How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group (Easy Guide)

How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group
How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group

If we list the advantages of social media, we may discuss it all day, but its perks will not end. Social media platforms are unmatched, offering many unique features and freedom to socialize. But sometimes, it gives a pesky pain when we talk about group messages because some users are not suited for your group for any reason. So, you think to eradicate him from the group. However, here we are discussing about the Snapchat group in which it is difficult to remove someone after adding to the group once.

Actually, group chats are somehow uncontrolled on Snapchat. Because of its few features like, the one who set up the chat has lost control of the other members. Moreover, anyone from the group, chat can change its name and may add other members to the group. Although, its updating feature is pretty impressive and attractive, that updates time by time. But there is bad news that there is no feature to eliminate someone from the Snapchat group; if any member shares awful content or irritates other persons in the group.

Nevertheless, there is also good news that you can avoid that frustrating member with a few methods. On your preference, use any technique like blocking the person, asking him to leave, etc.; it totally depends on you why you want to remove him from the group chat. Let’s move to the next section to learn the methods of avoiding a member of the Snapchat group without wasting time here.

How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group Straightforwardly?

how to remove someone from a snapchat group
how to remove someone from a snapchat group

When someone is added to a group, it will be the member until the group dissolves. So, the bad news is that there is no feature of removing a member directly from the group. But there is a flaw; you have other options are also available if you need to eliminate someone.

Obviously, it may cause a problem if someone causes an issue or argument in a group. Luckily, there are multiple ways present in the below section to eliminate this problem if you need to remove someone.

1.      Leaving the Group by Yourself

If you don’t like the content or nature of the group. You can also opt to leave the conversation rather than attach it. Follow the below steps to seek the method of leaving a group:

  1. Firstly, open the Snapchat app, and in the lower left-hand corner, click on the chat
  2. Secondly, click on the group which you want to leave.
  3. Thirdly, in the right-hand corner, click on the menu
  4. At last, click on the Leave option and afterward confirm that you want to leave the group by yourself from the group.

2.      You May Ask the Member to Leave

You can request or ask a person to leave a Snapchat group. As this technique is quite an aggressive move, it may cause many other problems in some cases. However, it depends on how much you are good in confrontation. Once the member leaves the group, all their chat and snaps are automatically removed from the group. But if the member agrees to negotiate then allow him to be in the group without integral.

3.      Remove or wait for the Snapchat Group to Expire

There is another way to avoid someone in a group if you are not in a hurry. That is, if no one adds a new snap to the chat, then the group will automatically expire and disappear in 24 hours. Therefore, to avoid a particular person in the group chats, then wait for the time to expire.

4.      Set up a New Group

Another method is, you may create a new group without the objectionable from the first group with each person member. But you will lose the existing content of the group. Afterward, in the new group, all the people can leave the first group by leaving the bot liked person all alone, waiting for the group to finish. This option may be a bit aggressive, but it may be the only option if the person will not leave on their own or by request. Here are the following steps for making a new Snapchat group:

  1. Initially, launch a Snapchat
  2. Then, in the top right corner of the chats screen, click on the new chat
  3. Now, you can add any member, but the condition is; that the member is part of your friend’s list. You can add up to 31 people to the Snapchat group.
  4. Finally, provide a name to your group.

5.      Block to Remove from Snapchat Group

Blocking a person is the last way out to make secure your Snapchat group as well as from the friend’s list. Then, that user will not be able to message or access your account. You may always block the user, if the content is harmful or offensive. You may also unblock it any time if you would like to; he will be blocked until you add him again.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is one of the successful apps and continues to grow because of its updating features. Whether you create the group or send snaps to your friends, it still doesn’t offer the feature to terminate a member from the group, as you cannot always control others who don’t give peace or spoil the chat with their ghastly content. So, you can apply the above one of the tips according to your need to keep your distance from the Snapchat group. It would be a pleasure to see your views on the article in the comment box.