How to Resell Items on Roblox: 11 Tips and Tricks You Must Know Before Reselling

how to resell items on Roblox

Do you have so many Roblox items and you are not using them anymore? You should resell them and earn some Robux. Well, do you know how to resell items on Roblox? If you don’t, then you are at the right junction. Read this article to know how you can easily resell stuff on Roblox with all the tips and tricks.

11 Tips and Tricks You Must Know Before Reselling Your Roblox Items

  1. You can only resell items on Roblox after the holding period ends, that is, 30 days.
  2. The items that are marked as Limited and Limited U are able to resell. You will see a tag on items that tell whether it’s limited or Limited U.
  3. Write down the proper, accurate, and understandable description to attract the buyers.
  4. 50% of revenue will go to the reseller, 30% to Roblox, 10% to the creator, and 10% to the seller or affiliate.
  5. You can set the reselling item price as you want, but check the price trends and set the pricing according to that.
  6. You need a premium membership to sell items on Roblox. This requirement is also set to the reselling of your items.
  7. Do proper research, and make good strategies to become a successful reseller.
  8. Negotiate with the buyers, give them offers, or trade with them, then finalize the transaction of the Robux.
  9. Keep in touch with the market tactics and follow all the Roblox guidelines to avoid trouble.
  10. Make reselling groups on Roblox to promote your reselling items.
  11. Connect with Roblox events and communities to connect with serious buyers.

How to Resell Items on Roblox?

Here is the step-by-step guide to resell items on Roblox.

  • Go to the details page on Roblox.
  • Click on the owned items option; you will see this option under the price chart.
  • Now, choose the item you want to resell from your collection.
  • Tap on the sales button next to your selected item.
  • Here, write your desired and suitable price.
  • And confirm the stuff for resell.

Why You Should Resell Items on Roblox

  1. When you resell your items you can earn Robux (Roblox virtual currency) and can convert your Robux into real money through Roblox’s Developer Exchange program (DevEx).
  2. You can sell your unwanted items or items that are not in your use anymore on Roblox.
  3. You can purchase new items, avatars, and more unique and cool stuff with your earned Robux that you get from reselling items.


Q: How do I trade items on Roblox?
A: You can Trade items and Robux through the trading system on Roblox.

Q: How much Robux does Roblox take when you sell something?
A: Roblox takes 30% of the Robux.

Q: What does resell mean in Roblox?
A: Resell in Roblox means, you can sell the stuff that you own to the other players and can earn some Robux (Roblox virtual currency).

Q: Can you sell clothes on Roblox?
A: Yes, by creating avatar items on Roblox, like accessories, clothes, and props, you can sell and earn Robux.

Wrap Up

In this guide, we have discussed the step-by-step guide on how to resell items on Roblox so your items don’t go to waste and you can earn some Robux. However, there are some requirements and Roblox community standards and guidelines you must follow for reselling your stuff on Roblox.