How to Save a PDF as a JPEG for FREE

How To Save A Pdf As A Jpeg
How To Save A Pdf As A Jpeg

If you want to know how to save a pdf as a jpeg, then you have landed on the correct page. This guide teaches you how to save a PDF file into a series of JPG pictures.

While there isn’t a well-proportioned-in way to do this on Windows, you can practice software from the Windows 10 app store to save your PDF. Apple users can use the Preview app to save PDFs to JPGs. Users can also use Adobe Acrobat Pro if you have bought it.

How To Save A Jpeg As A Pdf
How To Save A Jpeg As A Pdf

How to Save a PDF as a JPEG: PDFelement 

PDFelement has never been low of choices to save PDF as JPEG or other forms. This program explores how to save PDF as JPEG via the “Open PDF” option.

  1. Open PDF: Download PDFelement and install it with the help of the initial on-screen directions. From the left bottom of the screen, the “Open File” tab is located. Press this button to enter the file explorer screen. Now, choose the PDF file you need to save to JPEG format and press Open to import it.
  2. Now click the Convert tab on the toolbar. Upon clicking, several output formats will be shown. Disregard other formats and choose the “To Image” option because JPEG comes under image forms.
  3. Now the output “Save As” screen will be presented. Browse for the destination output folder and give a proper file name within the particular field. Inside the “Save as type:” select JPEG as your coveted output image format. Also, press the “Settings” tab if you need to adjust the output settings. Verify the settings and press “Apply” to complete the selections.
  4. The app will now begin saving your PDF as a JPEG format. Watch the background process, and once finished, press the output folder link to reach your output JPEG file.
How To Save A Pdf As Jpeg
How To Save A Pdf As Jpeg

How to Save PDF as JPEG Online

The second way we recommend would be to save PDF as JPEG online for free by using EasePDF. This process enables you to work on any device, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc., without operating system modifications because it won’t need you to install any third-party app. Now select the “PDF to JPEG Converter” on EasePDF, and let’s begin the method.

  1. Upload PDF. Press the “Add File” key to enter files from your computer, or drag your PDF and release it to the interface. EasePDF also promotes importing data from your Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  2. Save PDF to JPEG. EasePDF will automatically begin saving your PDF sheets as JPEG images when the folder is uploaded. Just wait calmly for your product.
  3. Now, Download the JPEG file. When your PDF is successfully converted as JPEG, EasePDF will give you a download URL. Just press the Download button to save it on the PC.
How To Save A Pdf File As A Jpeg
How To Save A Pdf File As A Jpeg

Save PDF as JPEG with Mac Preview

For Mac people, there’s a freeway on your PC. You can employ the built-in Preview program on Mac to keep PDF as JPEG in a few simple steps.

  1. Right-click on the PDF file you need to save as JPEG, then select Open With -> Preview.
  2. Press the File tab from the top menu bar, then select Export on the subsequent drop-down menu.
  3. A new window will display. Press on the Format tab to open a drop-down menu and choose JPEG as an output format. You can adjust the resolution and quality as you wanted, then press the Save button.
How To Save Pdf As A Jpeg
How To Save Pdf As A Jpeg

Save PDF as JPEG with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most famous photo editing app. But what most users don’t acknowledge, it can be practiced as a PDF to JPEG converter. Let’s know.

  1. Start Adobe Photoshop on your PC, and navigate to File -> Open on the upper menu bar. The app will then travel to the documents on your computer, select your target PDF file, and press the Open button.
  2. Next, an “Import PDF” screen will pop up. There are two selection choices. You can select the Pages option to imply and edit PDF sheets or select the Images to extract pictures from the PDF. In this situation, we continue to Pages.
  3. Store a PDF as JPEG. Navigate to the “File” menu again and select Save as on the drop-down list. The Save As screen sets a storage place and choose JPEP on the file kind list as the output image format. In this way, you can optimize the image dimension and property by setting a resolution.

Now we have successfully stored a PDF page as a JPEG, and we can copy these actions for all sides. But in fact, we’re dispensing with a PDF file with dozens of or numbers of pages, and we can build a “Save as JPEG” action work to record step 3 and allow Photoshop to run the perpetual saving method for us.

save pdf
save pdf

How to Save a PDF as a JPEG: Snagit

Some users might think it a bit awkward to view and build the converted PDF images. So is there any method to save multiple PDF pages as a single JPEG image? The solution would be correct for Snagit – a full screenshot app. Let’s see how it operates.

  1. Open the PDF you require to store to an individual JPEG with any PDF processor on your PC.
  2. Start Snagit and select the “Capture” key on top to start afresh capture.
  3. Choose the Image mode on the newly opened dialog box, then select Panoramic from the drop-down menu on the Selection option.
  4. Navigate to the PDF file you open first. Press on the PDF and drag on the mouse to choose a region; press the Start button to start panoramic capture.
  5. Scroll down on the PDF with your mouse gently to let Snagit capture all pages of the PDF. At the time you need the capture to ends, press the Stop key.
  6. Select File ->Export or Save As. Then a new display will open. On the “Save AS” button, type a file name for your saved image. Then, select the JPEG image on the Format option. That’s it; every page of your PDF has now been stored as one JPEG image.


Above, we have listed some easy and quick ways to convert a PDF into JPEG. Just follow step by step guide, and you will get your desire output.