How to Sit Out In Fortnite (Use Simplest Trick)

How to Sit Out In Fortnite
How to Sit Out In Fortnite

How do you sit out in Fortnite? Like the name sounds, you are sitting in the lobby to rest from the game because you are getting back-to-back sessions with the squad.

Hence, it does not matter how much fun you have, but sometimes you need a break when playing a game, whether physically or digitally. So, here is a comprehensive guide to utilizing this fantastic feature.

Interaction is the core part of the Fortnite game, where players invite random players based on their social tags and play with them. In other words, it is said to be a more social game than ever before. Undoubtedly, Epic Games has left no stone unturned to make Battle Royale mode one of the leading ones in the market.

Nevertheless, to show your participation in a game, you have to be familiar with the participation option in the menu. But now, players are repeatedly using the sit-out feature to change the participation status in a match and enjoy the match by only seeing other players.

However, you can also exit the lobby and rejoin the game for a specific match whenever you want. Hence, go to the following section to learn about the sitting-out feature.

Quickly Applying Steps to Use the Sit-out Feature in Fortnite

Steps to Use the Sit-out Feature in Fortnite
Steps to Use the Sit-out Feature in Fortnite

In general, the sit-out feature permits you to take a break from gaming with friends while they continue to play in matches together but without you.

Regardless of the platforms, this feature is accessible to all players online. Moreover, it does not affect your online status or remove you from the party but lets your friends start other matches, as mentioned above.

Hence, the entire process of sitting in the Fortnite lobby is relatively simple, and there will be no issues executing the steps for everyone. Thus, see the following steps to how you can use this feature in a couple of minutes:

  • Press the Esc button on PC to open the social panel, while on Xbox and PlayStation, press the Options button or the Plus button on Nintendo Switch.
  • On the right side of your profile/ avatar or user name, click on the Cog or Settings icon, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • On the left side, under the In party subheader, click on the Participation tab in this menu. The participation button will provide you with two more options, which are Playing and Sitting Out.
  • Now, select the Sitting Out option and save the settings. Hence, you will be displayed as a player who is not waiting in line for the next game even though you are present in the lobby.

Key Points about the Sit-out Mode in Fortnite

  • You can continue sitting out as many matches as you like until you reverse back and change your status by the above-described method in the same way and mark yourself as Playing again. But if you are not at the party, then you cannot enable the sit-out feature.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the other option to change your status to “Away” if you don’t want to use this method. But you marked yourself as while sitting out; you can talk with your friends while they play. Moreover, you cannot rejoin them in the middle of a match.
  • Now you can effectively excuse yourself from a squad or a party. This option can also be enabled once the whole squad gets removed and your teammates want to “Ready up” from the match rather than just returning to the lobby.

Are You Interested in Knowing More Interesting Features of Fortnite?

Here are some incredible features that you may use in Fortnite and are also important for winning the Battle Royale. So, let’s see some of the amazing features also:

Simple Steps to Spectate in Fortnite

Spectate in Fortnite
Spectate in Fortnite

Some players have figured out how to use the feature, while some users are lost in the options. It could be slightly tricky to use the Spectate-like sit-out feature in Fortnite. Hence, here are the steps that will help the players use the feature:

  • Initially, start the game and enter the lobby.
  • Now, let your friend enter the game.
  • Then, accept the friend’s invitation.
  • Now, wait until they land and you can see the Watch.
  • At last, click the Watch button to Spectate your friend.

Tip: Remember that friends should be in the game for 30 seconds while players are spectating, and things become complex when there are more than two players.

Use of the Crouch Feature

Crouch Feature
Crouch Feature

No doubt, Fortnite has many features that might confuse you. Among all the features, there is another one that is crouching. However, here are the steps for using the crouching feature quickly on a PC:

Crouch on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch Controller

Remember that all the controls for all the features are not the same on all the platforms, like PC, PS, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Hence, see the control buttons for different devices:

For PC:

The usual key for chatting in Fortnite on a PC is the left CTRL key (control). It is as simple as if you have different key binds. You may see the settings on your PC by tapping the three-box stack on the upper left side of your screen. After that, click the cog wheel with the same three-box stack in front of it.

Afterward, proceed to the controls in the Settings menu, and you may modify or check the keybind from there. Hence, you can change the control according to your feasibility.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

On the PS, the crouch button is the upper left button (L1) on your PS controller. While the crouch button for Xbox One is the LB button, which is also located on the upper left side of your Xbox One controller,

For the Nintendo Switch:

On your Nintendo Switch controller, find the right joystick. Press the right joystick once to crouch. Thus, by accessing the settings, you can also map the crouch to other buttons.

Tip: The game permits players to change or map their key binds. So, set key binds that are more comfortable for you. If you want to be a quick builder, you can also change various keys.


Summing up the article with these words, this loads automatically if you don’t want to play the next match. You may sit out yourself in the Fortnite Battle Royale game using the above-described steps and can also rejoin them in the next match with the same steps.

By enabling this feature, you may take a few breaks to stay hydrated or do some light exercise while other party members continue the match. So, enjoy your resting time and share your views about the above-described feature by leaving your message.