How to Throw a Low Pass in Madden 22

how to throw a low pass in madden 22
how to throw a low pass in madden 22

How to throw a low pass in Madden 22? EA Sports introduced many passing techniques in its famous Madden game series. So in this guide, we will cover Madden NFL 22 passing techniques. Just like real NFL football, there are various types of passes for different situations in Madden 22. The low pass is one of many in the quarterback’s arsenal, and while it may not be used as much as the traditional bullet, lob, or touch passes, it’s just as valuable when used at the right time & against the right defense.

The low pass is amazing for keeping the ball out of the hands of secondary defenders; the ball is usually knee level or below, giving only your receiver the best chance of catching it. It’s not that a low pass doesn’t have a chance of getting captured, but it’s more that the chance is very low.

But users are confused about how to throw a low pass. Simply you just have to follow a combination of buttons. Just hold LT/L2 and press the receiver’s button you wish to throw to. Now, let’s learn more about throwing passes in a game.

Control Guide & Tips for Using Different Passes in Madden 22

Control Guide
Control Guide

There are different kinds of passes, so let’s take a closer look at each kind of pass, how to throw them, and when the correct time is to use each throw in a game.

Throw a Low Pass

However, throwing a low pass in Madden 22 just needs you to hold the LT button (for Xbox) or L2 button (for Playstation) while throwing to your proposed target. The low pass is helpful in certain situations and is usually used on curl routes.

Throwing a low pass means your receiver will go to the ground, so you have very little chance of receiving YAC by doing this. So if you throw a low pass anywhere on the field, though they’re best thrown in crowded areas and against man coverage, where DBs are likely to be all over your receivers. However, quick outs and curls are better options for low passes, especially in short-yardage situations.

Throw a High Pass in Madden 22

To throw high passes in a game, you must hold the LB button (for Xbox) or L1 button (for Playstation) while directing to your proposed target. In other words, it’s similar to a low pass, just with a different button.

However, throwing a high pass helps when your receiver has height benefit over his defensive back. Though it doesn’t entirely prevent your receiver like a low pass does, throwing a high pass will make the receiver pause in the air a bit since they need to go higher to catch it.

Throw a Bullet Pass

Holding and pressing a button may all sound similar, but they all differ. A bullet pass needs you to hold the button of your proposed target until a pass is thrown. However, throwing a bullet pass is the simplest to win.

You can use a bullet pass when your player is firmly covered, and you have to zip the ball into his hands. At times, it can be useful, especially when you have to deliver a laser pass with swiftness and the clock is working against you. Be cautious, as good defenders can intercept a bullet pass, and if you overdo them, it can start to backfire. To check you throw a bullet pass, keep holding the receiver icon until after the pass has been thrown.

Throw a Lob Pass

You can throw a lob pass by just tapping on the button above the receiver’s head. Be careful not to hit the button for too long because this will cause you to direct the wrong pass. Just lightly touch it for a second and rapidly lift your finger to throw a lob pass. Hence, throwing a lob pass is quite simple as you just instantly tap the button of the intended target.

Lob passes are amazing for deep balls as they let the receiver catch in stride. Although, it can backfire if the defender keeps up & could direct an interference. Perhaps it is the simplest to throw, but only useful in certain situations.

Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 22

Another pass technique is a touch pass, which is the hardest among others as it’s in the middle. You have to hold the receiver button long enough, so it’s not passing lob. But you have to release the button before it becomes a bullet pass; throwing a touch pass is a little challenging but simple when you know how to do it.

Other Passing Tricks in Madden 22

Passing Tricks in Madden
Passing Tricks in Madden

There are some other passing options in a game to consider if your quarterback gets into a powerful spot. You can scramble, pump fake or throw the ball away if needed.

However, the pump fake is a fake-out move and may not escape you from trouble. You can press the double-tap button of the receiver you are faking too. Although users don’t use this much as they are scared of getting fired, it can be effective sometimes.

Throwing the ball away is a lot easier as you just have to press in on the right stick from Xbox or press R3 on the PS controller. Though you must be out of pocket to throw the ball away, or else you will get a grounded penalty.

To run with your quarterback, use the left stick with the R2 button on the controller. Your quarterback will instantly shift from trying to make a pass to running away from approaching defenders. Moreover, if you take off running with your QB, you may need to slide to keep away from getting sacked. So tap the square button on the PS controller or X on the Xbox controller.

How to Catch in Madden 22

Nothing’s more unaccepted than a great throw wasted by a terrible or missed catch. Catching is more naïve than passing, with three options for receivers to select from.

  • Possession Catch- X or A, the defended catch option, focusing on protecting the ball and getting down. It is great for throwing into tight windows between defenders or near the out-of-bounds line. Use this to evade losing the ball to a big hit from a defender.
  • Aggressive Catch- Triangle or Y, when both the defender and the receiver have a good shot at catching the ball. Use the aggressive Catch to grant yourself an edge. Better secure yourself from losing the ball to an interception.
  • Run After Catch- square or X, great for receivers with many rooms ahead of them to continue running after making the Catch.

Best Time to Throw a Low Pass in Madden 22

Best Time to Throw a Low Pass in Madden 22
Best Time to Throw a Low Pass in Madden 22

The best time to use the low pass is when you are in a state where you have to send the ball to an area bounded by lots of players. In such circumstances, you can make a low pass. You can direct a low pass without worrying about catching on the interval.

Moreover, you can also make this pass to the middle of the field. Make this pass when you are finding to convert a 3rd down when the receiver has passed the line to gain. You should make such passes when the receiver is moving in a direction that is similar to the line of dispute. Keep your pass accurate, as low passes usually end up being underthrown.

This tends to occur when the receiver runs away from the quarterback. This is how you can throw a low pass; instead of its disadvantages, it is an essential move you must know in a game. You just need the practice to get the full benefit of this move.

New Update-Madden 23

The madden NFL series comes with a new edition released in august 2022 for the latest consoles (PS5 & Xbox Series X). So let’s discuss what makes it more amazing than earlier versions. The great improvement to Madden 23 is the new FieldSENSE technology that will change the gameplay for the series moving forward. Although, this will only be executed in the game’s PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

However, a skill-based passing system will offer users more control as the quarterback. Players will have the skill to make 360-degree cuts. In addition, wide receiver vs. defensive back battles will be taken to another level with new abilities & moves. Madden 23 lets you throw multiple passes based on the button inputs. One of the great features that madden 23 has the crossplay. The game itself will mainly be the same across all five platforms it will release on. So, go and experience the new Madden 23.


You can protect the ball in madden 22 from touch pass to lob pass and do whatever you have to do with the ball to get it into your receiver’s hands securely. There are some throws that users don’t even know; one of the throws is a low pass which is quite valuable & helpful in certain situations.

If you want to know about the low pass, read this article. We have mentioned details about the low pass, how you can use it, and in which situations it is more helpful. You can get Madden NFL 22 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia. So go and enjoy Madden NFL.