How to Improve Your Brand Identity with SEO

Identity with SEO
Identity with SEO

Both branding and SEO are important on the way of establishing and strengthening brand identity. If we refer to the web space, then SEO brand marketing is responsible for brand promotion online. It usually includes SEO branding for increasing the brand website visibility and other strategies for improving brand recognition online via social media, ads, and other applicable ways. This article explains how to create an SEO brand marketing strategy and explains the role of brand awareness for SEO.

The Role of Branding and SEO for Google

One of the essential methods of increasing your brand identity is to promote your business website on Google. SEO branding is a modern approach that helps marketers and SEO professionals with that task. Let’s have a look in detail at a personal company’s branding and SEO and how they can be combined for better brand recognition on Google.


The origins of marketing refer to branding as a concept defining the recognition of a company and its activities. Branding implies the development of unique visual elements, logos, and slogans for making a company recognizable among others. In other words, unique visual and textual elements are made for establishing brand identity.


Search engine optimization has come into the lives of marketers with the rapid evolution of the web. The SEO techniques involve a range of various methods for driving organic traffic to the website. Such traffic increases when you buy backlinks considering the relevance of backlinks or when users make search queries on Google and other search engines.

Branding and SEO

When combining the best of the two worlds – branding and SEO – new marketing techniques are born to enhance the brand identity online. In particular, branded keywords are used within SEO optimization for making your brand more recognizable on the web.

How to Increase Traffic with SEO Branding?

Improving your brand identity online is possible with SEO branding and all the methods associated with it. However, you need to make sure that your brand is already recognizable online if you have physical stores or offices. Below you will find valuable tips for increasing traffic to your website whether you have offline representation or own an online-only brand.

Verify Your Brand Awareness

Before applying any SEO branding for boosting your website’s online visibility, you need to check the state of your brand awareness. For that, reach your existing or potential customers via the available channels with a short questionnaire or use other polling methods. By analyzing the obtained responses, you will understand how your brand identity feels in the online environment. Also, the poll results will guide you in crafting a deliberate SEO brand marketing strategy.

Use Offline Media

Before launching your SEO branding campaign, you may also rely on printed media and other traditional marketing channels for increasing brand awareness. For instance, you can inform your audience about the existence of your company via a radio advertisement or printed ad in a magazine. As SEO branding implies the utilization of a brand name in search engine queries, you need to increase brand awareness beforehand. In fact, general brand awareness for SEO empowers visibility on the web and mobile.

Find Branded Keywords

As you already know how your brand is perceived and whether your audience recognizes your brand, the first SEO branding efforts could be applied. Picking up top keywords for SEO branding is the starting process to boost website traffic. See to find out other efficient ways for small businesses to improve their online presence.

Use Instagram

Having a range of social media platforms can cause perplexion in selecting the most applicable one. However, you won’t blunder by implementing Instagram in your SEO brand marketing strategy. Instagram is a social media platform used by 80 percent of marketers from various industries. Consider Instagram as a way to increase your brand awareness and use a link to your website in your profile bio for a traffic boost.

Make LinkedIn Videos

Another suitable social media platform, especially for B2B operations, is LinkedIn. In particular, check it out how to create LinkedIn videos and insert the link to your website there. This will make more people engage with your brand, and you will get more visitors coming to your website.

How to Develop SEO Brand Marketing Strategy?

To systemize and organize all your actions for SEO branding, you need to create an SEO brand marketing strategy. It would comprise all the details on each operation or campaign for improving brand identity and increasing traffic to your website.

Develop a Content Strategy

Content marketing is a fundamental pillar of your SEO marketing strategy. It relies on the branded keyword selection and content creation for your website. With such keywords, the branded traffic to your website will increase.

Review Design Patterns

To ensure your brand identity gets improved on the web, make sure that your design elements are consistent. Check whether you use the same logo, slogan, and coloring on a website, social media, ads, and anywhere online. This will help customers to recognize your brand anywhere and build better awareness of it.

Add an Ad Campaign

Driving more traffic to your website is possible with Google Ads or social media ads. Do not neglect such opportunities as those can strongly reinforce all SEO branding efforts you implement.