How to Open RAR Files- Easy Steps for Quick Access

how to open rar files
how to open rar files

As it doesn’t take up more space in the device, the question is how to open rar files with straightforwardness. As you know, there are two famous compressed file formats to reduce the file size or comprehend the extensive data that is zip or rar file. Even if you know the opening method of the file, there will be little difficulty extracting it on other devices like Mac, iPhones, or Android. With the right software like WinZip or WinRAR, you may easily unzip the file and save it according to your convenience. Usually, when you download the software or get an email attachment, it appears with the file extension of rar.

Both zip and rar files are the same with a slight variation, nothing else. The difference is that rar needs third-party software or an app to unzip while in the zip file, you don’t need external software; otherwise, It seems quite the same while accessing. In this article, you will learn about the ways to extract the rar file on PC, Android, Phones, or Mac in the next section. Additionally, the introduction to the RAR file is in the following section.

Introduction to RAR File

A RAR file is a compressed file having multiple data in a single folder. It is the short form of its founder Roshal Archive. People use rar files to send an email, usually whether to send the data individually. This file does not take much space and is also helpful to organize different files, images, or documents in a folder. But rar file is different from any other folder, and you need additional software to open this file on a PC, Mac, or iPhone, as we have described above.

How to Open RAR Files in Simple Ways

how to open .rar files
how to open .rar files

There are different methods to open the RAR file on several devices like PC, Android, iPhones, or Mac. Go through the ways according to your desire to extract the RAR files.

Extracting RAR Files On Windows Easily

There are two methods to open the RAR file on the computer. Firstly, you have to determine the version of your windows. In Every version of Windows, there is a minor difference in opening the RAR file depending on your Windows bits. Go to the RAR lab website or 7-zip to download the WinRar page. Then select your bit version of your windows and install it.


  1. Right-click the RAR file icon to open a pop-up menu.
  2. Then press on <Unzip to.. > tab and choose where you want to save the file, whether on a hard drive or desktop.
  3. In the end, click the Unzip option to open the RAR file contents.

Methods 2:

  1. To open the RAR file on your computer, double click on the RAR file icon, and a Winzip will open.
  2. On the right side of the panel’s screen, click Unzip to tab and choose the place where you want to save the file.
  3. Press the Unzip option, and in a few seconds, you may see the files.

Open the RAR Files On Android

how to open rar files on windows 10
how to open rar files on windows 10

You can effortlessly extract the compressed files on Android. Just go through the below steps.

  1. For Android, install the RAR app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the folder having the RAR file after opening the app.
  3. Click on three books to find an SD card or internal card on the top left side of the screen.
  4. After finding the RAR file, click on it or right-click to extract the file to open it and save it according to your convenience.

Extract the RAR Files On iPhone with Ease

You cannot access RAR files on iPhone straightforwardly due to Apple Restrictions on the file system. Most of the time, apps ask you to pay for access, such as Dropbox. However, a few free apps are available to open compressed files. So see the following steps to extract RAR files.

  1. Open a RAR file on your app, whether it is an email app or a cloud storage app.
  2. Select the RAR file which you want to open. A pop-up menu will appear, and then select Open in Zip Extractor.
  3. Press the Extract button to see the inside files having RAR files.

Open RAR Files On Mac

how to open rar files on mac
how to open rar files on mac

To open the RAR files on Mac, you just need to install The Unarchiver app. The Unarchiver is a free app to open other kinds of Archive files or RAR files.

  1. Go to The Unarchiver website and install the app.
  2. You may find the DMG (An Apple Disk Image File or Mac OS Disk Image File) file in the Downloads folder.
  3. Open the<. DMG> file and navigate the app to Applications.
  4. Right-click on the RAR file, or you may also use the keys Control + Click to open the file. A menu will appear, choose the option of Open with and then select The Unarchiver

Default Setting of The Unarchiver for All RAR Files

Here are the following steps for the default setting of “The Unarchiver” for all rar files.

  1. After right-clicking, choose the tab of Open with and then the Other
  2. Click The Unarchiver option and tap the Always Open With a tab on the new screen.
  3. A file window will appear by double-clicking on the RAR file. Now select the destination folder for your RAR folder or choose a new location to save.
  4. Finally, at the bottom right corner, click on the Extract
  5. Now you may open the RAR file on the Mac; it creates a folder with the same RAR file name.


Compressing many files in a folder is better because it does not take much space in the device, and the folder will not be heavy to load and extract. I hope the above explaining ways to extract the RAR files is pretty helpful to apply conveniently. We would like to see your views about the article in the comment box.