How to Pitch to Brands (Instagram Marketing Influencer)

How to Pitch to Brands
How to Pitch to Brands

Do you want to know how to pitch for diverse brands? Diversity of brand makes you level up because it represents you in the worldwide races, genders, orientations, and abilities. In a flawless balloon, brands are knocking at the Instagram influencer’s door and asking you to promote their products. Moreover, being an Instagram utmost influencer takes more effort than any physical promotion. Hence, if you want to become an influencer or have more than 100k followers, emailing pitching is the best choice to get more promotions and fame through Instagram.

Note: Getting tips is easy, but applying to make a career profile good is challenging. So, apply them and boost your profile with millions of followers.

Pre-Engage Audience Work: Before reaching out to the brand collaboration, turn out your Instagram follower’s engagement to the desirable brand. And work with the brand’s content for around 2-3 weeks by posting, commenting, and sharing one of your products on your Instagram account.

3+ Incredible Tips to Create a Pitch to Brands Having Millions of Insta Followers

Entrepreneurs become influencers who make their brand value double by promoting them and want to work with those genuinely excited to reach their sales twice. I have seen many bloggers who try to work but don’t grab it because they don’t know how to Pitch to brands. So, you can take a few steps to get started pitching to brands. Here’s how you can do it.

Millions of Insta Followers
Millions of Insta Followers
  1. Make Your Insta Followers the Highlight of Your Pitch to Get Contracts from Brands

When I get stuck into DMs, all the bloggers say this:

Hey [Brand Identity]! I’m such a fan of your products that keeps worth, and I’d like to work together!!

Now, my eyes will be rolled out after seeing that you are excited about my brand and will work with us through your followers. This grows your brand and increases the visibility of your brand’s profile in front of the world. Here is another way to reach out to a brand via DM would be something:

Hey [brand name]! My followers have been requesting about recs for the unsurpassed travel earphones. I’m such a fan of [brand name], and I’d love to create content around your travel headphones. Can you share the email of the person who works with bloggers?

It makes it clear to your followers that you’re directing them to the requested content. Having a following shows the brand that you are a good fit for them.

  1. Pitching to Brands with a Media Kit

You must include a media kit in your pitch to the brands. So, start with the basic info – a media kit is a digital portfolio that clients most need to decide whether they want to work with you or not. The media kits include respectfully:

  • Bio
  • Number of Instagram followers
  • Audience demographics & engagement rates
  • Previous partnership
  • Testimonial – it’ll show your work.
  • Blog & website information
  • Contact details – Make sure contact info write correctly.

The media kit needs to be updated and well-designed to represent your brand. Don’t worry if you don’t have skills – online tools like Canva can easily make a portfolio.

  1. Determine Your Rates

Think about rating before going to pitch to the brands. Pitch rates are mainly based on the number of followers you have. In contrast, you can also consider your engagements and identity when setting your promotion rates. However, having more engagements demands a high paying rate, and low engagements can’t discuss demands.

According to research, Instagram influencers charge $250 -$2000 per Instagram post, having followers of around 10k to 99k. In comparison, if influencers have 100k – 4.99k followers, increase their charges to $2k – $5k for a post. Now think about your followers and make a charge sheet of your rates. This is simply beyond discerning about the rates.

  1. Do You Ever Think: Is Your Value Needed to Increase?

Before pitching to a brand, you might need to take steps to increase your value. The more followers you get and the higher the engagement rate, the more you can charge. Unfortunately, you cannot wait a year to grow your Instagram account since you’re ready to pitch now. You can enhance the process by purchasing Instagram likes and followers. This activity will boost engagement rates which is an essential part of your fame.

Furthermore, The Instagram algorithm boosts reach for posts that have a high engagement rate. This means that when you buy likes, your posts will reach a wider audience. As more people see your posts, your follower count will also increase. As a result, you will be able to pitch brands more effectively.

  1. Choose a Brand & Go for a Survey

Research on Google and find a pitch email way to get the best idea on how you should be directed to a particular brand. This type of personalization will help you to get positive results. I recommend choosing a brand for a promotion that relates to your activity and matches your influencing role. Additionally, check out the brand profile and find out the brand’s work before any blogger in the past. If you feel positive, respond to your pitch without any fear.

Next! Please do research about the brand and find whatever you can search out on the internet. So, you can personalize the pitch. If you do this, think about how you can do it and achieve the brand’s goal.

  1. At Last! Create a Pitch Email for Diverse Brands

Now! You have chosen the brand that will stand out in public in the future. It’s time to create a pitch email that will start with the appealing points. So, let’s discuss them!

  • Use a strong & call to action subject line that will compel the recipient to open the email and will show their interest.
  • Now you need to address the recipient and introduce yourself in the body of the email.
  • The body of the email must be concise and eye catchy, forcing the recipient to reply.
  • Next, include information like why you are choosing the brand. So, write something you love about it and how much you enjoy a specific product that appreciates the brand’s value.
  • Show interest in working with the team member carefully.

In the end! Attached are a few things to your email, like a verified Instagram analytic report, a media kit, and a rate card and sign-off with a call to action with a contact number.