How To Sync Messages From iPhone To Mac And iPad

how to sync messages from iPhone to Mac
how to sync messages from iPhone to Mac

You are in your office and just forget your iPhone at your home in a hurry. Now you are curious that how you can check your iPhone’s messages. The modest way is to sync messages from your iPhone to your MacBook. Here in this post, we describe how you can sync messages from iPhone to Mac. Read and pick up the methods to solve your issue.

Key point

  • Sync messages mean transporting text and possession them up to date between your all Apple Devices.
  • If you are using apple ID to set up messages for the first time, you must wait at least 24 hours to activate the service.
  • You can synchronize all of your content or only a choice of some files from your devices.

The Sync Messages

A sync is an abbreviation of Synchronization. Syncing a text means the coordination of content to keep it in time. However, when you sync a message in revenue, you copy a text from another device. To do that, You have to straightforwardly connect your devices and ensure the synchronization settings turn on.

Moreover, if you want to view any message, not on your MacBook device, you can synchronize the text from any apple device. Though the text on any Apple device is end-to-end encrypted, this text can be in any form, for instance, simple text, videos and photos, and further.

Can I Formulate to Sync Messages on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

If you want to initially synchronize your iMessages between your iOS devices, you must ensure that you have permitted your phone number and email address to send and receive texts. Correspondingly guarantee that all your Apple devices are consuming the same Apple account. Follow the guide to turn the Synchronization on your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook to receive and send the text.

Turn on the Sync on iPhone and iPad

  • Step1: Open your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Step2: Navigate to the settings
  • Step3: A menu will pop up here; select the messages.
  • Step4: Here, toggled on the iMessages
  • Step5: Now, hover to the settings window and select Facetime.
  • Step6: Add your phone number and apple ID, and then check.

Can I Enable the Sync on my Mac Computer

  • Step1: Open your MacBook and tap on the Apple icon.
  • Step2: Then select the system preference option from the popup menu list.
  • Step3: Under the internet and wireless section, you will see the iCloud
  • Step4: Click on that and fill out the form to enable syncing.

That’s it. Now you know how to enable the synchronize option on your different Apple devices. So let us hover on the main topic.

How does Someone Sync Messages from your iPhone to your Mac?

Someone Sync Messages from your iPhone to your Mac
Someone Sync Messages from your iPhone to your Mac

Apple server uses the close system on all of its devices like iPad, iPhone, MacBook, etc., that consistently access between the devices. You can easily share and synchronize the text and data among the devices to set the messages app on Apple devices.

However, we share two methods to send and receive the data from your iPhone to your MacBook. To apply these methods, you must enable the iMessage on your MacBook. Follow this guide if you want to switch on the message application on your MacBook.

How to Enable the Messages App on MacBook

  • Step1: Open the application folder on your MacBook.
  • Step2: Here, navigate to the message app.
  • Step3: After that, a window will appear on your Mac screen.
  • Step4: Type and enter your Apple ID and password and sign in.
  • Step5: Now select the preference option from the menu at the top of the main screen.
  • Step6: Then tap on the account. Here, tick the mark on Enable this account option.
  • Step7: Type your phone number from the box to start new conversations.
  • Step8: Type the email address you want to sync in the add email

Note: Enter your verification code if the server asks for two-factor authentication.

1st Method: Synchronize the iPhone’s Messages to Mac Via (Apple ID)

If you want to sync the messages with the iPhone on your Mac, the first way is through an Apple ID. You must enable the messages app on your MacBook that we already share in this guide. After enabling that, follow these steps to see the data of iMessage from iPhone to MacBook.

  • Step1: Open your iPhone and go to the settings
  • Step2: Here, in the settings option, tap on the messages.
  • Step3: Then, hover over the send and receive
  • Step4: Now, open your MacBook and click on the messages app
  • Step5: A window will pop up here. Choose the preferences
  • Step6: Now click on the iMessages and log in to the Apple ID you used on your iPhone.
  • Step7: Here, you see some options under which you can reach for messages. Tick mark on all the boxes.
  • Step8: Now, if anyone sends you a message, it will get on both your devices (iPhone and MacBook).

2nd Method: Sync Messages Between iPhone to Mac Via (iCloud)

iCloud is another way that you can apply to synchronize the data between your iPhone to your MacBook. But you first have to switch on the messages application on your MacBook. To enable iMessages steps on your Mac, we already shared with you in this post. So follow the steps to use iCloud to sync iMessages on both devices.

  • Step1: Open your Mac computer and navigate to the message app.
  • Step2: Then click on the preference. Now a menu list will pop up on your screen.
  • Step3: Here, go to the account and tick mark on the enable messages in iCloud and Sync now
  • Step4: After that, open your iPhone, tap on the settings app, and then the messages
  • Step5: Now switch on the iCloud and Sync now. After that, connect both your devices to wifi.
  • Step6: If you send and receive any message, it will reach both your devices (MacBook and iPhone).

Wondering how I can Sync Text Messages to my iPhone and iPad?

I can Sync Text Messages to my iPhone and iPad
I can Sync Text Messages to my iPhone and iPad

Yes, the iOS device allows you to synchronize the text. The steps are straightforward and similar to the iPhone and Mac, but now you have to ensure that your iPad is Sync.

  • Step1: First, open your iPad and navigate to the settings
  • Step2: In the settings menu, tap on the messages
  • Step3: Here in the messages window, sign in to your apple ID that you are using on your iPhone.
  • Step4: Now, hit the send and receive. Now, in the iMessage option, type your email and phone number.
  • Step5: Then, choose the same number and email that you choose on your iPhone.
  • Step6: Now, you can sync the messages from your iPhone and iPad.

Why are My Messages not Syncing From my iPhone and Mac?

My Messages not Syncing From my iPhone and Mac
My Messages not Syncing From my iPhone and Mac

You start syncing text or data from your iPhone to your MacBook, but suddenly you discover it is not happening. However, it works spotlessly, but occasionally your data get out of Sync. In these circumstances, we share mutual reasons to resolve this problem.

Probably you are Signing in to the Dissimilar Apple ID

When you log in to the different Apple IDs on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, the sync of messages method is not applicable in this situation. So check if you have a login to the duplicate accounts or not.

Maybe your Syncing Text is not iMassages

The iMassages are Apple platform expertise that only works on Apple devices. While the iPhone or iPad allows both kinds of text (iMessage or SMS). An ordinary SMS has a green bubble, while the iMessages have a blue bubble. If you are syncing messages using your MacBook, it only allows iMassages to synchronize.

Phone Number and Emails are not Empowered

Another cause for your messages not syncing is that your email and mobile number set up on both devices are not the same. So ensure that all your numbers and email addresses are similar. Otherwise, it will not be applicable to synchronize the data between your devices.


In this post, we have presented how you can easily sync the iPhone messages to your Mac and iPad in two methods Apple Id and iCloud. We also describe the reasons why the texts are not syncing. So I hope now you understand how you can sync the text. Let us know in the comment section which way you apply to see your messages.