How To Increase Website Page Loading Time – 100 % Working

Website Page Loading Time
Website Page Loading Time

Faster websites improve user experience and are capable to increase the conversion rate. Better optimization of pages and images on them provide a desirable experience that everybody wants to have. The need of improving the website speed is important not just for users but also helps in search engine rankings as the better-optimized websites are liked by all the search engines especially Google. The reason why I am mentioning Google here is that it is the largest search engine in the world and they announced that website speed will be included in the search engine algorithm. In this article, we shall discuss the methods to increase website page loading time.

Videos On Website Page Loading Time
Videos On Website Page Loading Time

Why Page Load Time Is Important?

Page speed is one of the most crucial factors that is considered to rank in the search engines. Page optimization is a process of multiple steps that are required to speed up the website.

The user engagement and bounce rate are heavily dependent on the page speed and users the search engines both like the fast loading speed. Everybody is aware of the fact that if you optimize and speedup the web pages then it will enhance the user experience and help your website to rank faster and higher. As stated earlier, in this article we shall discuss how to increase the loading speed of the web pages.

How To Check The Page Load Speed?

Checking and finding out the website load time is the first step you should take to speeding up your website. There are several methods to check the website speeds (upload and download). I am going to discuss some of the most prominent and used tools for checking up the speed of the website.

Pingdom: Pingdom is an easy-to-use online tool to check the page loading speed of the website. it is also a premium tool that gives you 14 days free trial to check the website speed and gives you suggestions to increase website page loading time.

Page Speed: This tool is an open-source extension or Add-on that assesses the website page speed and performance and it is efficient enough to provide suggestions on how to solve the speed issues and improve the performance.

Web Page Test: It is another tool that is absolutely free and it gives you a great number of options to check the speed of the website and on the browser that you use.  You can also specify the connection speed and location where you want to check the speed. you can also specify the number of tests you want to run on the website.

Website Loading Page Time
Website Loading Page Time

Methods To Improve Page Loading Time:

There are numerous ways to improve the page speed and make your website faster and reduce the time it takes for the page to load. Let us now discuss some of the top methods.

Decrease The HTTP Requests:

Decreasing the HTTP requests can significantly improve the website speed and help you rank faster on the search engines.

The first method is to combine CSS and JavaScript files. The browser and web pages might get slower when the browser has to fetch many files both from CSS and JavaScript format. This task can be challenging for the browser especially when you have a slow internet connection and it will become the main reason to slow down the website.

You can also speed up the website loading by reducing the number of images you have used on the website pages. If your website has some pages that are heavily loaded with images of large sizes then the method to reduce the HTTP requests is by optimizing the images to help the website load faster.

Remove Browser Cache:

Browser cache is a browser asset that is stored on the browser for faster access to frequently accessed web pages. If you load one webpage that is accessed more frequently and is stored locally in the browser cache for easy and faster access.

If you delete the cache and make the browser lighter and help the browser load web pages faster.

Final Words:

Website page loading time is crucial for improving the user experience and helps the search engine rank the websites faster. There are several methods to optimize the page and reduce the page loading time. In this article, we discussed some of the main working methods to reduce the page load time and I hope it was helpful for you guys.