How to Reset Samsung TV (Reboot to Fix the Issues)

how to reset samsung tv

Are you having issues with your Samsung TV and just want to factory reset the TV? Is it possible to perform a reset? So the best news is that it is possible. However, TV has plenty of built-in self-diagnosis tools that can assist you in resolving any signal, Picture, sound, or network issues. But hard Reset will be your only option if you can’t troubleshoot the issue. So, in this blog, we will show you how to perform a factory reset on your television.

Remember that resetting the Samsung TV to factory settings will erase minor problems in the software, remove all the temporary files, delete all unnecessary junk files, and free up your storage. Therefore, once every two months, we recommend you reset your smart TV. After resetting, you have to change the settings and set up the TV from the start. Now let’s jump to the steps of resetting the TV.

Why Do You Need to Reset Your Smart TV?

There are various reasons that may force users to reset the TV. Although both smart & non-smart comes with software that assists in running the system well. If there is an error in the software or one of the downloaded apps, it will hinder the TV’s functionality. The most usual issues that might arise due to software problems in a TV are:

  • Black screen on Samsung TV.
  • Distorted Pictures.
  • No sound or faint audio.
  • If your Samsung TV would not toggle on, no red light appears.
  • TV channels are not emerging.
  • Apps are not working accurately.

If you are experiencing either of these problems, there is a huge chance that your TV is facing severe software issues. So, the only way to tackle these issues is by resetting the TV.

Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Reset the Samsung TV?

how to factory reset samsung tv
how to factory reset samsung tv

According to Samsung, the TV’s memory may eventually run out, or a residual charge may accumulate inside. It results in apps misbehaving, menus not being displayed, or the TV taking a long time to toggle on. So the best way is to use a TV. It will drain the TV charge and reset the main board. Here are the detailed steps that will guide you to factory reset the TV.

  • First, you have to view settings and then tap on General.
  • Second, choose Reset, enter your PIN code (0000 is the default code), and tap on Reset.
  • To finish the Reset, choose OK. Your TV will restart automatically.
  • If the above steps are not for your TV model, move to settings, choose support, and tap on Self Diagnosis. Reset will be found in that menu. So you can also make sure the user manual exact guidelines for your TV model.

Resetting Older Models of Samsung TV

You can also perform a factory reset on older models of Samsung televisions. In previous models, you did not have access to the settings menu. You can just reset the TV by using the remote keys. To do so, you have to follow the given instructions.

  • First, you have to press the Exit button for a few seconds hard.
  • Second, release the exit option when you see the factory reset option.
  • Third, click on the Ok option to perform the Reset.
  • Now, your TV will begin to restart.
  • After reset the Samsung Tv, you can set up the TV settings and use it as usual.

How to Perform Smart Hub on TV?

The Smart Hub is the Samsung smart TV store to install games and apps. You can also reset the smart hub on your TV if you are still facing issues with it. When you perform the Reset, the smart hub settings will go back to their default, and all details related to Samsung accounts, smart hub service agreements, service accounts, and smart hub apps will be removed.

  • Open the settings on the home screen and choose the Support
  • Now choose Self Diagnosis from the support option.
  • Then, tap on Reset Smart Hub and type the PIN. Choose Yes to reset the smart hub.

How to Reset Sound Settings on Samsung TV?

reset a samsung tv
reset a samsung tv

If you are experiencing issues with the sound on your TV, like audio becoming stuck, to resolve this, you can perform a sound reset that restores your sound settings to the defaults. However, the changes will happen with the HDMI audio format, audio delay, equalizer changes, auto volume, TV installation type (wall/stand), and balance. Remember that resetting the sound will not affect other settings. So apply a reset by following the below guide.

  • Switch off the TV by hard pressing the power button.
  • Then, hit the menu button on the remote to allow the menu.
  • After that, you have to type a key and add the key using the up & down buttons to move through the digital keyboard.
  • Open the settings by using the up & down arrows.
  • Tap on sound settings.
  • Choose expert settings and move to reset sound, and hit enter.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete.

Perform Network Settings Reset on Your TV

If your TV cannot connect to wifi, it is possibly not properly connected to your network. In addition, if you are running old software and have been delaying updates, there is a high chance that the problem will occur. These issues are also caused by improper MAC address or DNS settings on your router. However, you may need to contact Samsung support or a professional to solve the issue. If your TV is linked to wifi, apply the steps below.

  • Open Settings and choose General.
  • Tap on network selection, and choose open network settings from the menu options.
  • Go through the wifi you wish to link to.
  • Now type the password and tap on done.

If it does not function, then try refreshing the TV’s network

Apply the below steps to refresh the network settings of the Smart TV

  • First, you have to hold the home button on your remote.
  • Open the settings and choose general.
  • Tap on the network menu, and then choose the Reset Network option
  • Hit enter and restart your smart TV.

How to Perform Factory Reset to Picture Settings?

how to reset samsung tv without remote
how to reset samsung tv without remote

If you are experiencing bad picture issues, you can apply reset to picture settings by following the below instructions.

  • View the settings and choose Picture.
  • Then choose Expert Settings, and then choose Reset Picture.
  • After that, choose Yes to verify.

How to Hard Reset Samsung TV without Remote?

If you do not have access to your Samsung remote, no worries. You can still perform a reset. For this, you have to locate the power button on your TV. Depending on your model, this may be on the right side of the TV,  the left, or the bottom. So, with the TV on, hit the Menu button on the TV and then move to Settings > General > Reset.

If you’re having trouble finding these buttons on your smart TV, or if it’s too high up, So there are some other options, such as plugging in a USB keypad directly into the port of the Samsung TV. After that, you can use the keyboard to move and rest the TV. Moreover, if you have a smart TV, you can install the Samsung Smart Things app on your phone. So you can link the TV to the app. Now use your phone as a remote.


TV issues such as network settings, no sound, black screen, and more are so frustrating. Thankfully, we have fixes to tackle the issue. So, if you want your TV to perform better, make sure to turn off all power-saving modes. In addition, Resetting the Samsung TV will solve all the problems you are encountering. You can also perform a specific issue reset, like sound, Picture, or network settings. you can reset to get your TV to revert to default settings. But after resetting, you still face issues, and then you should contact Samsung support for help.

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