How to Reset iPhone Home Screen Layout to Default

How to Reset iPhone Home Screen
How to Reset iPhone Home Screen

If your screen looks messed up, and you want to reset the Home Screen’s app icon layout to the default setting, then you are in the right place as we will highlight a few points regarding How to reset the home screen on iPhone in just a few seconds.

You can restore the home screen layout with the reset screen layout feature. This can be performed by reorganizing the apps and widgets the way they were when you bought your phone. Hence, resetting the iPhone Home Screen will get back to normal. Resetting the settings means restoring all iPhone settings to default, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Permissions, and Sound Settings, and resetting the home screen. So you don’t need to be worried about your data as it won’t be deleted.

If you got bored with the Home Screen Configuration you made and want to begin again, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap General followed through Transfer or Reset Phone under the screen.
  • Confirm the Home Screen by tapping the red Reset Home Screen button when it shows a pop-up message.

Now you have successfully restored the default Apple home screen on your iPhone.

The Changes you will see After Resetting the Home Screen layout on iPhone

Some of the changes are discussed to let you know how your iPhone interface turns out after resetting the home screen layout on your iPhone.

Apps Layout

You will first see your default iPhone Home Screen where the pre-installed apps will return to their default position, which means they will be organized as they were at the beginning when you purchased your device. And keep in mind that you cannot arrange the apps alphabetically because Apple thinks it would suit most users.

But the apps that are manually installed can be arranged in alphabetical order. For instance, Phone, Messages, Safari, and Music will be added back to the dock if you have changed or removed them from the home screen.


The folder that you have created on the home screen will be deleted. The applications will be in order based on whether they were downloaded or manually installed.


Any manual widgets will be eliminated from the home screen. Only the widgets that were available on the default or original home screen

Home Screen Pages

Resetting the Home Screen layout will remove all of your custom pages. Any apps added to those sites will be organized in that order by default. Moreover, hidden pages will also be deleted and removed

Site Shortcuts

The website shortcuts added to the Home Screen will remain there rather than be removed and sorted alphabetically with other installed apps.


Overall, following the steps mentioned above, you can easily reset your iPhone Home Screen and kick start using your iPhone with a fresh look. And a few of the changes you experience once you reset the Home Screens, the app icons will now be completely reset to factory configuration. For further queries, comment us below.