Pokemon to have on their team, or to release them in exchange for candy.

With how important they are, the worst thing that can happen to many players is running out of pokeballs. Luckily, there are many other ways to find more and continue capturing.

Before loading up on Pokeballs, however, players should consistently keep an eye on their bag space. Even without Pokeballs, players’ inventories can get filled up with unused berries and a mixture of boosters that some players aren’t taking advantage of. Having a full inventory can make earning more Pokeballs a lot more difficult than necessary.

In-Game Store

One of the most convenient ways for players to get more Pokeballs is through the Daily Free Box available in Pokemon GO’s in-game store. As the name suggests, players can claim this free box of goodies one time per day and can do this every day they play.

The Daily Free Box will usually have a potion, a couple of regular Pokeballs, and sometimes a Great Ball. This offer is good for players that are flying low or just want to add more to their overall item supply. However, there isn’t too much offered by this, so it’s not trustworthy as a player’s sole source of Pokeballs.

Players can also buy packs of Pokeballs from the in-game store with Pokecoins. These packs contain 20 Pokeballs for 100 Pokecoins, 100 Pokeballs for 460 Pokecoins, and 200 Pokeballs for 800 Pokecoins. Special boxes can also include different Pokeballs that can round out players’ inventories.

PokeStops and Gyms

The most consistent way to get Pokeballs and any other items is to spin PokeStops and Gyms that players pass by or stop at while playing. These will reward players with an assortment of useful items, and Pokeballs are often the most common drop.

As players visit more and more PokeStops, they will begin to collect quite a hoard of items. However, if players keep turning the same PokeStop or Gym in a row after it refreshes, it will stop giving items to the player. Therefore, players are encouraged to travel to another location.

Weekly Progress

One thing that Pokemon GO retains track of is how many kilometers players walk every week. This isn’t only for buddy Pokemon and egg hatching, however, as players who reach certain thresholds each week will get rewarded.

If players walk 5 kilometers within a week, they will earn 20 Pokeballs when the weekly progress resets. The reward is expanded to 25 kilometers, which will obtain players 20 Pokeballs, 10 Great Balls, and either 500 Stardust, a Rare Candy, or a 5 km egg. The final stage of this reward requires the player to walk 50 km within one week. This will offer players 20 Pokeballs, 10 Great Balls, and either 1,500 Stardust, 3 Rare Candies, a 5 km egg, or a 10 km egg.

Research Tasks

Pokemon GO’s quest system takes the shape of various research tasks. Some of these are available for a limited amount of time to go along with specific events and they are known as timed research tasks. Singular tasks that are obtained from spinning PokeStops are known as field research tasks. Then, research tasks that are always available are called certain research tasks.

Each of these tasks gives rewards upon completing them with many awarding players with items, including Pokeballs and other balls. Out of all these tasks, field research tasks are the easiest to achieve, with players able to get more just by spinning another PokeStop. As spinning a PokeStop will also reward players with various items, this can make for a good method for players looking to fill up on Pokeballs.

How to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

Pokeballs can be obtained by purchasing them from the game’s in-game store. For 100 coins, you can earn 20 Pokeballs, 100 balls for 460 coins, and 200 balls for 800 coins. Regular Pokeballs are unlocked as the game progresses, and more robust Pokeballs are unlocked later. The level caps for each level are listed below:

  • The game will start with all Pokeballs unlocked.
  • At level 12, you will be able to unlock Great Balls.
  • At level 20 you will be eligible to unlock Ultra Balls.
  • At level 30 you will be able to get your hands on the most powerful Pokeballs, called Master Balls.
  • They unlock automatically as soon as you get the proper level without any input from you

Pokeballs can also be obtained by spinning Pokestops. It’s a pretty simple and effective method of guaranteeing that you get some additional Pokeballs for every spin you make. It’s also the most effective strategy for gamers who live in densely populated urban areas. Here is a brief list of more methods by which you can obtain Pokeballs:

  • Leveling up will give you more Pokeballs.
  • Next, spin the PokeStops and also the Gyms on the map.
  • Players are given daily tasks and completing these can reward you with Pokeballs.
  • Additionally, there are research tasks for limited-time events as well as other events. Achieving these will give you Pokeballs along with other rewards.
  • There are weekly rewards offered to the players and all they need to do is claim them.
  • Enter into Raids and also the Team Rocket battles.
  • Lastly, you can buy Pokeballs using Coins from the in-game shop.