How To Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft (All You Need to Know)

How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

How to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft after defeating the ender dragon? You must know how is it important for the gamers when they are playing because it is necessary to win a defeating trophy. Now, let’s start to learn – Minecraft is one of the most popular games worldwide, and the best part is that you can do anything in the game you want to do. One thing the most popular for the player is to hatch the eggs and create adventure. Most often, how the beginner’s player breaks the egg and resulting in the loss of everything. Therefore, the article will guide you through a hugely successful method for hatching and defeating the dragons in Minecraft.

Defeating a Minecraft Ender Dragon (Before Hatching)

The Ender Dragon is a monster that spawns on the Overworld and can be found near End Cities but defeating the ender dragon is necessary for hatching the dragon egg. It is the common method to defeat the dragon is taking down the towers. You should notice many obsidian towers with beacons on top of the tower to heal the flying ender dragon. You can kill or shoot them by using a sword with the help of a bow and arrow. Once you have done that, it will be quite an easy fight. And you will take the ender dragon down only in a few minutes. One more thing to know, if you are a pro player, note that if you are in creative mode, you can defeat the ender dragon more quickly than when you are in survival mode.

How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft – Exploring Minecraft

how to make a dragon egg hatch in minecraft
how to make a dragon egg hatch in minecraft

The dragon egg is a trophy that is rewarded to the player when you defeat the ender dragon in Minecraft. It means it cannot be hacked. Moreover, you can add it to your inventory by using the following section:

First, you need to find dragon eggs in Minecraft before you can hatch them. The number of mobs with eggs spawning on their backs has increased from around 14-15 levels. When they are carrying an egg, they will have a darker spot on their back where the egg is located. They lay both red and black eggs. The black eggs belong to mobs that come out flying, such as bats or creepers. Unlike blue eggs, red eggs are for neutral mobs like zombie pigmen that remain on the ground.

When locating an egg carrier, place some blocks under it to prevent them from jumping. Then, using a sword, hit them until they are knocked out. However, you will need to stand back. In addition, when the mob is knocked out, take some eggs. A dead egg carrier will disappear once they have been knocked out for too long, thus killing it quickly.

Want to Hatch More Than One Mobs

If you want to hatch more than one type of mob, kill the mobs from which you have around 5-10 eggs. Thus, I decided to make two zombie pigmen and two pigs. I would make a black egg and a red egg for each one. As you don’t need to place the eggs in any particular order (i.e., a black egg and a red egg will both create a zombie pigman), I placed the black eggs first since you need to see the mob come out of the ground. If you walk away from all four eggs for at least 30 blocks, they should hatch one after another in a specific order when you return.

How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft on Creative Mode

how to hatch a dragon egg in minecraft creative mode
how to hatch a dragon egg in minecraft creative mode

There is no easy way to hatch a dragon egg in Mine-craft creative mode. The quickest way to kill enough mobs until you spawn others. However, it may take time, and it will not be truly worth it because you have already unlocked everything. Therefore, I recommend:

  • You should go on accessible mode so you can destroy blocks with the fist (A).
  • You should also go on normal mode and use a chest Minecraft glitch to get an ender chest (B).

Both are working, but option A is less time-consuming than B, make sure you have a good internet connection and a good working computer. You can use the following two ways to hatch a dragon egg in creative mode.

1: Crafting

You may use many other methods to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft, but crafting it is easiest to hatch a dragon egg in pocket edition. Unluckily, I have not still tried all, but I tried that one where I needed to help. If you know any good solution to hatch a dragon egg on pocket edition, please let us know to figure it out.

2: Using a Mobile Spanner

The second way is to find a mob spawner and destroy the blocks above where there is no ceiling. Then place a torch where the ceiling used to be and keep a chest on top of the spawner. Furthermore, the final step is to kill every mob inside the spawner, and they will respawn in the chest. You are killing the mob, but the mob doesn’t want to de-spawn because you have a torch to see what is on the ceiling. Try to break the spawner so it will not continue spawning mobs after having several eggs.

Wrapping Up (Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft)

Minecraft is one of the most famous games in the universe, and it has many game freaks to get the adventure. Hatching a dragon egg is the part of the game where you can defeat the ender dragon and get a reward for hatching the dragon egg. The article further described hatching the dragon egg in creative mode and defeating the ender dragon. In the comment box, let us know how much the article helped you in the game.

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