How to Tame a Boar in Fortnite by Sneaking Upon It

How to tame a boar in Fortnite
How to tame a boar in Fortnite

In all the seasons of Fortnite, you enjoy hunting, but here you may know some tricks to tame other wild animals as well. An exciting feature includes Season 6 of the Fortnite game, where you must tame wild animals across the Island. But here we see the strategy of how to tame a boar in Fortnite? Like all wild animals like wolves, raptors tame by animal meat and chicken by simply picking it up. In contrast, boar can be tamed by fruits or vegetables and easily found in wild areas and farms. It will be easy to hunt if you know the trick and place to tame as predators roam across the Island. Another change that players observe in Season 6: weapon crafting and map locations. Even small animals like chickens and frogs also give resources and enjoyment in the game.

Predators like wolves and boars rush out on you instantly as they see you and involve you in the risky Royale game. In comparison, some animals like chickens and frogs have their own business. Taming a boar technique is also used in Season 7 and Season 8. In this article, you will learn the instructions to tame a Fortnite boar, wolves, and raptors. You may also know about the location of predators on the map of the Island and hunting cloak in the following section.

Use Hunters to Tame

Without a weapon, you cannot do anything during hunting. However, the presence of mind is also very essential. Make yourself safer otherwise, you will be killed by predators so soon. You have to earn Hunter’s Cloak to hunt in the wild area. For that, you have to get rid of a few animals and keep their resources. With Hunter’s cloak, you can easily tame any wild animal. So far, these are the predators in Fortnite, but an Epic will promise more for a further thrill.

Where to Look for a Boar in Fortnite?

It seems fascinating that wolves are present across the Island because they live in a pack together. Rather than wolves, boars are common; you can search them in Forest or wooded areas as well as on farms. A place where its presence is possible is Colossal Crops. It locates in the east of Spire, where a fenced pen can easily tame it.

Learn to Tame a Boar in Fortnite With a Few Steps

how to tame a wild boar in fortnite
how to tame a wild boar in fortnite

Taming wolves and chickens is easy but not boars as they cannot divert by animal meat or pickup like a chicken. So the question is how to tame a boar in Fortnite. For that, you need handy skills to tame it. Go through these tricks in the following.

  1. Fetch some veggie or fruit from the farm.
  2. Search a boar in the wooded area.
  3. Cunningly, throw a veggie or fruit near a boar that it can’t see you.
  4. Once a boar is distracted, aim at it.
  5. To tame a boar, press and hold the command button.

Look after yourself and make yourself safe, as boars are not as fast and dangerous as wolves but still affect your health if you don’t be careful.

Tame Other Animals in Fortnite with some Untangled Tricks.

Here are some tricks to tame other wild animals roaming around the Island like their home. So let’s enjoy their hunting and make a pet for yourself to follow the command.

Taming a Wolves in Fortnite

It seems on the map that it does not exist in Season 6. To find wolves, you have to hunt first, as wolves are typical to see at a specific place for taming. It is pretty worth it to land a new location named Boney Burbs near northwest of POI, as they present on the wild side of the Island. Wolves are the best thrilling feature in Season 6, making a lot of trouble for players to survive. But once you tackle it, it will be in your team to make the opponent down.

 Tricks to tame a wolf in Fortnite

  1. First, find wolves explore the wild areas of the Island till then.
  2. Earn some meat and throw it near the wolf but keep yourself hidden.
  3. On distracting from meat, sneak up on wolf.
  4. To tame the wolf, press and hold the command button.

Wolves are the best partner by your side. It damages all your opponents who come in your way—but easily diverted from meat around it.

Taming a Raptors in Fortnite

Raptors are deadly addition to the Fortnite game of Season 6 recently. They emerge in different Island areas, so you don’t catch out instantly like wild animals. It is worthy of roaming around the location of Stealthy Stronghold, Boney Burbs, and west of Misty Meadows, as it seems there most of the time. If you try to do so, it screeches a signal to his friend to end up of you. However, raptors appear near their hatched eggs usually. But now it feels that raptors are here to live.

Tricks to tame a raptor in Fortnite

  1. Eradicate a wild animal and throw meat near the raptor by keeping yourself safe and running.
  2. When the attention of the raptor diverts, then approach it quickly.
  3. To tame the raptor, press and hold the command button.


It is incredible and exciting to tame wild lives in the Fortnite game. I hope the above tricks will help the player make its area clean, use deadly predators, whether it is a wolf, raptor, or boar, for your security, and make a pet like a cat.