How to Make iPhone Louder? Use These Tricks

How to make iPhone louder
How to make iPhone louder

How to make iPhone louder? Listening to music, watching a video, or talking to someone can benefit from knowing how to make an iPhone louder. Although the device’s speaker is pretty loud when you turn it up to its maximum volume, sometimes environmental noise interferes with it. You want to add a little depth.

Connecting your iPhone to one of the best Bluetooth speakers is one of the best ways to get the best sound from it. There are a variety of models available to suit all budgets. What if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker on hand? Can you increase the volume of your iPhone’s speaker?

In this article, we’ll look at how to make your iPhone louder by altering a few settings and learning how to position your device.

Check the Silent switch on the side of the iPhone if you can’t hear any sound. Make sure the orange color is not visible. You might also want to ensure that the speaker on the bottom of the iPhone is free of dust and dirt.

In order to make an iPhone louder, there are several steps you can take, so read on as we show you how.

iPhone louder
iPhone louder

How to Make iPhone Louder?

Alter the EQ settings on your iPhone

There is a limited equalizer (EQ) on the iPhone that affects the sound playing in the Music app. By default, Late Night is turned off. However, it will increase the volume of your music by a noticeable amount.

By normalizing the sound coming from the Music app, quieter parts of a song are boosted in volume. While the louder parts are also quieted ever so slightly, the overall effect is stark, especially when you crank up the volume.

Here’s how to adjust the EQ settings to make your iPhone speaker louder. If you are listening to music through headphones, the trick also works, but be aware that changing this setting will not affect audio that isn’t being played through Music.

  • First, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap Music.
  • Next, tap EQ in the Audio section.
  • You’ll find Late Night at the bottom of the list.
  • You can now play some music. See if you can hear a difference by turning EQ on or off.

Don’t reduce loud sounds

Apple has included a feature that reduces loud sounds to protect your hearing. You can set the maximum decibel level for your headphone audio, which is 85 decibels by default.

If you turn off this feature, the sound you hear from your iPhone will not be hampered in any way. However, if you intend to listen to music through headphones at a high volume for an extended period of time, be careful. You don’t want your ears to be damaged.

Here’s how to disable Reduce Loud Sounds.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down to the Sounds & Haptics section.
  • Under Headphone Audio, tap Headphone Safety.
  • Now turn off Reduce Loud Sounds.

Boost the volume in Spotify

We already discussed how to increase the volume within the Apple Music app. If you’re a Premium subscriber, you can do the same on its main rival, Spotify.

  • If you are, then here’s how to increase the volume in Spotify.
  • After you open the Spotify app, you need to select the Home tab.
  • Next, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Look down the list and select Playback.
  • You can tap Loud next to Volume Level to lower the dynamic levels, thereby boosting the volume.

Place the iPhone in a glass or bowl

Besides playing with your iPhone’s settings, you can also look for ways to physically magnify the sound.

A simple trick is to simply place the iPhone inside a bowl or glass — anything that is curved and open at the top. You need to ensure that the speakers – which are on the bottom of the iPhone – are pointing downwards. The sound waves can bounce off the walls and into the air this way.

If you don’t have a bowl and want to lay the iPhone flat, place it at a 45-degree angle against a wall so that the speaker is a few inches away. The sound waves will bounce and increase in volume as a result.

Don’t cover the speakers

You must be careful not to cover the speaker with your hand while you’re holding it, otherwise, you’ll muffle the sound. If you are holding it, cup your hands around either end (without touching the ends) to direct the sound into your ears.

Turning the iPhone upside down so that the speaker is at the top is certainly not harmful. However, be careful not to slip if you decide to prop it up.

Turn Off iPhone’s Volume Limiter

It is possible that you have set volume limits on your iPhone. The feature is there to prevent you from damaging your hearing by playing the music too loudly. However, it is quite possible that you have enabled it. Click on Settings > Music > Volume Limit. Make sure it is turned off.

Turn iPhone upside down

This solution requires common sense and nothing else. If you use a phone stand to prop up your device, the speaker will push the sound towards your tablet. To listen to music, simply turn the phone upside down. As a result, the iPhone will sound louder because the sound will reflect upwards.

The Wall method

Another method to make your iPhone louder is by placing your phone on a table adjacent to a wall and angling it at 45 degrees to that wall. As a result, the music sounds louder because the sound bounces back off the surface.