How to Make Money Blogging – A Complete Guide

how to make money blogging for beginners
how to make money blogging for beginners

How to make money blogging? Your landing here means you’re curious about how to make money blogging, correct? In addition, you want to see if you can make money fairly quickly. No matter when you started your blog, whether it was yesterday, or whether you are thinking of starting one today! Below, I will discuss exactly how to earn money through your blog.

how to make money from blogging
how to make money from blogging

Starting a Blog and Making Money Online 

Building Your Readership  

Once you have a good number of visitors to your blog, there are many ways to monetize it. You won’t have many readers when you’re just starting, so you need to make the most of each one.

In other words, you need to ensure that first-time readers of your blog return. You can only build a sizeable audience that will yield profits if your readers keep returning to your site. What are the ways that you can keep your readers interested and engaged?

It is easiest and most effective to contact them via email to keep them updated. You will build the most extensive mailing list possible if you collect your readers’ email addresses from the very beginning of your blog.

Did you ever wonder why so many websites require you to enter your email address when registering?

The mailing list is referred to as the “money” in marketing because you can contact people over and over again using it.

You can send out emails each time you send to your email list offering products or services or inviting them to revisit your blog (discussed below) so you can make money from advertising. This is what companies like Groupon do with their mailing lists.

Monetizing Your Blog

After you have built a decent readership base, you can focus on making money from your blog. The easiest way for bloggers to make money is by advertising, which is also one of the most lucrative methods of doing so.

You get advertisers to pay you to display their ads on your blog when you have many visitors. Join Google’s AdSense program at to get paid for displaying advertisements on your blog.

AdSense will give you a code to put on your blog once you have set up your account. By entering the code into your blog, you will automatically display advertisements from Google’s advertising network. It may appear that small companies are advertising related to your topic, or it may appear that large companies are advertising completely unrelated to your topic.

It takes only a few minutes to add Google AdSense code to your blog, and you can have thousands of advertisers bid on your blog. Once you do that, the process is completely hands-off.

Every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads, you earn money. Google collects the money from the advertisers, cuts you a check (usually every month).

Not only is this arrangement hands-off, but you also know that you’ll be paid at the end of the month since you’re dealing with a reputable company.

How much can you make?

It depends on three factors how much money you can make from AdSense:

The number of visitors to your blog

Evidently, this one is a no-brainer. Having more people visit your blog means more clicks on advertisements, which means more money for you.

The visibility of the ads

Putting the AdSense code on your blog allows you to select the type of advertisement (large images, small images, text, etc.) and where it will appear. The more prominently displayed the ads are, the more likely they are to be clicked.

It is important to balance the possibility of annoying readers with the prominent placement of the ads. It’s difficult to read the content on blogs that have many and large ads because we can’t see the content. A good balance is difficult to achieve, and it will take experimentation to ensure your blog is successful.

The topic you are blogging about

Other ways of monetizing your blog

Besides AdSense, there are several other ways how to monetize your blog. One of the most popular ones is affiliate marketing as well as referral programs. Because these two methods are guaranteed to generate passive income once done well. The main difference between affiliate marketing and referral programs is that the latter is more personal, in the sense that you have to be actually using the product or service of the brand you want to promote. For example, the passive income app Honey gain offers a referral program where you will generate constant income from each referral you bring as long as both you and the referral you brought are using the app. Meanwhile, with affiliate marketing, you can promote somebody else’s products without the need to be overly involved with the brand. The best practice would be to utilize both of these programs simultaneously, just make sure to choose the brands you genuinely enjoy before signing up for referral programs.

Lastly, what you write about in your blog has an impact on your AdSense earnings. Advertising on certain blogs is more expensive than on others because advertisers pay more to be on those blogs.

As an example, if your site is about golf, your readers are likely to have a good income. Because of this, many advertisers want to place their ads in front of their readers, and they are likely to pay a reasonable amount per click.

This is quite different from Justin Bieber’s blog. Teenage girls are likely to read this blog; they usually don’t have a lot of purchasing power. This will result in advertisers paying less per click for teenagers.

The amount of money you will make is determined by these three factors. A high-traffic blog on the right topic can bring in several thousand dollars per month, but estimating how much you will make is difficult. Obviously, many people earn less than this, and some even earn more. Publishers, who primarily earn revenue from AdSense, can make nearly $2 million a year from just AdSense alone, according to some estimates.

A blog can make you money over time, but it requires patience. There is a reason why my guide ends with learning how to make money online. Make sure you have followed all the previous steps to have the best chance of earning a substantial income from blogging. The work will not be done overnight, but most bloggers see it as rewarding enough to persevere.

What next?

The final step in my tutorial on starting a blog is learning how to make money with a blog. This guide is intended to not only help you understand it better but also to motivate you to act. You will not be able to see where this road can take you unless you first take the first step.