How to Switch Characters in GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox & PC

how to switch characters in gta 5

If you’re a game addict who seeks the thrilling open-world action of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) on the PlayStation 4, you’ve probably curious about how to switch characters in GTA 5 PS4 smoothly during gameplay. It is a crucial aspect when switching between protagonists in the game. However, it will allow you to explore different storylines, abilities, and perspectives.

In this comprehensive article,  we’ll unveil a step-by-step guide on changing characters in GTA 5 PS4, sharing helpful tips, insights, and detailed instructions to charm your gaming adventure.

Let’s get started!

Key Points

  • GTA 5 is the first in the Grand Theft Auto series, which features three protagonists. It is fun to change between these characters. Moreover, it all comes with different backgrounds, characteristics, and storylines.
  • When logging in to GTA 5 for the first time, Michael De Santa is your already-equipped character. Since childhood, Michael has indulged in crimes, while his mid-life crisis has thrown him back into the criminal world.
  • Trevor Philips is a maniacal protagonist with a cold and pitiless heart. He has a military background and knows how to fly aircraft. You will not mess with this madman.
  • Franklin Clinton, the main protagonist in the Contract DLC update, was born and raised in Los Santos. He has had a criminal background since childhood. Moreover, Franklin recognized Michael as a mentor and collaborated with Trevor on some badass heists.
  • You can convert between characters to get a rich gaming experience. Furthermore, some missions are also character-specific. However, each console has a different process for changing characters in GTA 5. Therefore, all these include accessing the Interaction menu.
  • Ensure that you have unlocked all characters before changing between them. Most likely, you’re not in between missions while swiping between characters.

Let’s start to switch characters in GTA 5 in our next section, from platform to platform.

How to Swipe Characters in GTA 5 on PC (Keyboard)

How to Swipe Characters in GTA 5 on PC

PC gamers were excited after the game’s console release, but then they left the identical game the console players did. Generally, character-changing played a significant role on PC as on consoles. Here’s how you can swipe between GTA 5 characters on your computer.

  • Press and hold the Alt key after running the game.
Press the Alt key
  • Access the directional keys or the mouse to highlight the character you want to change and release the Alt key.
Access the directional keys

Successfully, you have changed your character in GTA 5 on a PC!

How to Swipe Characters in GTA 5 on PS4

The same principle we’ve explained for the game PC’s version implements in consoles, including PS4. However, the key is the only difference that has been used.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold the Down Button on the D-Pad.
Hold the Down Button
  • Highlight the character you wish to switch and use the Right Analog-stick.
  • Release the Down Button to switch.
Release the Down Button to switch

How to Exchange Characters in GTA 5 on PS3

GTA 5 was established during the PS3’s tenure as the next-game console. The PS4 highlight a few months after the GTA 5 release. Therefore, the game is definitely playable on PS3 consoles.

Follow the simple steps in order to change characters in GTA 5 on PS3.

  • Hold the Down Button on the D-Pad.
  • Use the Right Analog-stick, and choose the character you wish to switch it to.
  • Head to the Down Button to enable the switch.

How to Swap Characters in GTA 5 on Xbox

Whether you’re playing the game on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, both have the same principle and key. Follow these easy steps and switch characters in GTA 5 on either of the mentioned two consoles.

  • Press and hold the Down Button situated on the D-Pad.
Press and hold the Down Button
  • Select the preferred character with the Right Analog-stick.
  • Release the Down Button to choose the highlighted character.

Changing CharactersCharacter In GTA 5 Online

All the aforementioned guides above were to shift your character to GTA 5 Offline mode. It is very simple to change between characters in the single-player mode. Regardless, players can choose only two main characters in GTA 5 Online. They can switch between them whenever they find it mandatory.

Follow our step-by-step guide to change your character in GTA 5 Online:

  • Navigate to the Pause Menu in GTA 5 Online as you start playing with one of the characters.
  • Click on the Online Tab.
  • Look at the SWAP option in the available options. You can see the available characters over there.
  • You will switch your character in GTA 5 Online from this menu.
  • Confirm and Quit the Session. Further, use the directional key on your console to select the desired character. Once choose your character. Confirm it before finalizing the character in GTA 5.

All Protagonist Characters In GTA 5

Three protagonist characters are available in GTA 5. Players can change between these characters based on their moods once they have unlocked them. Furthermore, some missions require specific characters. It means they can play it with specific characters and are unable to access other characters.

The three protagonists in GTA 5 are:

  • Michael De Santa.
  • Franklin Clinton.
  • Trevor Philips.

Why Can’t I Change characters In GTA 5?

Switching between characters will be helpful at various moments in the game. Additionally,  it can save your life at times. Nevertheless, sometimes players won’t change their character in GTA 5. There are a lot of reasons for it. Some of them are given below:

  • You cannot switch between characters if Trevor and Franklin have not been unlocked in the beginning.
  • It will take some time to access even though unlocking these protagonists. Thus, patiently take time to complete some missions with your unlocked characters and wait to display the menu option.
  • Furthermore, there are some character-specific missions. You will finish these missions with specified characters. Hence, when you begin one such mission, you are unable to change your character in GTA 5.
  • If you were going close to the starting point of a mission will also provoke access to the character-switching menu.
  • GTA Online offers you the ability to access two characters at a time simultaneously, most probably in some missions. However, you cannot use the third character.


Q2: Why is switching characters in GTA 5 important?

Ans: Switching characters in GTA 5 is significant because it provides diverse gameplay and strategic advantages and boosts storytelling by providing different perspectives on the game’s events.

Q2: When can you switch characters?

Ans: In GTA 5, you can switch characters at any time during the game’s single-player mode. When playing as one of the three main protagonists (Michael, Franklin, or Trevor), you can access the character-switching feature by using the character wheel. Furthermore, it will allow you to change between the available characters on the fly, during missions and activities, and provide a flawless transition between their individual stories and gameplay experience.

Q3: When can I switch back to Michael and Franklin after the jewelry heist?

Ans: You cannot able to switch to Franklin or Michael, even during the free-roam mode. All you need to do is keep playing the story mission in order to improve the game and the change option will become available again.


Knowing the art of changing characters in GTA 5 on PS4 is significant for an enriched gaming experience. Moreover, you can explore the captivating storyline or take part in thrilling side activities while switching between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor makes way for a world of possibilities. Once you explore GTA 5, keep moving on to the next exclusive video games, such as Gotham Knights, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout 3, Watch Dogs: Legion, and L.A. Noire.

Make sure to make the most of each character’s abilities, comprehend their relationships, and have the opportunity to explore the large open world. So get ready, enter GTA 5’s world, and start having adventures.