7 Applaudable Tricks to Screenshot on Samsung S21

how to enable screenshot on samsung s21

It seems fantastic and helpful to share something, especially photos, chats, etc. So, one of the great ways is screenshotting. But you don’t know how to screenshot on the Samsung S21 because the feature of capturing screenshots with a physical key was removed on previous devices, but not for long. Actually, more features for screenshots are being introduced for your ease and interest.

Moreover, you can also go through the article on taking a screenshot on iOS.

However, the latest techniques for screenshots are straightforward and slightly different from Android but not much complex. Like you use physical buttons, S pen, gesture option, screenshot toolbar, and many more. Moreover, you can also edit and send it in a few seconds to another person. Hence, move to the next section to seek the unbelievable ways of taking a screenshot.

Isn’t it Cool to Take a Screenshot with 7 Incredible Tricks?

The screenshot is the best option to keep something meaningful and to make a copy in the face of the picture. But maybe you know only a few methods; however, here, you will learn the various techniques to capture the screen. So, proceed to the following section to see the frequent methods and apply them as desired:

  1. Swipe the screen.
  2. Buttons.
  3. Using Palm or Gesture Feature.
  4. Toolbar.
  5. Using Smart Select Feature.
  6. S Pen.
  7. A Digital Assistant.

1. Swipe the Screen on S21

The quickest way to capture a screen is by swiping the side of your hand across the screen in any direction. But this method does not apply to all models of Samsung except flagship models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

2. Taking a Screenshot on Samsung S21 via Buttons

how to screenshot on samsung S21
how to screenshot on samsung S21

Samsung uses the conventional methods of taking the screenshot like an Android that is by pressing the buttons. So, let’s see the following steps:

  • First, ensure that the content you wish to capture is showing.
  • Then, hold the lower volume button with the power or standby button on the right-hand side simultaneously for a moment, not for a long time.
  • Now, you feel the flash, which captures the screen and saves it in your screenshots album or folder in the gallery.

Note: Suppose you still have older hardware like Galaxy S7 or before, then you can use the combination of the home button and the standby button on those devices.

Moreover, ensure that you press the two buttons instantly; pressing for a long time will open the power control screen.

3. Screenshot on Galaxy S21 Using Palm or Gesture Feature

An alternative method that S21 provides is using gesture control to take a screenshot. See the process that how it works:

  • Navigate to the Settings and then click on the Advanced features After that, tap on the motions and gestures tab and then click on the Palm swipe to capture option.
  • On switching on this option, you have to just swipe the side of your hand across the screen. Hence, you can swipe on the left or right sides; both ways will work.
  • Now, the screen will capture, flash, and the captures will save in a screenshot album or folder in the gallery.

Note: If you are convenient to use the button or if you don’t want to swipe. Then you may turn off the palm swipe so that no gesture option works, not even accidentally.

4. Capturing a Screenshot on Samsung S21 via Toolbar

how to take screenshot on samsung s21
how to take screenshot on samsung s21

Another technique for a screenshot is the smart capture that is called the screenshot toolbar on a Galaxy series. This process is relatively unique to Samsung and allows you to take screenshots rather than access the gallery.

  • Make sure that the toolbar is turned on by default in Settings –> and Advanced features tab–> then screenshots options–> and then screen recorder. This setting refers to Show toolbar after capturing.
  • Now, you can portray, crop, or share the screen, but the more useful is to scroll the capture marked with the arrows pointing down.
  • Tap scroll capture to consist of parts of the screen that you may see. For instance, it is handy for a web page.
  • The original screenshot can be deleted from Settings –> then Advanced features –>screenshots option.
  • In the end, click on the screen recorder tab and then Delete after sharing from the toolbar.

5. Screenshot on Galaxy S21 Using Smart Select Feature

  • An additional way which is described in this section is more convenient, especially for capturing information that is showing on display; using that feature is said to be smart select. Basically, smart select is an edge panel where you can swipe the edge screen if it is activated.
  • If you have used the Note in the past, you are familiar with this feature which sounds similar. Thus, let’s see the instructions related to the activation of this feature in S21:
  • Move to the settings, then tap on the display After that, click on the Edge panels and make sure to toggle it on.
  • Now, click on this menu to enable the smart select edge panel. After that, tap on the Panels, and after that, scroll right to choose it. Furthermore, you also activate various panels too, like apps.
  • Then, move to that page that you want to capture.
  • Now, access the edge panel with a swipe from the side of the screen. It might take multiple swipes if you enabled numerous panels.
  • Select the shape you want to make, such as a rectangle, circle, or oval, and pin it to the screen. One best option is to create a gif through an Animation.
  • Then, go back to the capture page with the frame to make that selection. Now, relocate or resize the frame and then click on done. If you have made a gif, then click on the record and hit the stop tab when you have done.
  • Then, you will see the captured with the options of the draw, sharing, saving, or terms of texts to extract and can paste anywhere.
  • If you are pinning a selection, then the captured selection will hang around over everything until you don’t close it down. This method is handy for information such as an address or reference number to whom you want to refer.

6. Get a Screenshot on Samsung S21 or S21 Ultra Using S Pen

how to take a screenshot on samsung s21 ultra
how to take a screenshot on samsung s21 ultra

From the time when the S21 Ultra has launched, Samsung provides compatibility with the S pen stylus. But it is available only for the Ultra model range.

In contrast, the S22 steps up the features, including the S Pen store in the body. With one of the fantastic features of the S Pen is activating smart select simply, which permits you to make selections by the stylus. Let’s see how you can do it:

  • Initially, eject the S Pen from the (S22 Ultra only) body to enable the Air Command by default. It means it accesses the pop-up menu.
  • Now, pick smart select from the prompting menu, then create and save your selection. This S Pen feature is very handy for users.

7. Capture a Screenshot on S21 via a Digital Assistant

Another way is to use Google Assistant or Bixby to take a screenshot if you have the setup. Enable Bixby by just pressing and holding the power button or opening the Google Assistant by swiping in an upward direction from the corner of your phone.

Formerly, when you see the voice prompt, then say, “Hey, Bixby, take a screenshot“. At that moment, you will notice a screen flash, chased by the miniature version of the screenshot in the bottom corner. Tap one more time on the screenshot to crop, edit or annotate the screenshot.

Wrapping Up

One of the great ways to keep a copy of something or to share anything with their contacts is a screenshot, which you can also edit according to your wishes. Hence, the techniques are a little bit different now, but not difficult, so you can easily apply them to your Galaxy S21.

Hopefully, all the above-described methods are fruitful for you, so do let us know your views about the article by commenting.

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