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Modern technologies are penetrating every sphere of our lives, and the household is no exception. Today no one is surprised by smart appliances that can be controlled via your smartphone from any place. But what if you would like to manage your place as a system and have control over multiple appliances via a single application? Aqara smart things come to rescue and help create a smart ecosystem in your house.

Various smart scenarios can be pre-programmed with sensors and controllers joined together by control centers (hubs). For example, with a smart thermostat you can control the temperature remotely or set it to a certain level. This way you can not only optimize your heating, but also reduce the bills for it. Smart relays are installed into socket boxes and make lighting and any plugged appliances controllable.

Smart sensors expand the possibilities of a smart home even more. Motion sensors installed in rooms can send signals to turn the lights on when someone comes in. With door and window open sensors, you can create a home security system that will send a notification if someone comes in and also sound an alarm. The scenarios can be customized according to your needs and are numerous.

Aqara’s product designs have won multiple accolades for their exquisiteness and adaptability to complement any type of home decor. The products are made with a simple, minimalistic design. You can easily assemble and configure the smart devices by yourself with no special skills. The products’ numerous scenarios and combinations make it easy for you to customize your thought-out home system to your liking. Thanks to the broad lineup of Aqara devices and electronics that support all major frameworks, such as Apple HomeKit, Mi Home, and well-known voice assistants, there are endless options to seamlessly automate any home.

Aqara products lineup

Hubs: Aqara Hub is in charge of overseeing all smart home components. Every hub has an integrated Zigbee 3.0 hub that allows for the wireless connection of multiple detectors as well as other infrared devices, and the management of their interactions.

Sensors: The brand offers a wide range of Aqara sensors for use in opening doors and windows, detecting vibrations, leaks, and movement, as well as tracking temperature, air quality, and other data. The connected devices use this information to carry out preset scenarios through the hub.

Controllers: A range of controlling devices are available, such as smart socket plugs that can control almost any electrical appliance that runs off the mains, thermostat regulators that optimize your home’s heating, and drivers for curtains and roller shades that regulate the amount of light in your rooms.

Cameras: The NPU-equipped processor in Aqara cameras enables AI capabilities, including the ability to recognize faces, movements, and animals. You can create different scenes by connecting pre-existing infrared detectors and household appliances to these cameras, which also function as hubs and recorders.

Lighting switches, bulbs, LED strips – With Aqara’s wireless switches and smart lighting products, you can remotely turn on or off the lights in your house from any convenient place. They support numerous scenarios and have a multifunctional control mode.